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Vixen Creations BuddyWhile revising a bunch of reviews a month ago I came to the realization that my inclusion of butt plugs and anal toys was seriously lacking. Sure, I’ve covered the basics of anal play, but with the exception of reviewing an anal douche and a Swarovski butt plug, I really haven’t branched out very much.

Always one for pushing limits and trying something new, I took it upon myself to grab a few goodies just so I could review them for all of you. Included in the mix was a small black Tantus silk, Vixen Creations Buddy in the ‘must have’ limited edition glittery silver, a fantastically neon green Tantus Ryder and a rather intimidatingly large set of Tantus butt beads in an awe inducing neon blue called “Peacock” (they were on sale and I couldn’t help myself). For today’s review I’ll be covering the Vixen Creations Buddy… and working myself up to the beads through the series of reviews that cover the others. As it stands, my ass is nowhere near ready to take them at this point. To follow my progress the reviews make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or add me on twitter as I’ll be tweeting the hell out of them once the reviews are done.


One of the things I loved about a previous Vixen Creations product I reviewed (Tex) was the unexpected and highly original tubular packaging. Not only is it quite different from many other boxed or clam shell designs (that often get tossed in the garbage once the product is removed), it’s very easy to store and meant to be reused. Even better, there’s ample room inside to store a small bottle of lube, some condoms and any other little sample sized products you might have lying around. As with many other high end intimate accessories there is nothing on it that’s rude, crude, tacky or cheap, instead only offering a brief description of the Companies products and cleaning/care instructions. There’s also the adorable fox logo I’ve come to love, but that’s it. *For those of you that value total discretion the sticker can be removed so there’s literally nothing on it.

The Good

As I expected there’s quite a bit to love with Buddy; first and foremost the silicone is highly squishy, supple, smooth and flexible making it very accommodating and surprisingly comfortable. More than that, once inserted it doesn’t create that awkward “get-it-out-of-my-ass-now” sensation many other firm products beget.

Speaking of silicone, Buddy is non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odourless, tasteless, hypo-allergenic, hygienic, and non-porous so it doesn’t require the same heavy duty cleaning a TPR, TPE or PVC product may require.

*For the record I don’t suggest anything but non-porous materials for anal play as they’ll store bacteria, lube and bodily fluids every time they’re used. Even worse, they can’t be fully sterilized. Yuck. Vixen Creations Buddy

The tapered tip and graduated body makes insertion effortless, allowing it to slide in place without any discomfort or force. Of course relaxing a bit before helps, as does a small amount of good water based lube. Quite surprisingly the rounded thicker lower portion allows it to stay in place nicely once inserted, adjusting with the body as you shift, flex or move. For me it was a nice change from my Small Ripple whose last rounded bulb I often struggle to keep in place (it always ‘pops’ out right before I’m about to orgasm*).

Size wise it’s not too big and not too small, instead being just right. I personally think it’s the size that makes it suitable for just about everyone; whether you’re inexperienced and afraid rear insertion might hurt or familiar with anal play but not in need of something too girthy or long, you’ll likely find Buddy to be a worthy contender. Actually, I was rather surprised when I got it as I expected it would be larger than the 4″ inches in length and 1 1/4″ in diameter it sports (it’s 3 1/2″ insertable). Even with looking at the measurements online I still thought it would be bigger and much closer to the Medium Tantus Silk, clearly I’m not good with mentally picturing inches in my head. Having said that, while it’s relatively small, by no means is it lacking in the sensation department. You’ll feel it, all of it, it just likely won’t come with the ‘full’ feeling a larger plug would offer.

Fortunately the base makes removal easy, and fits between the butt cheeks without being annoying or painful. On top of all that it’s seamless leaving you worry free when it comes to potential internal scrapes or scratches.  On that note, because it’s got a flared base it’s also compatible with most harnesses, though I don’t know if it’s the kind of product I’d want to use for strap-on play. Then again, wtf do I know?

*Regarding the orgasm part, while it is a possibility, very rarely do women get off from anal play alone. Instead many will also require clitoral play or something inserted vaginally to aide in the experience. Having said that, if you’ve previously crammed something in your butt thinking it would be the end all, be all, only to find yourself coming short, don’t worry you’re perfectly normal and it’s to be expected.

Finally, it’s got silver sparkles so your ass is all blinged up and glittery. That in itself makes it worthy of putting in my butt.

All jokes aside (who says I was joking?), the body is transparent and glossy with layer upon layer of exceptionally shiny silver square sparkles.  Even when looking deep within the body they’re there, less shiny of course, but still there. I actually have no idea how they did it, but you can’t feel any of the sparkles on the surface, something that totally surprised me. I even tried to gently pick one out, didn’t happen.  For those not impressed with sticking sparkly things in your rear it also comes in gold, black and purple versions.

Care And Cleaning

Because it’s a high quality silicone and not some shady mix of silicone and who-knows-what it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or by boiling for 3 minutes. Regarding lubes I’d only suggest a good water based lube as a silicone one would likely ruin it over time.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about Buddy there was only one, but being that it’s a silicone product that’s somewhat glossy it was highly expected: it attracts lint and fluff, but it’s minimal when compared to other silicone products.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a butt plug made of body safe material that’s easy to insert, supple, squishy and flexible, while also being comfortable, accommodating and surprisingly discreet I highly suggest taking the Vixen Creations Buddy into consideration. Aside from being impressed with the basic design, the level of quality will probably leave you looking through the entire Vixen Creations collection and wondering which will be your next. Yes, they are that good! *I’ve personally had my eyes on Raquel, Mavrick and  Tristan.

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