Review: Seven ’til Midnight ~ Miss Diagnosed Costume

Keeping up with my kinky, fun and possibly scary theme for the month of October (check the previous Fleshlight Freaks post) I thought I’d do a review of something I’ve always found scary – finding a costume that fits properly.

I know a lot of you reading this may think I’m talking out of my ass, but truthfully, between the never ending line ups for dressing rooms, hunting through racks and racks of outfits to find the right size, fighting over the last costume in the store (yes, it’s happened) and paying a small fortune for something most would only wear once, it’s the one and only aspect of Halloween I’ve always despised.

So, in an attempt to make this years dreaded Halloween costume shopping a little easier I thought I’d go new route and get one online. Of course this presents a whole other set of problems, mainly getting the size right.

Fortunately  the folks at Shevibe were fantastic when it came to only helping me understand the sizing charts, but also being honest with regard to the level of quality the costumes had to offer.

*here’s a little trick I learned from working in an adult novelty store that also carried costumes – go online and find the costume(s) you’d like to try, then find a store that carries them and try them on there, once you’ve made up your mind go online to a high end and female friendly intimate accessory website that you’d like to support and see if they carry it. I can almost guarantee 9 times out of 10 they’ll have it for a better price then the shop does.


The Miss Diagnosed Costume comes in a translucent plastic bag with all of the accessories separately sealed inside plastic wrap. There’s a thin plastic hook on the bag that makes transportation easy, as well as hanging in a closet when not in use. Since it’s a costume and not a sex toy, there’s nothing on it thats embarrassing, rude or offensive, just the name of the costume, what’s included, the fabric used and care instructions. On that note, I much prefer products that come in bags rather than boxes or on their own, especially since having a bag means you can safely keep all the parts in one place without the worry of them getting lost.

(You can view images of the packaging here)

The Good

The quality offered is something I didn’t quite expect; each piece is stitched together very well, with no visible tears, loose strings or snags and the seams align perfectly, allowing the dress to fit without being lopsided or uneven. Each of the accents (including ribbons, taffeta underskirt, adjustable elastic shoulder straps and ruffled top) are impeccably sewn (even when I pulled as hard as I could there was no chance they would rip and separate).

*The fabric, being 90% polyester and 10% spandex, is very soft to the touch, stretches well and feels exceptionally comfortable.

The shiny and sleek red vinyl belt is likewise well made, being thick, heavy and feeling far superior to a simple accessory used for a costume. The band used in the headpiece is hard plastic and doesn’t have the sharp comb grooves often found in more traditional headbands, allowing it to be worn for a longer period time. The only cheap looking accessory is the stethoscope, but considering it’s only meant for play it’s not that big of a deal.


Maybe it’s just me, but when all there is  to go by is an airbrushed picture of an unnaturally attractive model, imagining what it would look like on the ‘average’ person is a little difficult. Something I find especially true for someone with real boobs (here’s a surprise for you – real big boobs usually sag!), a phat ass and a little roll or two. Fortunately good websites like Shevibe provide various sizing charts, photo’s of plus sized women, and customer support to help making the hunt a little less of a challenge.

Although this hot costume was a tad too big for me (my own fault), I can say it’s relatively ‘true to size’ and something those between a 14 – 18 would be able to wear comfortably, look great in and feel sexy without also feeling totally self conscious.

*Unfortunately I had to slightly take mine in (thanks to my Grandma for teaching me how to sew), but considering it was only a tad too big it was very simple to do.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like there were only 2, though truthfully one was only an issue because of my body shape, the other can be easily fixed.

First, the belt just didn’t work with the outfit because of my body shape. Located on the center of the dress is a seam which the belt is supposed to hide (at least that what it does in the pictures). Unfortunately the belt doesn’t quite sit on the seam, instead sitting slightly higher and often shifting when worn. If I loosen the belt it sits closer to my hips and doesn’t quite shift as much, but that also means it doesn’t cover the seam. Shitty, I know, but it’s my body type. Meh.

Second, the taffeta underskirt (sewn into the seam) is not covered and rubbed on my stomach causing a sore or raw feeling within a few hours of wear. Fortunately this was something that can be easily fixed by simply wearing a tube-top or thin strapped tank top underneath.

Finally, if you have a large chest you *will* need to wear a bra underneath as there is absolutely no support offered with this outfit. And although the straps are adjustable, you may find that they dig into your shoulders a bit because they are fairly thin (something I found wearing a bra actually helped with).
Cleaning & Care

The 90% polyester 10% spandex blend produces an easy-care, wrinkle-free fabric that’s long-wearing and comfortable. It can be washed and dried on regular settings (though I’d suggest using cold water so the red doesn’t ‘bleed’ and low dryer setting). Since the fibers are man-made, the blend does not “breathe” as readily as natural fibers (which may be a great advantage if the night is cold).

Final Verdict

If you’re like me and hate the horrible in-store costume hunting that occurs each Halloween, or if you simply want to purchase something you love without having to try it on in advance, I highly suggest checking out any of the costumes offered at Shevibe. Not only do they have a fantastic variety of lingerie and costumes (no matter your size), they also have amazing customer service to assist in helping you find the perfect size for your body type.

Let’s not forget, Halloween isn’t the only time you can play dress up – it’s just a good excuse.

*For the record, I still think SheVibe has one of the best looking, well laid out and easy to shop websites I’ve ever seen. Their artist has talent to boot! (go check them out, even if it’s just to look around and see how fantastic it is!)

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