Condom Sizing Guide

Condom Sizing GuideYou’ve found yourself standing in front of a wall of condoms, and staring back at you are over 30 different brands all suggesting that theirs is “the best“… and yet, you don’t know which one to choose.

What I just described is something I’m asked about on a daily basis. So, in an attempt to make things easier I’ve created this condom sizing guide to help you discover the different brands available, offer some suggestions, and hopefully help you find the perfect size condom for you.

Average Condom

Average condoms are the condoms you’ll find in pretty much every drug store, online sexual wellness shop, gas station, dispenser or pharmacy. Many of them will be referred to as “original” by the manufacturer and have limited added features like ribbing, special lubricants or otherwise.

Unless specified on the box you can pretty much count that the vast majority of condoms are “average condoms” and therefore fall within 7 – 7.9 inches in length.

*Because these condoms are made of latex I’m going to highly suggest you avoid oil based lubricant’s as they’ll likely ruin the condom.

condom sizing guide: snugger fitAverage Condom Sizes

Head Width: 2″
Shaft width: 2″
Base Width: 2″
Length: 7  – 7.9″
Thickness: 0.0027″
Lubrication: Water Based/Silicone/Spermicidal
Special Features: None unless you purchase those with specific features like ribbing, textures, warming/cooling lubricant etc.

Snugger Fit

For those of you that aren’t very big in the girth department  “Snugger”, or tighter fitting condoms, might be exactly what you’re looking for. As you’d likely assume, they’re slightly smaller in circumference and tend to be great if you find ‘average’ condoms slip off due to being too large or overly bulky.

If you’ve hesitated trying this type of condom due to the fact that you don’t like your penis to feel ‘suffocated’ not to worry, the head of these condoms is usually the same as ‘average’ condoms, with the body being thinner to fit more comfortably.

*Because these condoms are made of latex I’m going to highly suggest you avoid oil based lubricant’s as they’ll likely ruin the condom.

condom sizing guide: snugger fitSnugger Fit Condom Sizes

Head Width: 2″
Shaft Width: 1.75″
Base Width: 1.75″
Length: 7″
Thickness: 0.0027″
Lubrication: Water Based/Silicone/Spermicidal
Special Features: Thinner body

Extra Head Room/ More Room At The Top

For those that complain about the average condom being “suffocating” or “too tight” others offering more ‘head room’ are a great choice. Not only do they allow the person wearing them a bit more room to maneuver (without the worry of possibly breaking the condom), they also offer added stimulation for their partner as they often rub against the g-spot, walls of the vagina, or prostate.

*Because these condoms are made of latex I’m going to highly suggest you avoid oil based lubricant’s as they’ll likely ruin the condom.

Extra Head Room Condom Sizes

Head Width: 2.75″
Shaft Width: 2″
Base Width: 2″
Length: 7.25″
Thickness: 0.0027″
Lubrication: Water Based/Silicone/Spermicidal
Special Features: Larger/ wider tip to allow more room for the head of the penis.

Extra Large/Magnum Condoms

Although the average penis size is between 4″ – 5.5″ inches in length, there are people who require a larger condom. As such, the condoms in this category are larger sized in both girth and length. If average condoms leave you feeling constricted, these large condoms are what you’re looking for.

If you find that ‘larger’ sized condoms don’t seem to be big enough, as a last resort I suggest trying some of the extra large condoms like Trojan Magnum,  Durex XXL or LifeStyles Kyng. Just keep in mind that if you’re not really in need of larger condoms it’s best that you don’t use them as they’ll probably fall off or possibly shift during use.

*Because these condoms are made of latex I’m going to highly suggest you avoid oil based lubricant’s as they’ll likely ruin the condom.

Extra Large/Magnum Condom Sizes

Head width 2.5″
Shaft width 2.25″
Base width 2″
Length 8 – 9.5″
Thickness 0.0025″
Lubricant: Water Based/Silicone/Spermicidal
Special Features: Larger over all body with a tapered base to allow the condom to stay put.

Custom Sized Condom Options

For those of you still having a hard time finding a condom that fits when shopping through big name condom retailers, you might want to look into companies specializing in custom sized condoms. Currently, there are only 3 companies doing this (technically two), but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something a bit more specific to your needs.

threepackBigMy Size Condoms

MySize offers 7 different options, covering everything from 47mm to 69mm width. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your personal needs, the main selling point of these condoms is the focus on girth over length; according to their measuring page the only measurement you take is circumference “the length of the penis doesn’t matter for the condom size“.  I’m not sure if that means all the condoms are a generic length, or if they’re rounded out against the girth, but if length is what matters to you, I suggest trying one of the other options.


They Fit Condomstheyfit-condoms

For those of you in need of something more specific, TheyFit condoms has over 95 different sizes to choose from. Rather than just focusing on girth, TheyFit has an easy 5 step penis measuring system that covers all the bases. Whether you need something big, small, thick or thin, they’ve got you covered. The only down side, I heard that the line came off the market in 2007 due to complexities of making them and issues with the manufacturer, however the site is still up and running and I’ve been told they’re currently available in the UK/Europe. That’s something, right?

coripa_sixpk_5Coripa Condoms

Ranging from 3 inches to almost 10 inches with varying proportional widths, Coripa condoms has 55 options to choose from.  Like TheyFit, Coripas predecessor, there’s a downloadable and printable measuring guide that easily allows you to measure width and girth. Again, they’re only available in the EU however you can get them at Condomania.

FYI: The reason the condoms are not currently available outside the EU market is due to the fact that the FDA hasn’t yet approved ‘fitted’ condoms for sale in the US. Your best bet is to go through a third party online sex toy retailer that ships to your location.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, hopefully this condom sizing guide will help make your next trip to the store far less stressful! Don’t forget, if you ever have any questions you can send them in via the handy form on my contact page.

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