Review: Exposed – Double Keyhole Dress & G-String

Double Keyhole Vinyl Dress For as much as I love playing dress up there is a reason I don’t do many reviews of lingerie and/or costumes: it’s way too damn hard for me to find stuff that I look great in, let alone fit into comfortably. And while I’m not about to divulge my bra size, I will say that because I’m top heavy it’s especially hard to find lingerie that’s supportive, on top of fitting comfortably and looking great. The evil trifecta that is my lingerie hunt, oh how I dispise you.

Having said that, the Exposed Double Keyhole Dress (sent my way by the amazing folks at SheVibe) is actually pretty decent… it just sadly didn’t offer the support I hoped for. But being that there’s no under wire, just a thin string to hold it up, I don’t know why I hoped for it anyways. My bad.


The wet look dress and g-string are contained in a pink and black box that’s pretty basic. The front features a photo of the dress, while the back shows the back of 5 different outfits, one of them being the current version I’m reviewing.  There’s nothing on the packaging that’s rude or tacky, though it’s lingerie so I wouldn’t expect that anyways (box is pictured left in the bottom right hand corner). Other than that there really isn’t much to say; it’s a box with a sassy lil tart wearing the outfit… who’s boobs I’m very jealous of!

The Good

Regardless of the fact that it didn’t offer the support I wanted (boob wise) there were quite a few redeeming qualities the dress had to offer; the quality was far better than I expected (I’ve worn it and washed it twice, yet none of the stitching has come undone), it felt nice against my skin (rather than being rough or itchy) and looked better than I thought it would. On that note, unlike a PVC wet look material the Polyester/Spandex mix provides a shine that’s free of potential finger marks should anyone touch it. Having said that it’s not a glossy kind of shine, instead offering a silverish sheen that reflects when the light hits it.

As for sizing, the chart is surprisingly reliable – to accommodate for my top heaviness I got the L/XL (sizes 12 – 18) and found that it stretched very well, hugging every other curve perfectly (my tits on the other hand just kind of sat there). Because the only support offered is the string that ties around the neck I found that it pulled and shifted up the back of my neck as I moved (due to the weight of my boobs), leading me to constantly have to adjust it back into place. Although it was slightly annoying it’s something that I’m rather accustomed to so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Fortunately the front pieces stayed put and didn’t shift, something I have often found with other lingerie of the same design – I think it’s due to the fact that the back has a wide clasp closure rather than a drawstring or one that ties up (which tends to loosen the more the wearer moves around).

Unfortunately the g-string was a little too tight for me to comfortably wear and kept digging into my hips, rubbing painfully into them as I moved (I’m phat, what can I say). I also didn’t like having the string up my ass, but that’s just me (I never wear g-strings). Again it’s decent quality and hasn’t fallen apart yet, something I didn’t expect.

The only real difference I noticed regarding the way it fit (when compared to the image on the box) was the middle string like connector: in the picture it looks like it’s somewhat wide but even with the stretch it offered it was nowhere as wide as portrayed, I think it was the only real thing that kept my boobs in check.

As for care and cleaning I’ve hand washed it in cold water and laid it flat to dry, whereas my partner accidentally put it in the washing machine on warm… aside from having the string get tangled in a bunch of socks it held it’s own. The shape hasn’t changed at all and the material still feels like when I got it. Like I said, it’s surprisingly decent quality (especially for the price).

The Bad

The only real complaint I have is regarding the support, but that’s an issue with me, my body, and how I want things to look, rather than being an actual issue with the product.

Final Verdict

If you’re a D or below in the breast department, have perky boobs whether they’re big or small (yes I did just say that), have fake tits that don’t need support, or don’t really give a shit if they hang naturally… you’ll probably really like the dress. Having said that, it’s comfortable, easy to care for, feels nice against the skin and holds all the wobbly bits in like a compact little unit. I just have unrealistic expectations for how I want things to look and felt a little disappointed once it was on (fortunately my partner is great for my ego and loved the way it fit).

Even if the wet look double keyhole dress isn’t your thing, SheVibe has a tonne of affordable lingerie, sexy costumes, flirty wigs and fun shoes to choose from, in my next life I’m coming back as someone that can wear these. Just sayin.

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