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Savor Me

One of the biggest complaints I hear about using condoms for oral is the horrible taste they leave in the mouth. To be honest, I really can’t disagree; from my experiences they always seemed like a mixture of rubber, slime, powdery residue and nausea inducing latex. Not fun, and definitely not sexy, especially when you’ve got something rammed down your throat just teasing the gag reflexes.  Fortunately there are quite a few decently flavored condoms available to help make the experience far more pleasurable, for both parties.

Within the “OOO” Savor Me collection there are currently only 3 flavors to choose from; strawberry, chocolate dip and vanilla, all of which were surprisingly better than I expected since none of them had the trademark rubber/latex smell or thick syrupy taste found with many other brands.

Before I go on I do want to mention that I sampled the condoms in 3 different ways to gauge the experience; once orally with my partner, once straight from the package (though why you’d do that I have no clue), and once cut to resemble a dental dam (for those of you that may opt to use condoms that way). Unfortunately I didn’t really think of using them for intercourse, so I can’t speak about the experience should you choose to use them that way.

(note: for those that don’t like the taste of semen or the thought of having it in their mouth, using flavored condoms is a great way to allow your partner(s) to finish without consistently worrying that they might shock you with an unexpected hot load <- yes I really did just write that.)


Since I covered the vast majority of the packaging in my previous “OOO” Boutique condom review, for this review I’m just going to focus on the single packs.

Each single cover is crafted out of matte paper/cardboard that feels smooth and luxurious, while also coming across as very high end. There’s nothing about them that’s cheap or flimsy, with the actual cover being fairly thick and well constructed, making them great for protecting the condom inside.

The designs of each are professional yet artistic, simple yet fashionable, and sleek yet playful, with an appearance like nothing currently being offer in the market. To be honest, if someone pulled one of these out in a public place and dropped it on a table I wouldn’t know what it was at first glance, instead I’d likely assume it was a little booklet of some sort rather than a condom.  On that note, located within the cover is a fold out that offers instructions and tips for application on one side and the various products they create on the other (pictured below).

As for the actual condoms, each foil wrapper is simple with a lovely silver outer package that sports the “ooo” logo and “do it with style” on the front, with the back containing the expiration date and information about the condom.

The Flavors & Experience

When used orally (with my partner) the condoms weren’t baggy or thick and didn’t move around much in my mouth, of course that may be due to my partners size and therefore won’t apply to everyone, but I think it’s still worth noting – especially for those that have used condoms for oral and found they shifted around during use. On that note, they didn’t get in the way or interfere, something I’ve come to expect due to past experiences.  Application was likewise easy, with no sticking, bunching or tangling of the latex to complicate things while rolling the condom down the shaft of the penis.

As for the flavors…

Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla

The first I tried was chocolate, with the scent and taste being a pretty close match. Sure it didn’t taste exactly like chocolate, but it’s a flavored condom so it’s to be expected, especially since there only seemed to be a thin coating of the flavored lube they used. The scent wasn’t strong or overbearing either, instead being light, sweet and luscious. Regarding the coloring, the condom is black, not brown which I’d expect being that chocolate is brown, making my partners dick look more like a giant black magic marker than anything else. Yeah, there’s a fun visual for ya.

Next up was strawberry, which didn’t really taste much like strawberry at all; it was fruity and somewhat sweet, but tasted more like a non distinct chalky fruit candy that quickly dissipated to only a hint of fruit. Although it wasn’t much to write home about, the fact that there wasn’t a disgusting aftertaste or gag worthy sliminess was certainly nice. As for the color, you’re looking at a very bright candy apple red shade that’s fairly transparent when worn. Though I will say, having sex with someone who looks like they have a pinkish rash on their dick (due to the condom) was definitely a new experience for me.

Ghost Condom says "boo!"

Last was vanilla, almost instantly I was hit with the light scent of a creamy vanilla milkshake (kinda like an Ensure Nutritional Drinks), as for the taste, it’s subtle, very subtle, being almost like nothing at all. I honestly would have loved for the flavor to have been a tad stronger, or lasted longer, since it was pretty good while it was there. Having said that, being that it lost the taste so quickly I really can’t say very much about it other than it wasn’t slimy or thick, syrupy, overly lubed or powdery which was much more than I hoped for. Unlike the other “OOO” condoms (Rock Me and Feel Me), instead of being almost totally transparent the vanilla condoms had a slight white tint to them. For some reason I thought coloring them like ghosts would be a fun idea (pictured left). #boredombreedsentertainment

The Bad

The only problem we found was that the flavors didn’t last very long. On the up side, once the flavor was gone they didn’t smell or taste like latex. Having said that, adding a flavored lube of the same type would be a decent solution, and with System Jo making both Strawberry and Chocolate versions, and Intimate Organics offering a pretty decent Vanilla Caramel, along with Sliquid making the BEST cherry vanilla lube I’ve ever had, it should be a solution that’s easy to employ.

*For those of you that suggest not using a condom for oral let me just say this, HPV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia, can all be passed on to your partner(s) orally. Don’t really care? Let’s see if you say that after looking at these pictures of Chlamydia or these pictures of Syphilis. Personally I’d prefer to either go without or use a condom.

Final Verdict

If you’re sick of flavored condoms that have a scent and taste that’s syrupy, thick, practically all latex and totally nausea inducing, you might want to try the “OOO” Boutique Savor Me flavored condoms, although the flavors didn’t stick around very long (chocolate being the best) what they had to offer was pretty decent (considering that they’re condoms). If on the the other hand you’re looking for ones with a bit more lasting power I’d suggest Endurance or a Trustex 12 pack, both offer a wider variety of flavors and are free of the latex grossness.

To get your hands on a variety of flavored condoms at great prices, head over to where shopping for your intimate accessories is discreet and priced to fit any budget!

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