Female Sexual Response Cycle

After posting the “Faking it” and “Help! I can’t orgasm” videos I was bombarded with questions from my ‘female’ viewers in regard to orgasms; what they are, how to have them, the things that happen with your body before/during/after an orgasm, and what’s “normal”.

Rather then sending out hundreds of separate messages, I thought I would finally make a video on the female sexual response cycle as a resource for knowledge, and hopefully help my viewers have bigger and better O’s, not to mention, teach the them about their bodies.

Since I only had 10 minutes to talk in the video, I thought I would fill in the rest of the information below.

Female Sexual Response Cycle

Stage 1: Arousal / Excitement

During this phase you may notice any, some or all of the following

  • nipples going hard
  • becoming lubricated
  • separation and raising of the labia majora
  • increase in heart rate
  • flushing of the face and neck or body
  • heavier breathing
  • tensing of muscles
  • swelling of clitoris and vaginal lips
  • increase in breast size
  • rise in blood pressure
  • raising of the uterus
  • lengthening of the vaginal canal
  • clitoris becomes highly sensitive

Stage 2: Plateau

During this phase previous changes increase as well as,

  • raising of the uterus to a “false” body cavity to protect it from being hit by a thrusting penis
  • opening of the cervix
  • complete vaginal expansion
  • increase of size in vaginal lips
  • vagina balloons to create a “seminal pool”
  • orgasmic platform develops

Stage 3: Orgasm

During this phase the body discharges all of the sexual tension experienced in previous stages

  • contractions begin in the vaginal walls, PC muscles, uterus, and rectum
  • most contractions are at intervals of 0.8 seconds and may vary in number between 3 and 15
  • facial contortions may happen
  • increased respiratory rate
  • increase in blood pressure
  • possible squirting of vaginal fluids
  • orgasmic platform pulsates

Stage 4: Resolution

During this phase the body returns to its previous state of being before any arousal was felt

  • uterus descends from its “false” position
  • cervix dips into the seminal pool to access the semen
  • vagina returns to its normal size
  • clitoris descends to its normal position
  • inner and outer lips return to normal size

I hope this helped you to learn about your body and what happens during the phases that lead to an orgasm, as well as helped you to have better orgasms.


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