Review: Le Réve Bullet

When it comes to affordable, basic, small, and discreet sex toys, the standard option is a vibrating bullet. They’re not the most fun, don’t come with many options, tend not to last very long, but they’re a staple that’s been around for years and likely aren’t going anywhere.

Being that there are so many versions available, I thought I’d do a review of one of the more colorful choices, the Le Réve Bullet

The Good

The packaging is discreet, respectful, and colorful with nothing on it to cause any embarrassment or concern.  With the exception of the word “vibrator” (written in tiny print on the bottom) there is no wording that even hints at what it is.

As for the stats, the hard, sleek and shiny outer shell is crafted out of body safe and non porous ABS plastic making it both latex and phthalate free. Since it’s non porous it won’t absorb any bacteria, something that goes a long way for making cleaning a breeze.

Like most bullet size vibrators the Le Réve is very small measuring only 2.25 inches in total length and 2 inches in girth. That said, this is not a product meant for insertion, instead it’s aim is to stimulate the clitoris with a steady and powerful vibration which may help to bring about an orgasm.

Having said that, if you did want to insert it vaginally (never anally) I would suggest putting it inside a condom first, leaving the condom rim outside of the vagina, so that there is a way of easily removing it without having to go on a search inside your vadge.

While it was designed for clitoral use don’t let that stop you from exploring other erogenous zones like the nipples, inner thigh, perineum, testis or any other area that brings you a heightened state of arousal.

With its one-touch push button control using the Le Réve is a breeze; simply push the button (located on the bottom) once which will start it vibrating at its lowest speed, hit it again and it jumps to the second speed, one more push and it quickly begins to vibrate at its highest setting.

Speaking of batteries, replacing/inserting them is quite simple; just unscrew the bottom cap, pop the batteries in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go. Removing them, while simple, may require that you tap the product on a surface like your hand or a desk to get them to come out – something that seems to be an issue with ALL of the bullets I’ve ever come across.  It even comes with 3 batteries to help get you started.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to lubes, since it’s made of ABS and not silicone you can easily use any lube your heart desires. I still suggest a good water based lube as it’s most likely going to be less slippery and make holding onto the bullet much easier.

As for cleaning, simply wash it with an antibacterial soap and rinse it well. If you wanted you could always use a good toy cleaner, but since it’s non porous and won’t absorb any bacteria that’s totally up to you.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product I had none. It’s everything a clitoral stimulator/bullet should be…and more!

Final Verdict

Not only is the tiny wonder well made, easy to use, light weight, waterproof, phthalate free, latex free, very discreet, compatible with all lubes, affordable, very powerful and multi-speed, but it’s also whisper silent. What more could you ask for in bullet?

If you want more info or to purchase the Le Réve Bullet please check out where shopping for vibrators, dildos, lubricants and lots of eco friendly toys is easy, discreet and very affordable.

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