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Tantus Cush O2 ReviewFor as much as I tend to shy away from dildos, finding myself regularly opting to purchase and review vibrators instead, they never fail to impress with the level of pleasure they end up delivering. Sure, they lack the range of uses many vibrators provide, but all in all they offer something far better in its own amazing way: a distraction free fullness that’s hard for a vibrator to mimic.

When it came to choosing my next dildo for review I couldn’t help but be slightly intrigued by the Tantus Cush O2. There was something about the supposed soft cushy outer shaft, firm internal core, dual ridges and frosted white appearance that I just couldn’t resist. Fortunately the folks at SheVibe were kind enough to offer it up for review, allowing me to bask in the glory that is the Cush O2.


The product came in a simple plastic bag which unfortunately isn’t much to write home about. However considering it was a product I was offered for review, rather than one I purchased, I’m pretty sure the one you’d get would be in the same transparent plastic box that most Tantus products come packaged in.

The Good

The good… shit, where do I begin?

First, it’s damn near everything I thought it would be and more. The outer layer is soft, squishy, supple and pliable, affording quite a bit of give and allowing the shaft to adjust to the body quite easily and comfortably. The inner core is firm but still flexible enough to make insertion a piece of cake even if the size is a bit of a challenge (lube is important with this dildo. Very important).  On that note, once inserted it’s this firmness that provides a fullness that’s pretty amazing and offers a sense of control many other dildos lack.

*For those that are curious about the O2 texture vs Vixskin, I personally found the Vixskin to be a tad more ‘realistic’ and squishy, even when appearance is taken out of the equation. Having said that, the Vixskin products I’ve felt also had a thinner outer layer which may be the cause of the difference. Either way they’re both fantastic, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Second, whether it’s inserted and simply left to be, mounted and ground/gyrated on or used for thrusting action, the raised front ridges allow the shaft to stimulate the g-spot in an absolutely amazing way. For those that can take the entire length, the double ridging is something to behold as both will target the area with precision, hitting the g-spot in a wonderfully intense way.

*Tantus previously made another vibrator/dildo called the Deuce 1 which was not the dual-density material yet looked exactly the same as Cush (minus the outer layer of course). Unfortunately the rigid body made it a bit of a pain to use since there was no give or suppleness to it. The newer version, due to the inclusion of the O2 material, is much more comfortable, accommodating and easy to use.

Third, the base, while thin, allows it to be harness compatible, safe for use anally (if you can take the size) and great for placing on flat surfaces if you wanted to mount it. More than that, it provides a small area for the fingers to grasp while in use minimizing internal shifting/turning or loss of control.

Fourth, at 1.75″ in width and 5 1/2″ in circumference it’s rather girthy… again with that ‘full’ feeling. Yes, it’s pretty amazing.

Finally, because it’s made of quality silicone it warms to body temperature rather quickly and maintains it very well. Of course you could also cool it down if you wanted to, an option that would make temperature play a definite possibility.

Tantus Cush O2 review

no squish

Cush O2 Review

squishy tip

Cush O2 review

bendy tip

Tantus Cush O2 Review

full bend

As for the rest of the good stuff…

The coloring is a thick frosty white matte that’s minimally translucent and gradually fades into a gradient purple. Because there are no ridges on the back (causing the outer layer to thin out) the inner core color is more pronounced, with the same being true for the base (it’s a deep luxurious purple rather than being a hint of color seen through the white). Of course this doesn’t make much difference when it comes to use, it’s simply aesthetic.

Regarding the stats you’re looking at 7″ in length, an insertable length of 6 3/4″, a circumference of 5 1/2″ and a width of 1.75″. With that in mind, Cush O2 is rather large and not for the faint of heart or those that like things on the small to average size of things. It’s big. It’s girthy. And fortunately, both of these attributes lend themselves well to those who like a feeling of fullness or simply like to challenge themselves. (Considering I’m more of an Amor girl, this was something I had to work up to with lots of patience and a little help from my Hitachi Magic Wand). Did I mention it’s also heavy? Because it is. And while it’s not T-Rex kind of heavy (that thing’s a BEAST!), coming in at 10 oz is nothing to laugh at.

When it comes to quality, you really couldn’t ask for more. Tantus only uses Platinum Grade silicone that’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, virtually non porous (so it doesn’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria) and easy to care for and clean.

Cleaning & Care

Since it’s made of quality silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

As with all of the products Tantus makes you’ll want to use water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it with time. If you’re dead set on using a silicone lube I’d suggest doing a patch test on the base of the dildo first. If it turns matte or ‘foggy’ don’t use it. If there’s no reaction you may be fine, I just wouldn’t chance it.

Cush O2 Review

scary ridges I grew to love

The Bad

When it comes to things I didn’t like there were a few…

It attracts lint like white on rice, something that for me is a major pet peeve. To avoid this I suggest you keep it away from any surface that has pet hair, lint, fluff or anything else that could be picked up. When it comes to storing I suggest either placing it inside a bag, lint free cloth or box with a lid.

For as much as I grew to love the ridging on the shaft it did pose a bit of a problem in the beginning: the first quarter of the shaft was easy to insert, however once I hit that first raised ridge the trouble started… then pop! in it went (fortunately the second ridge wasn’t as intense). This happened the first couple times it was used, after that I knew what to expect, granting me the opportunity to relax enough to allow it to enter with ease. #MindOverMatterOrSexToy

Because the silicone used is more of a matte than a glossy texture you’ll likely need quite a bit of lube to get things going, otherwise you’ll likely find that there is a bit of drag on the skin which could be uncomfortable during insertion.

Finally, it’s on the larger side which may make it a slight challenge for some. Of course that’s going to depend on you and your body and isn’t something that will be an issue for everyone.

Final Verdict

Although the size was a bit much for me in the beginning, the Cush is definitely a dildo I’d recommend to anyone who’s not afraid of a potential challenge. Not only is it made of body safe and luxurious materials that are also supple, squishy and accommodating, the Tantus Cush O2 has all the bases covered. Sure, it has its faults too, but so do some of the most expensive and high end sex toys on the market. At least the potential issues with Cush can be easily solved with lube, great storage and a little bravery and relaxation on the users part.

To get more info, decide on your shade of color (Pink, Blue or Purple), or check out the other products in the Tantus O2 collection, head over to SheVibe where shopping is easy, discreet and great customer service is a guarantee!

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