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Review: Fixation Couples Vibrator

MyFixSation Clitoral Vibrator

In the realm of couples vibes there really aren’t that many options. Sure, you’ve got some, but for the most part they’re either cheaply made, crafted out of materials I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, require batteries and a remote, or are exceptionally uncomfortable to wear. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I’ve tried other versions of ‘strap on vibes’ the rough elastic has left me chaffed and bruised for days, with the crease between my thigh and torso taking the brunt of the burn. Walking like that, yeah, not so much fun.

Of course there is the WeVibe 3, arguably one of the better body safe and rechargeable versions worthy of  use, however the fact that it needs to be inserted, requires lots of lube, has a tendency to tear condoms if not enough lube is used, and can’t be adjusted to fit different bodies leaves much to be desired.

Then there’s the Fixation couples vibe, a product that in my opinion is probably one of the better ones around. I know the experience won’t be the same for everyone, but as a woman who knows her body, knows what she likes, and wants to enjoy sex with her partner without constant adjustment of a vibe for clitoral stimulation, it has pretty much everything I need and/or want.


The packaging is professional and respectful, with nothing on it that’s cheap, tacky or otherwise potentially offensive; there’s no half naked  women or men sprawled across the front, the tagline is tactful, clever and to the point, and with the exception of that, there really isn’t much to otherwise state what it is.

*tagline: “Fixate on the Sensation when Friction meets Vibration

The back is likewise respectful, with nothing but the instructions, FixSation logo, standard packing logos and another clever tag line. Even the diagrams that accompany the instructions are tactful, using simple images rather than an actual woman or couple (the instructions found inside do include a diagram that shows the products placement on the vulva/clitoris as well as what it should look like during intercourse – no naked people of course, just simple ‘text book’ style pictures).

As for the actual box, it’s not cheap, hard to open or flimsy, instead being fairly sturdy and able to take a bit of a beating (the delivery box mine came in was totally busted, yet the FixSation box was in perfect shape). It also makes a nice little storage box for when the product isn’t in use.

subtle ridging

The Good

More than once I’ve mentioned in my reviews and Sex Ed 102 videos that one of the main reasons women don’t achieve orgasms during intercourse is due to the lack of clitoral stimulation, and unless your interested in diddling yourself or trying various positions until you find one that works (like cowgirl where you can grind your clit against their body), you’re just not going to get the sensation and stimulation you need. Sadly it’s just the way bodies fit; the pelvis is flat whereas the clitoris is hidden beneath a hood and tucked inside the labia, when your having sex the two don’t really meet… and when they do it’s for brief fleeting moments. Basically put, there’s a very likely chance your poor clit is being ignored far more often than it should be when your having sex.

Enter the FixSation couples vibe!

By providing hands free stimulation to the clitoris via vibration FixSation works to bridge the gap between bodies and takes love making to another level. Of course this isn’t a ‘new’ concept, it was done before with various strap-on wearable vibes, but there are obvious differences; the wearable vibes you’ll find elsewhere are made of subpar materials, often look cheap or tacky, usually require a remote control, aren’t rechargeable and tend to be big and bulky, not to mention also having straps and bands with scratchy edges that leave you chaffed and sore. It’s like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for…. and what you get with FixSation is a much better experience.

On that note, compared to other strap-on vibes FixSation is very classy, sexy and high end in appearance, it doesn’t look cheap, feel cheap or come off as some gimmicky plastic piece of crap, instead likening itself to a clever mix of lingerie meets sex toy, in the most lovely way. Added to that, for women who are insecure about their bodies (specifically their stomachs) depending on how high or low you wear it there is the opportunity to position it so the majority of stretch marks, scars or little rolls could be covered, allowing you to feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.

If there was one thing I was worried about with FixSation it was the panty companion (the straps and waist band the vibe is used with), I had assumed it would react the same way most pantyhose do… rolling down my stomach when I least expected it and cutting off circulation uncomfortably. To my surprise the lace waistband was soft and stretchy, with just enough give to allow it to fit comfortably and stay in place with minimal shifting. The straps were likewise stretchy and soft, with no rough edges to irritate or rub my skin raw. All in all I was very impressed, however after having tested it over 6 times I can say the elastic is starting to go a little loose on two of the straps and the waistband is fraying a little (TruePleasures suggestion of making the straps adjustable is a great solution to this problem!). It’s still comfortable though, which is far more important the appearance in my books.

Regarding the stats you’re looking at a total length is 2 1/2″ inches, a with a width of 2″ inches, and a thickness of about 3/4″ inches, I say ‘about’ because there is a slight curve causing one side to be slightly thicker than the other. It’s this gentle curve that allows the body of the vibe to cradle the clitoris nicely, targeting the area with precision while also providing an area to grind against (it works great in cowgirl or missionary position and the straps leave your ass bare during doggy). If you’re a little braver you could easily wear it out for a night on the town inside a pair of undies, it’s quiet enough and would likely fit without creating a weird bulge in your pants, just keep in mind that it may shift as you walk and you’d have to cram your hand down your pants to turn it off.

As for the actual vibe, the firm shell is a luxuriously sleek feeling hard ABS plastic with a PU coating that’s mostly smooth, with subtle ridging located on both the top and bottom. I personally haven’t really felt them any of the times I’ve used it, but if you’re highly sensitive they may be just what you need to help you get off.

The vibrations were actually stronger than I expected, but that’s likely due to the fact that the vast majority of reviews I’ve read (as well as the actual website) said it was weak leaving me to expect the same power you’d get from a simple push button bullet. This just isn’t so. On a scale of one to ten, with the bullet being a one and my Life by Leaf being a 10 (on its highest setting), FixSation comes somewhere in the middle. Having said that the vibrations aren’t deep and rumbly, instead being surface level and slightly buzzy. Even being someone who loves her Hitachi, I found the highest speed was enough to get the job done, however the first and second settings left me slightly underwhelmed and wanting that little bit more.

Rather than explaining how to put it all together, simply because I’d likely make it sound far more confusing than it really is, I’m posting the directional image below. Once you have all the straps in place putting it on is very simple, just step into it like you would a pair of panties, adjust the vibe so it’s where you want it and enjoy.

Operating & Recharging

It’s exceptionally easy to operate, especially since there is only one button; to turn it on simply hold down the power symbol (technically a ‘standby’ symbol) located on the front upper section of the vibe and it will begin to vibrate at a low but fairly decent speed, press it again and it jumps to the next speed (which actually doesn’t feel that different), press it again and it jumps to the final ‘high’ speed (which is decidedly faster).  To turn it off simply hold down the button for five seconds and it quickly powers off. Unlike a lot of other products, the button is flat against the vibe so you don’t have to worry about accidentally turning it on, off, or jumping speeds during intercourse (it’s never happened to us).

*the LED button will glow light blue/white while on and flash during recharging, once finished charging it will turn off.

As for recharging, remove the DC socket cover and gently insert the adapter jack, plug the charger into the outlet and let it sit. It’s advised that you allow it to sit for 8hrs prior to your first use to ensure a full charger, after that you can charge it for 4 hours between uses. While the website says you can get 2 hours of use when fully charged, I personally found that it often went for just over 2 hours (lets say 2hrs 15 minutes), with the last half hour being fairly weak. Regardless of that, 2 hours is more than enough time to get from A to “O”. Standby time (between uses) is 90 days, which is pretty decent.

MyFixSation, Clitoral Vibrator

Care & Cleaning

Because it’s made of ABS plastic with a PU coating it can be easily cleaned using antibacterial soap and water or treated with your favourite antibacterial toy cleaner. Keep in mind that PU Cote toys could be considered semi-porous, and though they’re not really porous (nothing actually sinks into the material), depending on the thickness there could be texturing that might harbor bacteria. Point being – clean it before and after each use. Also take care to wash the slots on the sides as well as the grooves on the top and bottom, they’ll likely harbor some fluids and need a little more attention.

Regarding lubes you’ll want to stick with a good water based lube as a silicone lube would likely be hard to clean from within the texturing.

When it comes to cleaning the waistband and straps I’d suggest hand washing them with warm soap and water and lay them flat to dry. If you put them in the wash they may get caught on something and stretch out or totally rip (speaking from experience with my bra straps which are much thicker and stronger), they’ll also probably start to fray quickly, get tangled, and the lace will start to look a little worn.

MyFixSation Vibrator, Clitoral Vibe

some assembly required

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were a few, though admittedly, they won’t be issues for everyone since bodies and likes/needs can be somewhat different:

1.) It requires some assembly (in the form of straps through bands). For some of you this wont be an issue. For others it will… especially if you just like to open a box, press a button and get to it. All in all it’s a fairly simple procedure, just make sure to read the instructions so you do it right the first time.

*my suggestion is to put it together before the fun starts, that way you won’t be fiddling around in the moment and wasting time.

2.) It’s not the strongest of vibes, and differentiating between the first setting and the second, or the second and the third, can be a bit difficult (though I do notice a difference between the first and third). There’s also no patters, variations or pulsations to play with… just the standard 3 steads vibes of on/low, medium, and high. Again, for some of you this will matter, for others of you it wont. I was perfectly happy with the third setting. Just sayin.

Regarding this I had a conversation with the creator, Tiffany York, this is what she had to say:

I think that between the strength of the vibration in conjunction with partner pressure is extremely effective… But if someone is using it by itself, they might be disapointed as that is not FixSation’s intended purpose.

FixSation is truly meant to be a sexual health aid to assist in the process of sex, not to take the place of sex. That is the biggest difference between my product and other comparative products that are intended for self pleasure

Makes sense to me!

3.) While it was designed to be a ‘hands free’ vibe I have heard from others that it shifted during sex or didn’t have the pressure they needed, causing them to have to adjust, making it not as ‘hands free’ as they would have liked. This isn’t going to be an issue for everyone, but I figured it’s worth mentioning just in case. Personally I didn’t really have any issues, instead finding that it stayed in place pretty well (maybe it’s because I’m on the XL side and sizes often fit small, making it fit rather snug on me, or maybe I’m just lucky. Who knows *shrugs*).

4.) The straps and waistband will eventually lose their elasticity and ‘stretch out’ causing them to have to be replaced (fortunately replacements aren’t too expensive, with 1 costing $9 and 3 costing $24, about the same price you’d pay for some luxurious undies).

5.) If you like getting pounded, and by that I mean deep, hard penetration, this may become a tad uncomfortable as you’ll likely find that there is no cushioning to soften the blow, with your (or their) pubic bone taking the brunt of it.

Even after taking all of that into consideration it’s not a bad product, nor is it even close to consideration for my unapproved section,  it’s just one that needs a little bit of tweaking. And lets be real, the WeVibe has had 3 separate versions with minor improvements on each, and they’re not the only company to do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the feedback FixSation has received prompts the folks behind it to make some adjustments.

Final Verdict

When I first heard about the newest couples vibe, FixSation, I had my doubts. For one thing it looked like many of the other wearable vibes available on the market often for a much lower price, didn’t boast of being very powerful and seemed fairly labor intensive… I’m all for hands free fun, but when it means I have to actually put something together before hand, truth is, I’m just far too lazy.

But here’s the thing, for as much as it’s similar to the other versions, requires work, and costs more… it’s kinda worth it. I mean,  I’d much rather have something that looks sexy especially when compared to all the neon jelly versions, is body safe, rechargeable, wireless, doesn’t require a remote, is easy to use, comfortable for both partners, and comes with a 1 year warranty, than something of lesser quality for a fraction of the price (or in the case of the WeVibe 3 a bit more, and admittedly stronger, but intrusive and potentially uncomfortable).

Taking all of that into consideration, if you’ve struggled with achieving an orgasm with your partner (or on your own) don’t feel comfortable stimulating yourself manually during sex, want an option that’s sexy, functional, and doesn’t need to be inserted vaginally, you might want to try your luck with the FixSation couples vibe, while it isn’t the strongest vibe out there, it is one of the better couples vibes I’ve had my hands on.

For more info or to purchase the product head over to the FixSation website.

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Review: Tantus – Panty Play

Tantus Panty PlayI always seem to start my Tantus reviews with a paragraph about my love of the company, and with good reason; every product made (even the ones that don’t work with my body) is phthalate and latex free, luxurious, eco-friendly and crafted out of the highest grade silicone one can find. Having said that, my love isn’t limited to the products alone, instead spilling over with gratitude for the hard work put into the design process as each Tantus product goes through rigorous testing before hitting the shelves with a finalized version. Basically put, they personally test the products before deciding which tweaks and changes need to be made, guaranteeing an exceptional experience almost every time.

As expected the Panty Play by Tantus has left me highly impressed with the level of comfort, ease of use and eco-friendly materials it has to offer. But with my love of the company being so deep, I think it would hard for them to fail me.

The Packaging

Staying true to Tantus form the packaging is discreet, professional, respectful and playfully done. Nothing is offensive, crude, tacky or cheap and although it is a sex toy, it still maintains an air of maturity that I highly appreciate.

The transparent oval package showcases the product as expected, and opens via a clam shell design allowing easy access. The front offers little information about the product (great for those that like discreet packaging), and the back offers a brief description with anatomically correct terms (vulva, clitoris). If you’re tired of seeing the word “pussy” sprawled across boxes, written in an attempted ‘sexy’ font and a bright red or pink no less, you’ll find this a welcome change.

Tantus Panty PlayThe Design

Being that I know my body pretty well I was instantly intrigued by the design; rather than being an egg or something that you’d insert (the industry standard when it comes to ‘wearable’ products), the Panty Play is meant for external positioning and provides stimulation to the area of the body most women need to orgasm (the clitoris and vulva, not the g-spot).

Having said that I had my assumptions from the get go; the gentle curves, tapered bottom tip and external positioning of the bullet appeared to be a great idea as I figured it would fit inside a pair of undies without being obtrusive. The inner rounded ridge seemed promising for dedicated clitoral stimulation, striking me as the exact inclusion many other products (designed for wearing inside undies) were lacking and the flexible silicone body seemed like it would hug the curves of the body during motion (walking, shifting in your seat, dancing etc) in a way others had previously missed or gotten wrong.

Of course appearances can be deceiving, and the true test would be during use… as such, I decided the best way to test it was in 3 different situations, and being that I’m rather brave when I want to be, I took it upon myself to boss up and wear it outside the house and see if others reacted – let’s be real, the only thing stopping most people from buying products like this is the fear that someone will hear it and call them out. What can I say, I’m a perv with no shame, who will do what she can to ease your fears or worries… even if it means I have to be the Guinea Pig.

Scenario 1 – Grocery Store:  I’m not exactly sure how many people would choose to wear this while shopping for pasta, but I figured a grocery store would be a great place to test the product. I popped it in my undies, snugly slid it into my vulva, allowing my outer labia to help keep it in place, turned it on and off I went. At first I felt a little awkward, not because it was was uncomfortable, quite the contrary (it kinda feels like  a thick pad, but obviously way better)… instead because I felt like everyone I passed on the street could hear it (though I’m pretty sure in retrospect it was just my active imagination playing tricks on me). I walked with my head down, trying every so often to see if I could hear it myself… nothing but the sounds of the world whirring around me. Somewhere between the third and fourth block I started to find myself getting aroused by the surprisingly powerful buzz… an experience that was both interesting and bizarre in every way possible. By the time I got to the store (5 block walk in total) my fear of people hearing it had faded and I was totally focused on the vibe, finding myself stopping every so often to shift it into place so it hit my clit the way I wanted. After about 10 minutes in the store I couldn’t take it anymore… and there, right in the middle of trying to decide between  Ragu, Prego or Classico pasta sauce I had one. Yep, I had an orgasm in the middle of shopping for pasta sauce. Panty Play – 1, Me – 0. (Total time – about 30 some odd minutes)

*for the record there was no throw back to that fantastic scene from When Harry Met Sally. In retrospect I wish I had gone balls to the wall and just done it though. Maybe next time.

Funnily enough out of the whole scenario the orgasm was the easy part… turning it off without anyone noticing proved to be rather challenging. Fortunately the No Frills clerks are pretty cool with sharing their washroom with folks frantically yelling “Omg! Do you have a washroom, I GOTTA GO!”. Yes, I chickened out when it came to turning it off (I didn’t want to look like I was itching a crabby crotch). Sue me.

Scenario 2 – The Bar: After my grocery store experience I was a little less cautious and totally into the the idea of seeing how many places I could go with the Panty Play in place… next up, a loud bar (I highly suggest this for those that are shy since the music, and people yelling over it, will likely make you far less worried others will hear it). Rather than turning it on for the commute I opted to wait until I got to the club, a decision made based on the fear the battery would die before I got off. Once past security, coat check and paying to get in I dodged into the washroom and quickly flicked it on. With the exception of the vibe as a reminder it felt like I wasn’t really wearing anything, especially once I got a couple drinks in. I danced to whatever crappy hip hop was playing, again finding myself shifting so it applied pressure and stimulation where I wanted. Being that there are 3 settings (2 steady vibes, with one being a tad stronger, and a pulsation) I found that as I danced and it hit my jeans the vibe continually bounced through the settings offering various levels of stimulation (it was a little annoying at first then became almost like a game). Somewhere between wishing my friend a happy b-day, having a shot to celebrate and drunkenly singing along to a remix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” it happened… a big ol’ orgasm on the middle of the dance floor.  Panty Play – 2, Me – 0. (Total time – no clue. Let’s say the time it takes to drink 3 vodka crans, 1 shot of Amaretto and dancing to 4 over played songs.)

Thankfully getting into a washroom to turn it off is much easier in a bar, another reason I highly suggest testing it in this type of situation. Not so thankfully I will never hear “Umbrella” the same way again.

Scenario 3 –  Date Night: I may be wrong but I’m going to assume that most people who buy this would likely be buying it for use with a partner, the kind of use that’s one of those “guess what I’m wearing?” type of scenarios. As such I thought a “date night” of dinner and movie would be a perfect way to test it out. Again I waited until we got to the restaurant since I didn’t want to kill the battery too soon… and I didn’t tell him since I wanted it to be a surprise.

The spot is one we’re both very familiar with; constantly busy so it’s somewhat loud with people talking over each other (I knew no one would come close to hearing it), fairly low key and exceptionally cozy with wonderful cushy booths you almost sink into (making positioning it instantaneous and very comfortable). To my instant surprise it turned on when I sat down… either my vulva/vagina is magical and has learned tricks I didn’t know about or my jeans pushed on the button. Regardless, awesomeness.  Shortly after the dessert came so did I. Rather funny since I hadn’t yet told him I was wearing it… I had planned on telling him once in the movie theater. My bad for thinking I would last that long. In the process I accidentally let out a quiet unexpected  moan which made him look at me and ask “stomach hurt? you can fart if you have to? it’s okay, I did already”… and that was that. Panty Play – 3, Me – 0. (Total time around 45 mins – by the time I was done the battery had all but died)

Clearly I’m going to have to use it again, but tell him before drinks arrive at the table.

The Good

Aside from being orgasm inducing (for me at least) the Panty Play
has quite a bit to offer; it’s discreet and something you could leave around without any fear or worry should someone find it. The texture is a wonderfully soft, supple and very smooth matte silicone (rather than glossy) that’s virtually seamless and attracts almost no lint or fluff whatsoever (I LOVE that!). The outer edges are surprisingly flexible and very thin (features that I think would allow it to fit most bodies well). During use it warms to body temperature, adding a pleasurable sensation to the experience that lends itself well to the comfort level. Finally, the bullet fits into the sleeve with little to no need for lube and removes just as easily – if you’re tired of fighting with bullets and sleeves you’ll love this.  

As for the stats you’re looking at 5′ inches in length by 2′ inches across with a depth of 1.75′ inches. Not too big, not too small, almost perfect. Almost.  

Care and Cleaning

Since the Panty Play is made of Ultra Premium Silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

Since I don’t think the bullet would do too well being placed in boiling water, a dishwasher or bleach solution I highly suggest you remove it from the sleeve and clean it with anti bacterial soap and water or spray it with toy cleaner .

As with all Tantus products you’ll want to only use a water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it. Having said that, since it’s meant for external use and wont be inserted I don’t think you’ll need any lube.

Changing the batterie is very easy; just unscrew the bottom cap, remove your N battery, pop the new one in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go! *I also suggest you remove the battery when the product is not in use as it could corrode and kill your bullet.

The Bad

While it was very comfortable 95% of the time there were a few instances when I found it slid out of place and the pointed bottom jabbed me in the rear. It didn’t hurt so much as felt a little awkward and uncomfortable (like when your pad bunches in your ass – TMI, I know). On that note, the rounded sides sometimes felt a little wide for my body and dug into the inside of my outer labia. It didn’t happen often but when it did it was annoying, a problem easily solved by shifting like I had a wedgie until it was back in place.

*Maybe making a smaller version for smaller body types would be a good idea. Though I completely understand that doing so may require using a smaller and less powerful bullet.

Other than that it was a little weird at first, especially since I’m not used to wearing things of this nature. I walked and knew it was there. I danced and knew it was there. I sat and knew it was there… until it warmed to body temperature and became comfortably positioned so I forgot it was there. Interesting how that happens.

Finally, orgasms in public aren’t for everyone. For me they were liberating and pretty fucking phenomenal. If you’re into it, you need a Panty Play.

Final Verdict

If you’re tired of companies claiming that their ‘panty’ product is the shit, only to find out that that remote doesn’t work, the egg is far too large, the wires are annoying or the vibrations are too loud, you’ll likely be very pleasantly surprised with the Panty Play. Not only is it comfortable (almost all  the time) it’s easy to use, puts you in control, doesn’t need to be inserted and offers stimulation to the erogenous zones many women require.

To get your hands on one of your own, or to check out all of the fantastic products they make I suggest you head over to the Tantus website where shopping is easy, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.

Big thanks goes out to Tantus for sending the Panty Play my way, I’m seeing a lot of fun adventures in my future!

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Review: Life by Leaf Vibrator

When I first saw the Leaf collection of intimate accessories I was blown away. Now whether it was due to the lush and luxurious graphics, a rarely used refreshing shade of bright green, unique shapes that seemed rather ergonomic or the discreet packaging, I really can’t say. All I know is I was exceptionally impressed, something that doesn’t happen too often when you’ve pretty much seen and tried it all.

Fortunately being Canadian, and living within traveling distance from the head office, I was able to meet with the creative team behind the collection and see some of the designs before they were finalized. Now having the finished versions in my hands I can honestly say they’ve truly raised the bar and exceeded all my expectations. Having said that, even though I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with the company I promise to be honest with my reviews.

For today’s review I’ll be covering Life, with reviews of the others to follow in the coming weeks.


The first thing that impressed me with the collection was the packaging; each item comes in a sturdy and well made light brown box that’s discreet, professional, respectful and very much resembling something one would find on the shelves of a boutique department store, spa, or health and wellness center.

There’s nothing within the description to hint that it’s a sexual wellness product, not even the word ‘vibe’ or ‘vibrator’ can be found. The front of the box features the Leaf logo in a faint white ink, the name of the product, website and some benefits and features. One side sports the magnetic flip closure with the Leaf logo, product name and an image of the included version, while the other side offers a full list of benefits and features in 6 different languages.  Basic info can be found on the back, along with graphic images that highlight the many features offered by the collection.  Maintaining an air of simplicity, only a bright green leaf can be found on the top, with the bottom displaying the Leaf logo along with a scannable code that’s compatible with the Scanlife app for various mobile devices (very forward thinking of them!).

*Included w/ purchase: a user manual placed inside a dark chocolate brown cardboard cover, a light tan canvas tote, the specific product purchased and the charging jack.

The Good

When it comes to the benefits and features found with Life there’s quite a few to take note of. I figured I’d point form them all out since they encompass the entire line, that way when you’re reading the future reviews you can just skip this part and jump to the actual product being reviewed.

  • Along with being phthalate and latex free, the matte silicone finish is soft and supple, granting a surface area that doesn’t really attract any lint (one of my major pet peeves when it comes to silicone sex toys).  Because they’re silicone they’re also non-porous and don’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, making clean up quick and easy (they even passed the flame test).
  • The virtually seamless exterior provides a surface that’s fully usable (rather than just a shaft at the end of a bulky handle), offering a wide variety of options when it comes to exploring your body or the toy.
  • For those that hate products requiring batteries, each Leaf vibe uses a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery making the entire collection eco-friendly, long lasting and ready when you are.
  • Like many other high end luxury manufacturers, Leaf offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the original date of purchase (*hold on to your receipts). In my experience companies will only offer this when they truly stand behind their product and value their customers.
  • Last but definitely not least, each Leaf vibe uses PowerBullet™ technology to provide an extremely powerful vibration that can be felt through the entire body of the product. I’ll be honest, I was rather surprised with the strength, especially when compared to other hand held clitoral stimulators of the same nature.

life by leafLife

Looking like a cross between an elf shoe, leaf, flower petal and leprechaun tongue, Life is by far one of my favourites in the collection, with Spirit and Fresh coming a close second and third. While the features listed above are reason enough for me to love it, there are many more that sealed the verdict;  the compact design fits very comfortably in my hand and allows for an ease of control that’s hard to match, there’s no annoying exposed buttons or seams for me to worry about cleaning, it’s exceptionally smooth to the touch feeling almost buttery (unlike many other silicone sex toys), I can find the highest speed in an instant, it’s body safe, hasn’t yet died while getting me from A to O and most importantly – I can leave it out in the open without the fear of someone finding it and thinking I’m a total perv (while my friends know what I do – and don’t give a rats ass – there have been times when my husbands friends and family have shown up only to find a litter of non discreet sex toys sprawled around the house. Oops. My bad).

Truth be told, it was the unique ergonomic shape that really won me over as it presented new ways for me to fiddle and diddle; the tapered end was great for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, while the flatter end provided a larger surface area for stimulation, the bulbous groove located in the middle was great to grind and press against, while flipping it sideways allowed it to fit my vulva comfortably (dare I say almost perfectly? Yes, I dare). Of course the design isn’t limited by gender, whether male or female, used for solo play or with a partner, the unique curves would likely fit the contours of any body exceptionally well (just keep in mind it’s not something you’d want to use anally since there’s no flared base).

And let’s not forget the color, it’s green! Not the standard black, white, purple, blue, or pink hues (which I’m admittedly getting sick of), it’s a bright, bold green that’s fresh and exciting. Yes, there definitely needs to be more of this please.

As for the controls, there’s only one button to worry about which makes it exceptionally easy to use. Having said that, there is a learning curve for those accustomed to continual button pressing when it comes to increasing speeds or jumping through vibration modes – once on, pressing the button will cause it to instantly shut off. Instead Life uses what the company calls “Press and Hold” technology; simply press the button and hold until you reach the desired strength, then let go and it will continue at that speed until you a.) press and hold it again (which will speed it up), or b.) press it once (which will shut it off). It’s simple. It’s straight forward. It’s time saving. Brilliant!

Rather than being a high-revving buzzy vibe that can only be felt on the surface, Life generates a low-pitched rumbly vibration that’s deep, penetrating and highly pleasurable. Having said that, the diagram in the manual shows the motor sitting closer to the end of the body, yet I found it could be felt through the entire length of the 4.1″ inches offered. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s the solid design, either way it’s badass and I like it!

*for as surprisingly powerful as it is it’s also damn near whisper quiet. Sure, it makes noise, but considering it is a vibrator it’s to be expected.

Thanks to a self sealing charging port Life is fully waterproof and allow for safe usage in the bath, shower or any other watery place you’d like to play (I left mine in the sink for around an hour and it was still going when I came back). Regarding the charging, simply insert the jack into the tiny hole located on the underside and leave it be. As it’s charging a little red LED light will glow beneath the surface, only turning off once it’s fully charged. Because of the type of battery used there’s no memory so you can charge it at any time, rather than having to wait for it to be exhausted before charging (for a single charge you’ll get between  1 1/2 to over 2 hours worth of play time depending on the speed).

lifebasg-500x500Care and Cleaning

Because it’s a silicone toy I wouldn’t suggest using a silicone lube as it would likely ruin the product over time, instead opt for a good water based lube and all should be fine. On that note, while the silicone is very smooth there is a slight bit of drag on the skin so you will likely need to add lubricant.

When it comes to cleaning simply wash it with mild soap and water or spray it down with your favourite toy cleaner. Regardless of what you use remember that the silicone is non-porous so it doesn’t need the same heavy duty cleaning a TPE or TPR product would require.

The Bad

For as much as I wanted to find something to dislike there was nothing big enough to bitch about; sure the matte silicone can cause a little bit of drag on the skin (use lube, problem solved), there’s no vibration modes (I don’t personally like them anyways), and it turns off when you press the button (great for when you need to turn it off in a hurry), but considering there’s so much going for it I really don’t find those issues worthy of a rant.

Final Verdict

After having spent the last 5 years dedicating myself to finding the perfect external vibe (for my body) I think I may have found a new addition to add to my list of faves; it’s just as comfortable as the We-Vibe Touch (if not slightly more so), doesn’t have the same bizarre buzzy defect as the Form 2, offers the same discretion found with the Voila yet is far more comfortable to hold, doesn’t require batteries like the Pocket Rocket (and is much more powerful), isn’t heavy or bulky like the Hitachi Magic Wand and has silicone covered buttons to offer a fully usable surface unlike the Lelo Lily. Of course each of those other products will retain a place within my top 10 list, but Life fills all the little voids, while also offering a whole new range of benefits and features.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally well designed line of products, that are as eco-friendly as they are unique, reliable and powerful, you definitely need to check out the entire Leaf collection. Even if Life doesn’t interest you I’m sure there’s one within the group that will.

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Review: WeVibe Touch

WeVibe Touch Review

Back in 2008 the forward thinking folks at the Standard Innovations Corporation created a sexual wellness product that changed the game by offering couples a new way to explore and enjoy each other. That product was WeVibe, the first vibrator ergonomically designed to stimulate both partners during intercourse. Not surprisingly it was very well received prompting the company to come out with a second upgraded version, the WeVibe II.  While the design itself stayed the same, the new version came in a variety of colors, a whole new list of features (like an automatic off, memory of the last used vibration mode) and offered users 9 various vibration patterns, along with a slight change to the buttons that made it easier to use and operate.

With both of their products being a success, three new game changing products were created, the thin and tubular lipstick looking WeVibe Tango (one of my absolute favorite sex toys!),  the compact classic mini vibe We-Vibe Salsa (update: they discontinued the Salsa), and the tear shaped hand held WeVibe Touch, the latter being the one I’m happily reviewing for you today.


Like all of the products within the line the WeVibe Touch comes packaged in a white flip lidded box that’s discreet, respectful and definitely professional. There is nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky or cheap, instead being very high end and pretty in appearance. With the exception of the words “personal massager’ and a point form list of benefits and features on the back, there is nothing on the box to state what it is.

Once the lid has been opened you’ll find the product sitting inside a slim plastic container, the charger and a manual explaining how to use it along with any warnings or safety concerns. Everything about this product is professional, high end and luxurious.

*If you’ve refrained from purchasing a sexual wellness product in the past for fear someone may find it no need to worry, this is definitely one of the least embarrassingly packaged products I’ve found.

The Goods

WeVibe Touch ReviewMade of high quality silicone and unique in design Touch is relatively small measuring 4″ inches in total length, 4 1/2″ inches in circumference and 1 3/4″ inches in diameter. It’s by no means overwhelming or intimidating, instead being rather fun to play and experiment with. As with all of the We-Vibe products, it looks nothing like a traditional intimate accessory, making it both travel friendly and easy to store. Even if you happened to leave it out in the open there’s a likely chance no one would know what it was.

Quality & Design, Why I Love This Toy

Like most high end silicone products it’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, tasteless, and non toxic while also being latex, lead and phthalate free. It’s also non-porous meaning it won’t absorb lube, bodily fluids or bacteria. If you’re someone that is prone to yeast or other vaginal infections a high quality silicone product is definitely one you’ll be thankful for. As an added bonus, it also makes it much easier to clean and care for.

In regard to design, the elongated tear drop design allows the product to fit comfortably in your hand while also fitting the vulva in way that’s near perfect. Because it’s soft, supple and squishy, this adorable vibe offers a bit of ‘give’, allowing the user to grind or press against it quiet firmly without ever sensing any pain or discomfort. It also has a gently curved tip that’s slightly flexible and provides a larger range of motion, while also offering a depression on the underside that cups the clitoris wonderfully.

Because of its small size and ergonomic design it’s excellent during foreplay and/or stimulating the clitoris, balls, shaft of the penis, perineum (space between the back of the balls and the anus), nipples and/or any other erogenous zone. Having said that it’s not designed for internal vaginal or anal use;  it’s hard to insert, uncomfortable and difficult to remove, adjusting the vibrations is impossible, and there’s no flared base (as needed with anal toys).

WeVibe Touch Review FeaturesHow To Use

Operating the product is very simple; just hold down the button on the bottom and the vibrations quickly begin a deep rumble, hit it one more time and the rumble quickens its pace becoming heavier and more penetrative, pressing once more takes you to the fastest steady rumble in the series. From there pressing the button will take you through 6 of the differing vibration modes. Whether you like a heavy drawn out vibration, pulsations, escalation, roller coaster or a heavy thumping this vibe has it all.  All totaled there are 4 different speeds and 4 vibration modes (at least that’s what it felt like to me.

As if all of the other benefits and features weren’t enough, Touch is also rechargeable via the two small metal prongs located on the bottom. To charge the product simply line up the rounded magnet adapter with the base, plug it in the wall and let it be. Out of the many rechargeable products I’ve tried this has got to be not only the easiest to use, but also the best to date; not once did the connection break, nor did I have problems attaching it.  For a 90 minute charge you’ll get up to 2 hours worth of use.

Benefits and Features: easy to use, light weight, water proof, medical grade silicone, powerful, rechargeable, quiet, comfortable to hold and use, cradles the vulva/clitoris/labia comfortably, single push button activation, discreet, travel friendly.

Cleaning and Care

Because it’s waterproof and made of a high quality silicone that’s non-porous you can easily wash it under a running faucet with an anti-bacterial soap, just make sure to rinse it well. If you’d prefer you could also give it a swipe with an anti bacterial toy wipe or spray it down with your favorite toy cleaner.

In regard to lubes I’d only suggest a good water-based lube as a silicone lube would likely ruin it.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were only 2, and to be honest I was just nit picking.

First, it collects lint like pet hair to a new black dress. Seriously, I dropped it by accident and picked up dirt, lint, dust and fluff I didn’t even know was there. With that in mind, I highly suggest holding onto the little plastic case it comes with and keeping it inside when you’re not using it. I also suggest washing it after every use (which you should do anyways).

Second, because it’s a slicker feeling silicone there does tend to be a bit of drag on the skin. It’s not so bad that it hurts, but it’s also not too comfortable. To fix this just use a bit of lube.

Final Verdict

When I got the product I had really high expectations, something that either leaves me very impressed or totally disappointed.  Fortunately I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions and the product turned out to be one of the most powerful, quiet and easy to use intimate accessories of it’s kind.  From the sleek and supple medical grade silicone to the deeply penetrating vibrations, the We-Vibe Touch is simply amazing.

Whether you’re looking for your next big purchase, a gift for someone you think is worthy or simply want to find a product that allows you to explore and experiment with ease, I highly suggest trying the We-Vibe Touch. I’m almost certain you won’t be disappointed!
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Review: Tantus Little Secret: Tease

If you follow my blog or read my reviews you most likely already know I’ve done reviews for 4 of the 5 products within Tantus Little Secrets line. As expected my experiences were different for each one; Whisper was a little too basic for me, being closer in design to a butt plug than a massager or clitoral stimulator. I was pleased with the flat end both Touch and Spoon sported, finding them to be fantastic for either a mild massage or to stimulate various body parts. Kiss impressed me almost instantly with its slightly curved and pointed tip, making it perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation and amazing foreplay, which brings me to the last product in the line up – one that also happens to be my favorite – the unbelievably bold, bright and uniquely designed neon green Tease.

For those of you that want to read about my experience with the other products within the Little Secrets line, I previously did a review of the Whisper, Touch, Spoon and Kiss which you can find in the vibrator section of my reviews page.

*just a heads up, some of the the content within this review has been taken from my previous posts as the information regarding the packaging, level of quality, care and cleaning is the same. If you read the other reviews, you can skip those parts and just read my take on Tease.


As with the majority of Tantus products the Little Secrets come respectfully, professionally, playfully and beautifully packaged in clear boxes that show them off the way they deserve. The only real difference from the ‘regular’ packaging is the adornment of pretty reflective silver, white and grey flowers that make the cases look ‘designer’ in nature and very high end.

*I absolutely love it and hope they keep it up with all the new lines they create!

There’s nothing on them that’s rude, unprofessional or embarrassing and with the exception of the word “toy”, there really isn’t anything to hint at what they’re designed for. You could definitely buy any of the Little Secrets and not have to worry about what someone would think should they come across them unexpectedly.

The Goods

For those of you that don’t know, all of  Tantus‘ products are crafted out of Ultra Premium Silicone making them easy to care for and clean, extremely body safe (being both phthalate and latex free), waterproof, odorless, hypoallergenic, hygienic, non toxic and non porous. Basically put, they’re badass in every way possible!

*because they’re non porous they won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria.

Taking all of that into consideration, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad word to say about anything they’ve made, and since they’re made from some of the best materials an intimate accessory manufacture can get their hands on, along with being anatomically targeted and tested, I just don’t think I could.

As for the specifics of the Little Secrets, I’m going to do a bunch of mini reviews, rather than one basic overall review, as I feel they’re each worthy of their own moment in the spotlight.

Little Secrets Tease in Neon Green:

Tease measures 4 1/4″ inches in total length, with a usable length of 3 1/4″, it’s  7/8″ in diameter and has a circumference of 3″. It’s discreet, much more comfortable to hold than the others, easy to store, and very unique in design. Compared to the others within the line, Tease sticks out due to its hourglass figure which hugs the fingers and body exceptionally well.  Like Kiss, it has the same tapered end that leads to a slightly curved tip, one that when turned on resembles a flicking tongue.

I was absolutely blown away by the color, very rarely do you find products in such bright, opaque and almost sparkly neon colors, especially this shade of green (many come close, but they don’t have the same opalescent sheen).  The texture of the silicone is like the others being supple and slightly squishy allowing for a bit of ‘give’. The tip, being similar to Kiss, is quite flexible and bends when in use giving the user the options of a very gentle pressure (great for a targeted application) or a heavier one which offers both a larger area for stimulation and a deeper vibration.  Just like Kiss, I found the tip of this product is one of its best features.

The strength is the same as all of the other products within the line, being neither too strong nor too weak, however I did find that because the tip was thinner the vibrations were a tiny bit stronger than the others (just in the tip though – pun intended).  On that note, if you like an exceptionally powerful vibration I don’t think the Little Secrets would work for you while in their sleeve. In contrast, if you’re very sensitive or like something that’s a steady, mid range vibe they just might be perfect.

*For those of you that like a strong vibe, keep in mind that you can easily remove the bullet from the sleeve and use it as is.

Other Options

The first time you try to remove the sleeve may not be the easiest and you’ll likely find yourself wiggling, pulling, twisting and tugging in frustration. I found it easiest to remove when I pinched the squishy tip with one hand and gently pulled the end of the bullet with the other, taking a second every so often to gently peel away the opening of the sleeve (which allows air inside the space and makes the suction easier to break). Once I had it off I applied a small bit of lube and reinserted the bullet which allowed it slide in and out without any friction or frustration.

Like all of the products in the line, Tease is exceptionally quiet (trust me, no one will hear it even if they’re in the same room), fits nicely in the hand making usage very easy and comfortable, is slightly squishy allowing for a bit of ‘give’ when in use and because it has a simple push button activation it’s easy to start and stop.

As for ways it could be used, I personally think it’s best as a clitoral stimulator, though teasing and taunting your partners erogenous zones is also nice. Because it has a flat tip insertion for vaginal use isn’t the easiest or most comfortable easy and I truthfully don’t know how much stimulation it would offer.

*The only thing I’d advise against is anal insertion as it doesn’t have a flared base and will possibly get lodged inside you.

Care & Cleaning

Since they’re made of Ultra Premium Silicone you can wash them with anti bacterial soap and water, boil them up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach them with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put them in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put them in the dishwasher. I also suggest you remove the sleeve from the bullet before any kind of cleaning. While the bullet is waterproof (another bonus!), I don’t think it would do too well being placed in boiling water, a dishwasher or bleach solution. Simply washing it with anti bacterial soap and water or spraying it with toy cleaner will do.

Keeping your Tantus products like new shouldn’t be too hard, just keep in mind you should only be using water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin them. If all you have is silicone and you really want to use it, I suggest you do a “patch test” first; place a tiny amount on the bottom of your silicone sleeve or the base of the product, if it becomes foggy, matte or looks like it’s melting don’t use it as it wont be compatible.

As for changing the batteries it’s very easy; just unscrew the bottom cap, remove your N battery, pop the new one in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go! *I also suggest you remove the battery when the product is not in use as it could corrode and kill your bullet.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

The Bad

In regard to things I didn’t like there were a few, though I really don’t think they are that big of a deal and like many of my other reviews, I’m just nit picking.

1.) All of the products collect lint like you wouldn’t believe. If that’s something that bothers you there are a few easy solutions; you can store them in an air tight container to keep them away from dust and pet hair, wrap them in a link free cloth or store them in the case they came with. Problem solved!

2.) The biggest complaint I keep hearing from other reviewers is that they aren’t the strongest. Considering some people are very sensitive the Little Secrets are still very good, they’re just not on par with most hand held wands or other extremely powerful vibes. Try to keep in mind they’re not supposed to be – they’re bullets. On that note, I’ve always been able to achieve an orgasm using them… and I’m a devoted Fairy Wand/Hitachi girl, which should say something.

*For the record, I was actually very happy to see that they used one of the more powerful bullets on the market – the RO-80mm Chrome Bullet which I have included in previous posts because I’m such a fan.

3.) If you’re like me and want to keep the packaging you might not like how hard they are to get out of the containers they come in. I literally ripped the tops of the boxes off my KissTease and Spoon, while also breaking a nail in the process. I actually don’t fault the company for this as I’m known for having a hard time getting products out of their packaging, especially if they have lots of tabs etc.

Final Verdict

Finding the right vibe is often a challenging quest. Whether it’s finding one in your fave color, a specific shape or design, certain range of power, or any other benefit/feature there’s usually quite a bit of time and effort that goes into the hunt. Fortunately the Little Secret have 5 within the line to choose from – all of which are very reasonably priced – allowing you to test and try them all without breaking the bank.

Taking into consideration the fact that each of them is exceptionally body safe, light weight, easy to use, odorless, water-proof, whisper quiet, wonderfully smooth and supple, doesn’t hurt, is very discreet and comes beautifully and respectfully packaged the only real challenge you’ll face is choosing a color and design that you love.

If you’re interested in any of the other products in the Little Secret line I suggest you head over to Tantus where shopping for body safe dildos, vibes, butt plugs and other badass finds is easy, affordable and your privacy is always respected!

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