Review: The Fairy Mini

The Fairy Mini has quickly become one of my favorite toys for a few basic reasons,  it’s easy to use, not at all intimidating, light weight, feminine, has multiple speeds and for it’s little size is a very, very powerful hand held massager.

The Good

For those of you that watch my videos you should know that I’m a big fan of another very popular hand held massager – the Hitachi Magic Wand…well, I hate to say it and I really didn’t want to have to make any comparisons but I think my lovely Hitachi may have found some competition in the Fairy Mini and I’ll tell you why…

1.) At only 9.74 inches in the length the Fairy Mini is much smaller then the Hitachi Magic Wand’s 12”. I’ll admit that doesn’t sound like a very big difference, but when held side by side it really is.

2.)The Fairy Mini is much lighter (only 1lb) then the Hitachi Magic Wand (1.28lbs) which again wouldn’t seem like much, but when held at the same time is quite a noticeable difference.

3.) If there is one thing I like in a product it’s a multiple of settings, that said the Hitachi Magic Wand only has 2; a high (6000 rpm) and low (5000rpm).  On the other hand the Fairy Mini has a dial that allows you to adjust the vibrations from a very low rumble to a very high powered, intense and sensational vibe. Personally, I think the vibrations of the Fairy Mini are more powerful then the Hitachi, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a site online that verified that. From my experience, I will assume that the change in intensity is due to the smaller head of the Fairy Mini rather then the actual rpm’s it has to offer *if someone knows the actual rpm’s please feel free to post them.

Also on that note, what I like about the adjustable dial is that it makes the product usable by pretty much anyone; whether you need a very strong, intense vibration, a low rumble, or something in the middle this product has a speed for you.

All of that said,  if you currently own a Hitachi Magic Wand and are happy with the results you’re getting then stick with it. It is a fantastic product that has proved year after year to be a consumer favourite for a multiple of reasons! However, if you don’t yet own a hand held massager and are debating between the two I think that due to the benefits listed above the Fairy Mini is the way to go.

Everywhere I seem to look adult novelties are going wireless, a great feature but one that leaves you with the possibility of a product wearing out before you reach orgasm…which lets admit, can be most aggravating!  One of the great things with the Fairy Mini is that it gets plugged into the wall so you never have  to worry about it running out on you in the heat of the moment, or failing you on the way from a (arousal) to b (bliss).

In regard to the uses, the Fairy Mini with it’s adjustable dial can be used for a very relaxing or intense massage that helps relieve the tension of sore and aching muscles. As someone who suffers from chronic back/shoulder pain I can honestly say a powerful hand held massager can work wonders!!

Aside from that, the Fairy Mini can be used during foreplay to tease and/or taunt partners into a  heightened state of arousal. Once both parties are ready the Fairy Mini can be placed between partners, bringing both stimulation and excitement during intercourse.

And finally, the Fairy Mini can be used by either a male or female for stimulation of the genitals, nipples, and/or any other area of the body that brings excitement and amazing orgasms.

Operating Instructions

Using the Fairy Mini is actually very, very easy;  just roll the dial (located on the front) to the setting you personally like, relax and enjoy. It’s that simple! To turn it off just roll the dial up towards the head until it clicks off. On that note, I have to admit that I love that it has an easy “off” setting, especially for people that need one due to sharing a room or nosey roommates that forget to knock before entering.

*One thing I want to make very clear (just to keep you safe) is that since the Fairy Mini is a product that requires being plugged into an outlet it is not a product that is meant for insertion, i.e. do not put it in any orifice whether it be a vagina or anus. If you do the results could be potentially dangerous. Always remember, the Fairy Mini, like any other product that needs to be plugged in is meant for external stimulation ONLY!

That said, it’s also not meant for use in the shower, bath, pool, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room or any other scenario that requires submersion into a large amount of water…if it gets moist due to personal wetness or lubricant that is one thing, but a water filled environment is another story. Be smart and play safe!

Care & Cleaning

As for cleaning, just run a damp clean cloth over the surface or spray it with a good anti bacterial toy cleaner and let it air dry.

The Bad

In regard to any negative features of the product, the only ones I could think of were that the head of the Fairy Mini is made of a hard plastic, rather then the softer cushioned head of some other hand held massagers. To be honest, it’s really not that big of a deal, I’m just nit picking.

Aside from that it is a tad loud on its highest setting, creating a very high pitched squeel. If that’s something your worried about you can always muffle it slightly with a pillow, but again I’m just trying to find faults where there are few.

Final Verdict

Taking everything into consideration, I think the Fairy Mini is a fantastic product that is easy to use, light weight, powerful and amazing at relieving sore aching muscles or bringing you to a quick climax.


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