Review: Chippendales Diva Massager

When the generous folks at SheVibe offered me a chance to review the newly released Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager I just couldn’t say no.

Whether it was the interesting design, 15 different stimulation modes, full 1 year warranty… or the fact that it was made by Chippendales, that made me want to try it, I’m not too sure. Either way, I’m glad I grabbed it!


The product comes very respectfully packaged in a sleek black box with nothing on it that’s rude, unprofessional or potentially embarrassing. It doesn’t say vibrator. It doesn’t have sexual references.  All it says that could hint at what it’s for are the terms “sensual massager” and “women’s entertainment”…just keep in mind it’s a Chippendales product. Maybe it’s just me, but that alone would be a bit of a give away.

Once the outer packaging is removed you’ll find a lovely thick black cardboard box that sports the bow tie logo Chippendales is known for, along with the word “Chippendales”, both of which are embossed in metallic silver. The box itself is matte, yet has a “snake skin” design (fake of course) which appears rather luxurious and high end. By no means is it the same cheap and crappy box you’ll find with many other intimate accessories.

If keeping the box wasn’t something you had planned on, or if you wanted to use it for another purpose (like storing lube, batteries and condoms) you could instead use the silk bag the product also comes with.  While it’s not that big of an inclusion, it’s definitely a nice little add on.

*another small bonus: included in the box is a user manual (written in 4 different languages), something I feel many companies neglect to offer.

The Goods

If you’re looking for a product that’s latex and phthalate free, easy to care for and clean, while also being non porous and exceptionally smooth to the touch, the Chippendales Diva Massager is all of the above and then some. Crafted out of body safe ABS plastic, this massager fits very nicely in the hand and allows for easy clitoral stimulation, cupping of the testes or vulva, placing between partners (externally) during intercourse, tracing along the body during foreplay or using for an actual massage.

While the pictures don’t show it well enough, the underside of the massager has a slightly rounded bump that makes targeting the clitoris (or any other body part) not only something that’s easily accomplished, but also surprisingly comfortable.

*Don’t want to use the rounded bump? no problem.  Simply flip it on its side and use the curved corner for a more direct and intense level of stimulation.

As for the stats, the product measures 4.96″ long and 2.48″ wide which makes it much wider than many other massagers of it’s type. Fortunately the size difference actually ends up being a fantastic feature as it allows for a rather large surface area for stimulation and gives the user an opportunity to gyrate, slide, rock or press against it as they please – without the fear of losing control of the product (or the part that’s offering stimulation).

In regard to the controls there’s only two which makes operating it very easy to master. Simply press the + (plus) button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Once activated it’ll vibrate at a low consistent purr that even the most sensitive person would be able to enjoy. From there the Diva Massager offers another 7 speeds of vibration, each one offered by another press of the + button. To go down a level just press the – (minus) button. If you don’t want to bother with the lower or mid range speeds, holding down the + (plus) button takes you to the highest speed in about 3 seconds.

*For the record, the 6th – 8th speeds of intensity are pretty damn impressive!

If pulsations, escalations and varying vibration modes are more your thing you’ve luckily got 7 to choose from. To get them going just press down on the + (plus) button until you’ve reached the highest speed, let go and press down again for 2 seconds. When you let go the massager will jump to a mid range pulsation that has a steady and thumping beat, hit the + (plus) button again and it’s a much faster paced pulse, hit it again and you get a very fast pulse. From that point hitting the + (plus) button takes it to an escalation that begins at a low purr and raises to a stronger vibration. Next up is a longer and more drawn out escalation. One more push and it starts as a series of 5 pulses then revs to an escalation, which rounds out the 7 options.

If at any time you want to go back to the steady vibe just hold down the – (minus) button for 2 seconds and let go. To turn it off simply hold down the – (minus) button until it completely shuts off (takes about 3 seconds).

*I’m sure it reads very confusing, but it’s exceptionally simple in practice.

Care & Cleaning

Keeping the product in good working condition isn’t very difficult;  just make sure not to drop it too often (I’ve dropped it 3 times and it still surprisingly works), remove the batteries when not in use (so they don’t corrode inside the compartment), use a good water based lube and don’t use it in the tub, shower or any other water filled place you might like to play.

Taking into consideration that the Diva Massager is made of ABS plastic and is splash proof (not waterproof) cleaning is is easy; you can wipe it with an anti bacterial toy cleaning wipe, spray it with toy cleaner or simply give it a good wipe with a damp cloth. On that note I do not suggest cleaning it under a running faucet as you’ll likely ruin it.

As for batteries, the massager requires 3 AAA’s that are both easy to insert and remove. Simply slide of the bottom battery cover, pop your batteries in place, slide the cover back on and you’re done. No broken nails. No chipped teeth and definitely no frustrations.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were only 2, though the second one isn’t really that big of a deal.

1.) Because it’s made of a very smooth ABS plastic lubed hands don’t offer the most control, and you’ll likely find it slipping and sliding out of your grip. If they had added a slight bit of textured material on the along the sides that would have been ideal. Of course you could always just wipe the lube off your hands before getting started…but some of us just don’t think about that in the heat of the moment (I’m blond, cut me some slack).

2.) Although it is splash proof it’s not water proof, meaning you can’t submerge it under water. For some of you it might make a difference for other it might not. Since I rarely use products when in the shower or tub I didn’t really care.

Final Verdict

When I first heard about the Chippendales Diva Massager I was intrigued. I mean common, it’s Chippendales. Then I saw the unique design online and my mind really began to spin. Now, after finally having it in my pudgy little palms to test and review, I can’t help but be impressed.

Not only is this massager extremely comfortable to hold, easy to use either alone or with a partner, damn near whisper silent and surprisingly powerful, but it’s also body safe, discreet, simple to operate and much higher quality than I had originally expected.

Taking all of that into consideration, I’d highly suggest it to someone who’s looking for something new, fun and exciting to add to their collection. If that sounds like you, head on over to, check out their fabulous website and pick up the Chippendales Diva Massager for yourself!

*For the record, I think SheVibe has one of the best looking, well laid out and graphically designed websites I’ve ever seen. Especially when it comes to intimate accessories. Seriously! Their artist has talent to boot!

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