Review: Remote Pillow

Thanks to one amazing lady at I’m very happy to offer a product I think pretty much anyone would love, the Remote Pillow.

The Remote Pillow is a discreet, plush, soft (velvety in feel), remote controlled vibrating pillow. That’s right, a remote controlled vibrating pillow!! What will they think of next?

The Good

Before I go into the stats of the product I just want to list the things I personally think it’s fantastic for:

1.) By mounting the Remote Pillow and grinding on the vibrator a female can figure out what she likes and dislikes and learn how to achieve a clitoral orgasm when having intercourse while in the riding or cowgirl position.

2.)Have a bad lower back or other muscle problems? the Remote Pillow is amazing for helping to relax the muscles and lessen the tension. Trust me, it has done wonders for me (don’t pun that)

3.) Since the internal vibrator is removable you can take it out and use it for your own personal stimulation or as a massager when your on the go.

4.) Finally, with a remote that reaches 15ft you can engage in some pretty fun foreplay whether at a distance or up close.

Like the rest of the remote controlled products on the market, I have say that one of my favourite things is that they allow a greater freedom of movement. Rather then having to reach down to try to find a button, you just push a button no matter where your hand is, making you able to reach a climax without interruption or discomfort.

As for the stats; the Pillow is 12 x 12 inches in size and is velvety soft. If you don’t like the heart design the pillow comes with, I’m sure you could find a suitable pillow cover to put over top if you wanted to. Personally, I think it’s adorable.

Part of what makes the Remote Pillow different from the rest is that rather than using a loop or simple elastic to hold a vibrator in place, the Remote Pillow has its own vinyl pocket where the vibe will snugly fit to stop it from moving or shifting around, something that has been a problem with other pillows I’ve seen.

As for the insertable vibe, it measures just over 3 and a half inches in length and is roughly 4 inches around. While it could be inserted vaginally and has a string for easy removal, I think it’s much better designed for clitoral stimulation because there are seams on it, both on the top and the bottom, that could make it uncomfortable.

In regard to the remote it is quite small and is very discreet. If someone found it they would have no clue what it was for and probably assume it was something for a car.

As I said earlier the vibrator can be used either with or without the remote;

*If you wanted to use it without the remote just press the function button located near the bottom to turn it on and then again to cycle through the 10 different settings. It is very easy to use.

*If you wanted to use it with the remote – put the switch on the remote into the on setting then hit the function key to run through the 10 different settings. Its that simple.

On the topic of batteries the Remote Pillow requires one 23A 12 volt battery for the remote, for those of you not sure where you get them I suggest you check an electronics or watch store. As for the vibrator it requires 2 AAA batteries.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to cleaning, the pillow casing is washable just use cold water and lay flat to dry so that it doesn’t bleed or shrink. As for the vibrator, just give it a good wash with mild soap and water or you could use an antibacterial toy cleaner if you wanted. It’s a hard, non porous plastic so it’s not absorbent and wont retain any bacteria. When it comes to the remote, just use a damp clean cloth to wipe it off. Keep in mind it’s not waterproof so I don’t suggest you wash it.

The Bad

In my opinion, the only downfall with the product is that you have to run through the settings to turn it off. If it had a simple on/off button that would have made it better, but it’s really not that big of a deal.

Final Verdict

That said I still think the Remote Pillow is a fantastic product for anyone considering it can be used for massage or muscle relief, a teaching tool, foreplay, has a range of 15ft, can be used with or without the remote, is discreet, body safe, is easy to use and not at all intimidating.

For those of you interested the Remote Pillow can be purchased safely and discretely from where you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and other great Sex Toys.

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