Review: System Jo Flavored Lube ~ Chocolate Delight

Before I go into this review I just want to say how big a fan I am of System Jo products; they’re easy to use, don’t get sticky or tacky, maintain their consistency, don’t stain, have no after taste, are latex safe (so you can use them with condoms or dental dams) the flavors taste great and best of all they are very affordable.

More than that, they are one of the only flavored lubes containing glycerin (it’s one of the last ingredients) I’ve ever been able to use without the constant worry of having a yeast infection after. In fact, it seems anything else I’ve tried has sent me to the feminine care section of my local pharmacy to purchase a package of doctor recommended cream. After lots of trial and error I’ve learned to stick with what I know. (tmi? eh, whatever.)

*the only other flavored lubes I’ve been able to use without a negative reaction are Sliquid “Swirl” and Swede “Fruity Love”.

This Lube Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!

A little while ago I wrote a review of the fantastic new fruity flavors System Jo sent my way. Included in that mix was their new Chocolate Delight flavor, one I had omitted as I felt it deserved a review of its own.

*to view the previous review featuring 4 fruity flavors click here.

Like all of the other lubes System Jo makes the packaging is respectful, professional, mature and discreet. There’s nothing on it that’s too embarrassing and with 4 languages for directions it’s something almost anyone could use and not be confused by.

There is lots of information written on the bottle but the words “flavored lubricant” are rather small and aren’t the first thing you’re eyes are drawn to. The bottle itself is a sturdy plastic that’s slightly transparent, filled to the brim with fabulously flavored lube (some companies (not all) use colored bottles so you can’t see that it’s only 3/4 full).

Unlike a lot of companies that go with twist top or pump dispensers, the flip top lid is nice as it allows you to apply the product with one hand without also ending up covered in fluid. Sure you get a little less control, sometimes getting more than you want, but it’s a fair trade off – especially when it tastes like chocolate!!

As for the actual lube; its water based, clear, glides on smooth, has a slippery consistency and feels like silicone. It doesn’t get sticky or tacky, maintains its consistency, doesn’t stain, can be reactivated with water (if you find it’s not as slippery after a while), is latex compatible (you can use it with dental dams or condoms), has no after taste or artificial sweeteners and feels amazing.

It’s a Delight!

If there is one thing I love more than anything in the world (other than my pets, fiance or video games) it’s the taste of chocolate. Seriously, I love the stuff. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t have something chocolate. Fortunately for me System Jo’s Chocolate Delight lube tastes very, very much like chocolate. While there is a very small hint of something foreign (it is a lube after all) it’s still very sweet, a little rich, slightly creamy and mouth watering good.

For those of you wanting a better description: think of the coldest day of winter, one that you just so happened to spend outside stuck in a snow storm. Your hands are numb, your feet are soggy and wet and your body has chills. Now imagine coming home, kicking off the shoes, wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket and snuggling in with a nice hot chocolate (topped with marshmallows – the non animal kind) that’s frothy, sweet, creamy, rich, luxurious and delicious to warm you up. That’s what I think of when I close my eyes and taste it – warm chocolaty goodness!

*at the curious suggestion of a friend I’ve put it in coffee (a few drops), poured it on vanilla ice cream (about a teaspoon full), mixed it with plain yogurt (about a teaspoon) and added it to a chocolate martini – every way I tried it was fantastic! What can I say, I’m a girl who lets her curiosities get the best of her.

On that note, it can obviously be used in many ways but the best ones are sexual;

  • It’s wonderful for adding some flavorful fun to oral sex. After all, I’ve heard many females say “if dick tasted like chocolate I’d have no problem…”.
  • It’s great for body exploration, giving you and your partner an edible way to taunt and tease while learning about each others bodies/likes and dislikes.
  • It could also be used as a lubricant if you wanted to, especially considering that its latex safe and has a low consistency of glycerin.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there wasn’t any. Sure it might have been nice to have a pump top lid, or not had the tiniest taste of “lube’ but both of those issues are so minor it’s really not even worth making an issue of.

Final Verdict

If you’ve tried other chocolate flavored lubes and been disappointed, or never tried them but would love to, I highly suggest getting yourself a bottle of the new System Jo Chocolate Delight for you and your lover to enjoy!

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

To view all the flavors in the  System Jo line or make a purchase head over to my website (Kara_Sutra Approved)  or the NEW System Jo website where shopping is easy and discreet.

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