Q & A w/ Kara_Sutra: Can you use oil with latex condoms?

After receiving two years worth of messages on whether or not you could use an oil lube with latex condoms, and why or why not, I thought I would finally put out a video strictly dedicated to the subject.

Can you use oil with latex condoms?

When latex comes in contact with anything oil-based (e.g. skin lotions, baby oil, Vaseline, Crisco, cold cream, or even whipped cream), a chemical reaction occurs between the two substances which dramatically breaks down and weakens the latex. As the latex weakens it is more likely to have small holes in it, diminishing the amount of protection the condom offers. Within a short time it will cause the condom to break or tear completely. According to the CDC, within as little as 60 seconds of exposure, a 90% decrease in latex strength will occur in a condom when using an oil based lubricant; this is why latex condoms (and anything else made of latex) should only be used with water-based lubricants (water-based lubricants will not damage latex).

If you use a polyurethane condom, there is no need for worry as any type of lubricant (oil-based or water-based) is safe to use, since both of these types of lubricants will not damage things made out of polyurethane.

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