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Tantus Panty PlayI always seem to start my Tantus reviews with a paragraph about my love of the company, and with good reason; every product made (even the ones that don’t work with my body) is phthalate and latex free, luxurious, eco-friendly and crafted out of the highest grade silicone one can find. Having said that, my love isn’t limited to the products alone, instead spilling over with gratitude for the hard work put into the design process as each Tantus product goes through rigorous testing before hitting the shelves with a finalized version. Basically put, they personally test the products before deciding which tweaks and changes need to be made, guaranteeing an exceptional experience almost every time.

As expected the Panty Play by Tantus has left me highly impressed with the level of comfort, ease of use and eco-friendly materials it has to offer. But with my love of the company being so deep, I think it would hard for them to fail me.

The Packaging

Staying true to Tantus form the packaging is discreet, professional, respectful and playfully done. Nothing is offensive, crude, tacky or cheap and although it is a sex toy, it still maintains an air of maturity that I highly appreciate.

The transparent oval package showcases the product as expected, and opens via a clam shell design allowing easy access. The front offers little information about the product (great for those that like discreet packaging), and the back offers a brief description with anatomically correct terms (vulva, clitoris). If you’re tired of seeing the word “pussy” sprawled across boxes, written in an attempted ‘sexy’ font and a bright red or pink no less, you’ll find this a welcome change.

Tantus Panty PlayThe Design

Being that I know my body pretty well I was instantly intrigued by the design; rather than being an egg or something that you’d insert (the industry standard when it comes to ‘wearable’ products), the Panty Play is meant for external positioning and provides stimulation to the area of the body most women need to orgasm (the clitoris and vulva, not the g-spot).

Having said that I had my assumptions from the get go; the gentle curves, tapered bottom tip and external positioning of the bullet appeared to be a great idea as I figured it would fit inside a pair of undies without being obtrusive. The inner rounded ridge seemed promising for dedicated clitoral stimulation, striking me as the exact inclusion many other products (designed for wearing inside undies) were lacking and the flexible silicone body seemed like it would hug the curves of the body during motion (walking, shifting in your seat, dancing etc) in a way others had previously missed or gotten wrong.

Of course appearances can be deceiving, and the true test would be during use… as such, I decided the best way to test it was in 3 different situations, and being that I’m rather brave when I want to be, I took it upon myself to boss up and wear it outside the house and see if others reacted – let’s be real, the only thing stopping most people from buying products like this is the fear that someone will hear it and call them out. What can I say, I’m a perv with no shame, who will do what she can to ease your fears or worries… even if it means I have to be the Guinea Pig.

Scenario 1 – Grocery Store:  I’m not exactly sure how many people would choose to wear this while shopping for pasta, but I figured a grocery store would be a great place to test the product. I popped it in my undies, snugly slid it into my vulva, allowing my outer labia to help keep it in place, turned it on and off I went. At first I felt a little awkward, not because it was was uncomfortable, quite the contrary (it kinda feels like  a thick pad, but obviously way better)… instead because I felt like everyone I passed on the street could hear it (though I’m pretty sure in retrospect it was just my active imagination playing tricks on me). I walked with my head down, trying every so often to see if I could hear it myself… nothing but the sounds of the world whirring around me. Somewhere between the third and fourth block I started to find myself getting aroused by the surprisingly powerful buzz… an experience that was both interesting and bizarre in every way possible. By the time I got to the store (5 block walk in total) my fear of people hearing it had faded and I was totally focused on the vibe, finding myself stopping every so often to shift it into place so it hit my clit the way I wanted. After about 10 minutes in the store I couldn’t take it anymore… and there, right in the middle of trying to decide between  Ragu, Prego or Classico pasta sauce I had one. Yep, I had an orgasm in the middle of shopping for pasta sauce. Panty Play – 1, Me – 0. (Total time – about 30 some odd minutes)

*for the record there was no throw back to that fantastic scene from When Harry Met Sally. In retrospect I wish I had gone balls to the wall and just done it though. Maybe next time.

Funnily enough out of the whole scenario the orgasm was the easy part… turning it off without anyone noticing proved to be rather challenging. Fortunately the No Frills clerks are pretty cool with sharing their washroom with folks frantically yelling “Omg! Do you have a washroom, I GOTTA GO!”. Yes, I chickened out when it came to turning it off (I didn’t want to look like I was itching a crabby crotch). Sue me.

Scenario 2 – The Bar: After my grocery store experience I was a little less cautious and totally into the the idea of seeing how many places I could go with the Panty Play in place… next up, a loud bar (I highly suggest this for those that are shy since the music, and people yelling over it, will likely make you far less worried others will hear it). Rather than turning it on for the commute I opted to wait until I got to the club, a decision made based on the fear the battery would die before I got off. Once past security, coat check and paying to get in I dodged into the washroom and quickly flicked it on. With the exception of the vibe as a reminder it felt like I wasn’t really wearing anything, especially once I got a couple drinks in. I danced to whatever crappy hip hop was playing, again finding myself shifting so it applied pressure and stimulation where I wanted. Being that there are 3 settings (2 steady vibes, with one being a tad stronger, and a pulsation) I found that as I danced and it hit my jeans the vibe continually bounced through the settings offering various levels of stimulation (it was a little annoying at first then became almost like a game). Somewhere between wishing my friend a happy b-day, having a shot to celebrate and drunkenly singing along to a remix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” it happened… a big ol’ orgasm on the middle of the dance floor.  Panty Play – 2, Me – 0. (Total time – no clue. Let’s say the time it takes to drink 3 vodka crans, 1 shot of Amaretto and dancing to 4 over played songs.)

Thankfully getting into a washroom to turn it off is much easier in a bar, another reason I highly suggest testing it in this type of situation. Not so thankfully I will never hear “Umbrella” the same way again.

Scenario 3 –  Date Night: I may be wrong but I’m going to assume that most people who buy this would likely be buying it for use with a partner, the kind of use that’s one of those “guess what I’m wearing?” type of scenarios. As such I thought a “date night” of dinner and movie would be a perfect way to test it out. Again I waited until we got to the restaurant since I didn’t want to kill the battery too soon… and I didn’t tell him since I wanted it to be a surprise.

The spot is one we’re both very familiar with; constantly busy so it’s somewhat loud with people talking over each other (I knew no one would come close to hearing it), fairly low key and exceptionally cozy with wonderful cushy booths you almost sink into (making positioning it instantaneous and very comfortable). To my instant surprise it turned on when I sat down… either my vulva/vagina is magical and has learned tricks I didn’t know about or my jeans pushed on the button. Regardless, awesomeness.  Shortly after the dessert came so did I. Rather funny since I hadn’t yet told him I was wearing it… I had planned on telling him once in the movie theater. My bad for thinking I would last that long. In the process I accidentally let out a quiet unexpected  moan which made him look at me and ask “stomach hurt? you can fart if you have to? it’s okay, I did already”… and that was that. Panty Play – 3, Me – 0. (Total time around 45 mins – by the time I was done the battery had all but died)

Clearly I’m going to have to use it again, but tell him before drinks arrive at the table.

The Good

Aside from being orgasm inducing (for me at least) the Panty Play
has quite a bit to offer; it’s discreet and something you could leave around without any fear or worry should someone find it. The texture is a wonderfully soft, supple and very smooth matte silicone (rather than glossy) that’s virtually seamless and attracts almost no lint or fluff whatsoever (I LOVE that!). The outer edges are surprisingly flexible and very thin (features that I think would allow it to fit most bodies well). During use it warms to body temperature, adding a pleasurable sensation to the experience that lends itself well to the comfort level. Finally, the bullet fits into the sleeve with little to no need for lube and removes just as easily – if you’re tired of fighting with bullets and sleeves you’ll love this.  

As for the stats you’re looking at 5′ inches in length by 2′ inches across with a depth of 1.75′ inches. Not too big, not too small, almost perfect. Almost.  

Care and Cleaning

Since the Panty Play is made of Ultra Premium Silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

Since I don’t think the bullet would do too well being placed in boiling water, a dishwasher or bleach solution I highly suggest you remove it from the sleeve and clean it with anti bacterial soap and water or spray it with toy cleaner .

As with all Tantus products you’ll want to only use a water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it. Having said that, since it’s meant for external use and wont be inserted I don’t think you’ll need any lube.

Changing the batterie is very easy; just unscrew the bottom cap, remove your N battery, pop the new one in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go! *I also suggest you remove the battery when the product is not in use as it could corrode and kill your bullet.

The Bad

While it was very comfortable 95% of the time there were a few instances when I found it slid out of place and the pointed bottom jabbed me in the rear. It didn’t hurt so much as felt a little awkward and uncomfortable (like when your pad bunches in your ass – TMI, I know). On that note, the rounded sides sometimes felt a little wide for my body and dug into the inside of my outer labia. It didn’t happen often but when it did it was annoying, a problem easily solved by shifting like I had a wedgie until it was back in place.

*Maybe making a smaller version for smaller body types would be a good idea. Though I completely understand that doing so may require using a smaller and less powerful bullet.

Other than that it was a little weird at first, especially since I’m not used to wearing things of this nature. I walked and knew it was there. I danced and knew it was there. I sat and knew it was there… until it warmed to body temperature and became comfortably positioned so I forgot it was there. Interesting how that happens.

Finally, orgasms in public aren’t for everyone. For me they were liberating and pretty fucking phenomenal. If you’re into it, you need a Panty Play.

Final Verdict

If you’re tired of companies claiming that their ‘panty’ product is the shit, only to find out that that remote doesn’t work, the egg is far too large, the wires are annoying or the vibrations are too loud, you’ll likely be very pleasantly surprised with the Panty Play. Not only is it comfortable (almost all  the time) it’s easy to use, puts you in control, doesn’t need to be inserted and offers stimulation to the erogenous zones many women require.

To get your hands on one of your own, or to check out all of the fantastic products they make I suggest you head over to the Tantus website where shopping is easy, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.

Big thanks goes out to Tantus for sending the Panty Play my way, I’m seeing a lot of fun adventures in my future!

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