Review: Tantus Little Secret: Whisper


There are days when I absolutely love my job.  The morning I received all 5 of Tantus NEW “Little Secret” vibes was most definitely one of them.

As most of you know I’ve been a loyal and devoted fan of the company for as long as I can remember, so seeing these beautifully colored and uniquely designed little wonders had my mind reeling with curiosity from the get-go.

Fortunately they’ve lived up the level of quality I’ve come to expect in every way possible and not surprisingly, the packaging, design, eco friendliness, ease of use and body safety are all fantastic!


As with the majority of Tantus products the Little Secrets come respectfully, professionally, playfully and beautifully packaged in clear boxes that show them off the way they deserve.  The only real difference from the ‘regular’ packaging is the adornment of pretty reflective silver, white and grey flowers that make the cases look ‘designer’ in nature and very high end.

*I absolutely love it and hope they keep it up with all the new lines they create!

There’s nothing on them that’s rude, unprofessional or embarrassing and with the exception of the word “toy”, there really isn’t anything to hint at what they’re designed for. You could definitely buy any of the Little Secrets and not have to worry about what someone would think should they come across them unexpectedly.

The Goods

For those of you that don’t know, all of Tantus‘ products are crafted out of Ultra Premium Silicone making them easy to care for and clean, extremely body safe (being both phthalate and latex free), waterproof, odorless, hypoallergenic, hygienic, non toxic and non porous.  Basically put, they’re badass in every way possible!

*because they’re non porous they wont absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria.

Taking all of that into consideration, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad word to say about anything they’ve made, and since they’re made from some of the best materials an intimate accessory manufacture can get their hands on, along with being anatomically targeted and tested, I just don’t think I could.

As for the specifics of the Little Secrets, I’m going to do a bunch of mini reviews, rather than one basic overall review, as I feel they’re each worthy of their own moment in the spotlight.

Little Secrets Whisper in the color Midnight Purple:

I’m starting the reviews with my least favorite of the 5. Having said that, I don’t have a legitimate reason for disliking it. I just think it looks rather plain in design compared to the others, especially since it’s shaped more like a teeny tiny butt plug than a clitoral stimulator. *Please don’t stick it in your butt, it doesn’t have a base and isn’t meant for that.

It’s also a little bland when compared to the neon orange, pink and green used for the other Little Secrets. I might be wrong but I think it’s the same color they used for the Tantus Curve, Tantus Charmer, Tantus B-Bomb & Tantus Leisure, among others. Having said that, I’ve always thought the color was extremely pretty (I own a few Tantus products in the shade), it’s just not something that’s new and/or hasn’t been done before.

When it came to the things I liked; it’s exceptionally quiet (trust me, no one will hear it even if they’re in the same room), fits nicely in the hand making usage very easy and comfortable, is slightly squishy allowing for a bit of ‘give’ when in use and because it has a simple push button activation it’s easy to start and stop. If that wasn’t enough, the top inch of the sleeve is wonderfully squishy and flexible so it bends and moves with the body very well.

Whisper has a 1″ diameter and measures 4 1/2″ in total length, with 3 3/4″ of it usable. The difference being due to the bullet which slightly sticks out of the bottom. Fortunately this offers a bit more control than a traditional bullet (meant for clitoral use), so by no means is it a waste of space.

Because the sleeve is rather thick it tends to diminish the strength of the vibration, luckily it’s still strong enough to get a person off. It just might take a little longer than usual. If you wanted a slightly stronger and more targeted stimulation you could use just the tip, or to stimulate a larger surface area you could either press or slide the entire length against the clitoris/vulva. If that still isn’t strong enough you could remove the bullet from the sleeve and use it as is.

The first time you try to remove the sleeve may not be the easiest, as you’ll likely find yourself wiggling, pulling, twisting and tugging in frustration. I found it easiest to remove when I pinched the squishy tip with one hand and gently pulled the end of the bullet with the other, taking a second every so often to gently peel away the opening of the sleeve (which allows air inside the space and makes the suction easier to break).  Once I had it off I applied a small bit of lube and reinserted the bullet which allowed it slide in and out without any friction or frustration.

As for ways it could be used, I personally think it’s best as a clitoral stimulator, though teasing and taunting your partners erogenous zones is also nice. Because it has a rounded tip insertion for vaginal use is relatively easy, however I don’t know how much stimulation it would offer. If you are going to use it internally I suggest you place it inside a condom first which will make removing it slightly less annoying (you won’t have to go fishing that way – no pun intended).  The only thing I’d advise against is anal insertion as it doesn’t have a flared base and will possibly get lodged inside you.

Care & Cleaning

Since they’re made of Ultra Premium Silicone you can wash them with anti bacterial soap and water, boil them up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach them with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put them in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put them in the dishwasher.  I also suggest you remove the sleeve from the bullet before any kind of cleaning. While the bullet is waterproof (another bonus!) I don’t think it would do too well being placed in boiling water, a dishwasher or bleach solution.  Simply washing it with anti bacterial soap and water or spraying it with toy cleaner will do.

Keeping your Tantus products like new shouldn’t be too hard, just keep in mind you should only be using water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin them. If all you have is silicone and you really want to use it, I suggest you do a “patch test” first; place a tiny amount on the bottom of your silicone sleeve or the base of the product, if it becomes foggy, matte or looks like it’s melting don’t use it as it wont be compatible.

As for changing the batteries it’s very easy; simply unscrew the bottom cap, remove your N battery, pop the new one in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go! *I also suggest you remove the battery when the product is not in use as it could corrode and kill your bullet.

The Bad

In regard to things I didn’t like there were a few, though I really don’t think they are that big of a deal and like many of my other reviews, I’m just nit picking.

1.) All of the products collect lint like you wouldn’t believe. If that’s something that bothers you there are a few easy solutions; you can store them in an air tight container to keep them away from dust and pet hair, wrap them in a link free cloth or store them in the case they came with. Problem solved!

2.) The biggest complaint I keep hearing from other reviewers is that they aren’t the strongest. Considering some people are very sensitive the Little Secrets are still very good, they’re just not on par with most hand held wands or other vibes. Try to keep in mind they’re not supposed to be – they’re bullets. On that note, I’ve always been able to achieve an orgasm using them…and I’m a devoted Fairy Wand/Hitachi girl, which should say something.

*For the record, I was actually very happy to see that they used one of the more powerful bullets on the market – the RO-80mm Chrome Bullet which I have included in previous posts because I’m such a fan.

3.) If you’re like me and want to keep the packaging you might not like how hard they are to get out of the containers they come in. I literally ripped the tops of the boxes off my Kiss, Tease and Spoon, while also breaking a nail in the process. I actually don’t fault the company for this as I’m known for having a hard time getting products out of their packaging, especially if they have lots of tabs etc.

That’s it. I literally don’t have a legitimate thing to bitch about, which after that damn Split Dildo fiasco, is rather refreshing!

Final Verdict

While I wasn’t overly impressed with the Little Secret Whisper (due to the basic design and color and not for a legitimate reason) I also wasn’t disappointed, especially since it maintained the high level of quality Tantus products are known for.

On top of being exceptionally body safeit’s light weight, easy to use, comfortable to hold, allows for more control than a typical bullet, is odorless, water-proof, whisper quiet, wonderfully smooth and supple, doesn’t hurt, is very discreet and comes beautifully and respectfully packaged. Taking all of that into consideration, I think my dislikes are very superficial and shouldn’t really be taken to heart.

If you’re interested in any of the other products in the Little Secret line I suggest you head over to Tantus where shopping for body safe dildos, vibes, butt plugs and other badass finds is easy, affordable and your privacy is always respected!

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