Review: Jimmy Jane Form 2

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked regarding sexual wellness products is “what are your personal favorites?”. While it’s a question I’ve been somewhat reluctant to answer (simply because I’m constantly being sent new stuff, making it hard to pick) thanks to the folks at SheVibe, I can quite honestly say, without an ounce of doubt…

I have a NEW fave for clitoral stimulation: the JimmyJane Form 2!

The Form 2 is not only extremely easy to use, very discreet, made from body safe silicone, waterproof, whisper quiet (and I do mean that!), hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate and latex free, travel ready, but it’s also rechargeable and very strong. On top of that it has 4 vibration modes with 5 power levels, and best of all it comes with a 3 year limited warranty – seriously, I don’t know of many products on the market offering the same benefits and features all rolled into one.

*yes there are other products that offer similar or the same features/benefits, but like I said – there aren’t many, and that’s the difference!


From the moment I received it I loved it; the packaging is respectful, discreet and very professionally done, with nothing on it to cause embarrassment or fear someone might find it. Sure, it has some writing on it about the product that explains what it is, but it’s done in such a manner that it makes the Form 2 seem like a prized item, rather then just another “sex toy”.

jimmyjaneThe Good

The silicone that the Form 2 is made of is soft, supple, odorless and silky to the touch, making it very comfortable to both hold and use. Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, latex free (no worries if you have a latex allergy) and non porous (so it won’t absorb bacteria, bodily fluids or lube) – making it totally body safe, durable and built to last.

As for the actual product, it’s very small (think the palm of your hand) measuring only 3.25″ in length by 2.0″ in width at its widest point. That in mind, the Form 2 could very easily be placed within a box (no pun intended), drawer, container or a medium to large sized jewelery box for hiding and safe keeping.

*For those of you that are a little bit more ballsy (or forgetful) often leaving your sex toys within eye shot – with its non traditional design, even if someone was to find (or see) it they most likely wouldn’t know what it was. Yay! for discreet products.

Speaking of the design, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen; the “top” of the product has 2 flexible “ears”, each about the size of a pinky or ring finger (depending on how big your hands are – think the smaller of the two) and the lower end is a rounded bulb with a flat stainless steal ring on the bottom (for charging). It’s definitely different, highly unique and rather futuristic!

One of the things I love about the Form 2 is the way the vibrations are carried throughout the entire product: located within the flexible “ears” are dual motors (one in each “ear”) that enable the product to deliver some pretty amazing vibrations. Whether it’s used to hug the clit, deliver direct pressure through one ear tip or the other, or traced along the body (or specific parts: nipples, ear lobes, labia, taint) this little wonder is amazing at bringing on a heightened sense of arousal – not to mention some pretty strong orgasms!

In regard to the noise, this has got to be one of the quietest vibes I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning! I’ll be honest, I was literally shocked when I heard how quiet it was – sure it makes noise, it is a vibrator after all, but for something this powerful to be so quiet, well I was pretty much amazed!

*You could definitely use it without the worry of someone in the next room hearing it, or if your in College/University and sharing a dorm room, I think it’s probably one of the safest bets you could take!

jimmyjaneform2Operating Instructions

Using the controls is very easy as there are only 3 buttons to worry about; a vertically long raised bump with a + (plus symbol) on the top, a  –  (minus symbol) on the bottom and a single little raised bump near the bottom of the product with the #2 (though mine looks more like a “Z”) on it.

To turn it on simply press the + button once, then to cycle through the 5 power settings just press the + for each increase in speed you’d like to experience. To lower them simply press the – button. To run through the 4 vibrational modes simply press the “2” button near the bottom, each time you press it you’ll jump to another mode. Turning it off is just as easy, simply hold down the – button for 3 seconds and it quickly turns off.

Like most luxury vibes the Form 2 does not require batteries and is instead, fully rechargeable! Charging the product is extremely easy; along with the vibrator you will receive 2 parts – a charging base and the adapter to plug it into the wall. Simply plug the adapter into the base, then into the wall and sit your Form 2 in the base. For a single charge you’ll get 7+ hours of use out of the product – pretty impressive!

Care & Cleaning

In regard to cleaning, since it’s made of platinum grade silicone it’s very easy to care for; simply wash it with mild soap and water, rinse it well and pat it with a lint free cloth or let it air dry. Remember, it is fully waterproof (not water resistant, but 100% waterproof!) so you can very easily wash it under a running faucet without a worry.

As for lubricants, I would only suggest a good water based lube since the product is made of silicone. If you use a silicone lube with a silicone product you run the risk of ruining your product – trust me, you don’t want to ruin your Form 2!

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there was only 1:

When the “ears” are pressed a certain way they tend to become slightly louder then usual. That in my opinion isn’t necessarily a problem with the product, but instead has more to do with the person who owns it learning how to use it so that it doesn’t happen. It took me all of 2 minutes to figure where the ‘sweet spot’ on the product was. Again, it’s not that big of a deal.

While there was only one main thing I had issues with, I do want to readdress the packaging simply because it was something that irked me; more and more I’m seeing companies go eco-friendly, not just with their products but with smaller, reusable and often times highly “fitted’ packaging. With that in mind, a little box or reusable container would have been a nice thought, rather then the big box and silly inserts it came with.

Final Verdict

I don’t really know what else to say about the Form 2 than I absolutely LOVE IT!

It’s light weight, easy to use, body safe, eco-friendly, rechargeable, 100% waterproof, very strong while also be exceptionally quiet, has dual motors to guarantee stimulation, is latex and phthalate free, is hypoallergenic, hygienic, has varying speeds and settings to play with, is very discreet in design and best of all it comes with a 3 year limited warranty! Seriously, I don’t think there is much more you could want from a clitoral stimulator that the Form 2 doesn’t have – like I said, I love it!

Once again I just want to send a HUGE thanks to the folks at SheVibe, not only did they send me a product I love, but they also have one of the best looking sex toy sites on the web I have EVER seen! – seriously, even if you’re not looking to shop right now, go and look at their site, it’s stunning!

If you’d like more info or to purchase the product you can check out the Form 2 on their website, along with other fantastic sex toys, lubricants, costumes and more!



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