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Review: Fixation Couples Vibrator

MyFixSation Clitoral Vibrator

In the realm of couples vibes there really aren’t that many options. Sure, you’ve got some, but for the most part they’re either cheaply made, crafted out of materials I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, require batteries and a remote, or are exceptionally uncomfortable to wear. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I’ve tried other versions of ‘strap on vibes’ the rough elastic has left me chaffed and bruised for days, with the crease between my thigh and torso taking the brunt of the burn. Walking like that, yeah, not so much fun.

Of course there is the WeVibe 3, arguably one of the better body safe and rechargeable versions worthy of  use, however the fact that it needs to be inserted, requires lots of lube, has a tendency to tear condoms if not enough lube is used, and can’t be adjusted to fit different bodies leaves much to be desired.

Then there’s the Fixation couples vibe, a product that in my opinion is probably one of the better ones around. I know the experience won’t be the same for everyone, but as a woman who knows her body, knows what she likes, and wants to enjoy sex with her partner without constant adjustment of a vibe for clitoral stimulation, it has pretty much everything I need and/or want.


The packaging is professional and respectful, with nothing on it that’s cheap, tacky or otherwise potentially offensive; there’s no half naked  women or men sprawled across the front, the tagline is tactful, clever and to the point, and with the exception of that, there really isn’t much to otherwise state what it is.

*tagline: “Fixate on the Sensation when Friction meets Vibration

The back is likewise respectful, with nothing but the instructions, FixSation logo, standard packing logos and another clever tag line. Even the diagrams that accompany the instructions are tactful, using simple images rather than an actual woman or couple (the instructions found inside do include a diagram that shows the products placement on the vulva/clitoris as well as what it should look like during intercourse – no naked people of course, just simple ‘text book’ style pictures).

As for the actual box, it’s not cheap, hard to open or flimsy, instead being fairly sturdy and able to take a bit of a beating (the delivery box mine came in was totally busted, yet the FixSation box was in perfect shape). It also makes a nice little storage box for when the product isn’t in use.

subtle ridging

The Good

More than once I’ve mentioned in my reviews and Sex Ed 102 videos that one of the main reasons women don’t achieve orgasms during intercourse is due to the lack of clitoral stimulation, and unless your interested in diddling yourself or trying various positions until you find one that works (like cowgirl where you can grind your clit against their body), you’re just not going to get the sensation and stimulation you need. Sadly it’s just the way bodies fit; the pelvis is flat whereas the clitoris is hidden beneath a hood and tucked inside the labia, when your having sex the two don’t really meet… and when they do it’s for brief fleeting moments. Basically put, there’s a very likely chance your poor clit is being ignored far more often than it should be when your having sex.

Enter the FixSation couples vibe!

By providing hands free stimulation to the clitoris via vibration FixSation works to bridge the gap between bodies and takes love making to another level. Of course this isn’t a ‘new’ concept, it was done before with various strap-on wearable vibes, but there are obvious differences; the wearable vibes you’ll find elsewhere are made of subpar materials, often look cheap or tacky, usually require a remote control, aren’t rechargeable and tend to be big and bulky, not to mention also having straps and bands with scratchy edges that leave you chaffed and sore. It’s like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for…. and what you get with FixSation is a much better experience.

On that note, compared to other strap-on vibes FixSation is very classy, sexy and high end in appearance, it doesn’t look cheap, feel cheap or come off as some gimmicky plastic piece of crap, instead likening itself to a clever mix of lingerie meets sex toy, in the most lovely way. Added to that, for women who are insecure about their bodies (specifically their stomachs) depending on how high or low you wear it there is the opportunity to position it so the majority of stretch marks, scars or little rolls could be covered, allowing you to feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.

If there was one thing I was worried about with FixSation it was the panty companion (the straps and waist band the vibe is used with), I had assumed it would react the same way most pantyhose do… rolling down my stomach when I least expected it and cutting off circulation uncomfortably. To my surprise the lace waistband was soft and stretchy, with just enough give to allow it to fit comfortably and stay in place with minimal shifting. The straps were likewise stretchy and soft, with no rough edges to irritate or rub my skin raw. All in all I was very impressed, however after having tested it over 6 times I can say the elastic is starting to go a little loose on two of the straps and the waistband is fraying a little (TruePleasures suggestion of making the straps adjustable is a great solution to this problem!). It’s still comfortable though, which is far more important the appearance in my books.

Regarding the stats you’re looking at a total length is 2 1/2″ inches, a with a width of 2″ inches, and a thickness of about 3/4″ inches, I say ‘about’ because there is a slight curve causing one side to be slightly thicker than the other. It’s this gentle curve that allows the body of the vibe to cradle the clitoris nicely, targeting the area with precision while also providing an area to grind against (it works great in cowgirl or missionary position and the straps leave your ass bare during doggy). If you’re a little braver you could easily wear it out for a night on the town inside a pair of undies, it’s quiet enough and would likely fit without creating a weird bulge in your pants, just keep in mind that it may shift as you walk and you’d have to cram your hand down your pants to turn it off.

As for the actual vibe, the firm shell is a luxuriously sleek feeling hard ABS plastic with a PU coating that’s mostly smooth, with subtle ridging located on both the top and bottom. I personally haven’t really felt them any of the times I’ve used it, but if you’re highly sensitive they may be just what you need to help you get off.

The vibrations were actually stronger than I expected, but that’s likely due to the fact that the vast majority of reviews I’ve read (as well as the actual website) said it was weak leaving me to expect the same power you’d get from a simple push button bullet. This just isn’t so. On a scale of one to ten, with the bullet being a one and my Life by Leaf being a 10 (on its highest setting), FixSation comes somewhere in the middle. Having said that the vibrations aren’t deep and rumbly, instead being surface level and slightly buzzy. Even being someone who loves her Hitachi, I found the highest speed was enough to get the job done, however the first and second settings left me slightly underwhelmed and wanting that little bit more.

Rather than explaining how to put it all together, simply because I’d likely make it sound far more confusing than it really is, I’m posting the directional image below. Once you have all the straps in place putting it on is very simple, just step into it like you would a pair of panties, adjust the vibe so it’s where you want it and enjoy.

Operating & Recharging

It’s exceptionally easy to operate, especially since there is only one button; to turn it on simply hold down the power symbol (technically a ‘standby’ symbol) located on the front upper section of the vibe and it will begin to vibrate at a low but fairly decent speed, press it again and it jumps to the next speed (which actually doesn’t feel that different), press it again and it jumps to the final ‘high’ speed (which is decidedly faster).  To turn it off simply hold down the button for five seconds and it quickly powers off. Unlike a lot of other products, the button is flat against the vibe so you don’t have to worry about accidentally turning it on, off, or jumping speeds during intercourse (it’s never happened to us).

*the LED button will glow light blue/white while on and flash during recharging, once finished charging it will turn off.

As for recharging, remove the DC socket cover and gently insert the adapter jack, plug the charger into the outlet and let it sit. It’s advised that you allow it to sit for 8hrs prior to your first use to ensure a full charger, after that you can charge it for 4 hours between uses. While the website says you can get 2 hours of use when fully charged, I personally found that it often went for just over 2 hours (lets say 2hrs 15 minutes), with the last half hour being fairly weak. Regardless of that, 2 hours is more than enough time to get from A to “O”. Standby time (between uses) is 90 days, which is pretty decent.

MyFixSation, Clitoral Vibrator

Care & Cleaning

Because it’s made of ABS plastic with a PU coating it can be easily cleaned using antibacterial soap and water or treated with your favourite antibacterial toy cleaner. Keep in mind that PU Cote toys could be considered semi-porous, and though they’re not really porous (nothing actually sinks into the material), depending on the thickness there could be texturing that might harbor bacteria. Point being – clean it before and after each use. Also take care to wash the slots on the sides as well as the grooves on the top and bottom, they’ll likely harbor some fluids and need a little more attention.

Regarding lubes you’ll want to stick with a good water based lube as a silicone lube would likely be hard to clean from within the texturing.

When it comes to cleaning the waistband and straps I’d suggest hand washing them with warm soap and water and lay them flat to dry. If you put them in the wash they may get caught on something and stretch out or totally rip (speaking from experience with my bra straps which are much thicker and stronger), they’ll also probably start to fray quickly, get tangled, and the lace will start to look a little worn.

MyFixSation Vibrator, Clitoral Vibe

some assembly required

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were a few, though admittedly, they won’t be issues for everyone since bodies and likes/needs can be somewhat different:

1.) It requires some assembly (in the form of straps through bands). For some of you this wont be an issue. For others it will… especially if you just like to open a box, press a button and get to it. All in all it’s a fairly simple procedure, just make sure to read the instructions so you do it right the first time.

*my suggestion is to put it together before the fun starts, that way you won’t be fiddling around in the moment and wasting time.

2.) It’s not the strongest of vibes, and differentiating between the first setting and the second, or the second and the third, can be a bit difficult (though I do notice a difference between the first and third). There’s also no patters, variations or pulsations to play with… just the standard 3 steads vibes of on/low, medium, and high. Again, for some of you this will matter, for others of you it wont. I was perfectly happy with the third setting. Just sayin.

Regarding this I had a conversation with the creator, Tiffany York, this is what she had to say:

I think that between the strength of the vibration in conjunction with partner pressure is extremely effective… But if someone is using it by itself, they might be disapointed as that is not FixSation’s intended purpose.

FixSation is truly meant to be a sexual health aid to assist in the process of sex, not to take the place of sex. That is the biggest difference between my product and other comparative products that are intended for self pleasure

Makes sense to me!

3.) While it was designed to be a ‘hands free’ vibe I have heard from others that it shifted during sex or didn’t have the pressure they needed, causing them to have to adjust, making it not as ‘hands free’ as they would have liked. This isn’t going to be an issue for everyone, but I figured it’s worth mentioning just in case. Personally I didn’t really have any issues, instead finding that it stayed in place pretty well (maybe it’s because I’m on the XL side and sizes often fit small, making it fit rather snug on me, or maybe I’m just lucky. Who knows *shrugs*).

4.) The straps and waistband will eventually lose their elasticity and ‘stretch out’ causing them to have to be replaced (fortunately replacements aren’t too expensive, with 1 costing $9 and 3 costing $24, about the same price you’d pay for some luxurious undies).

5.) If you like getting pounded, and by that I mean deep, hard penetration, this may become a tad uncomfortable as you’ll likely find that there is no cushioning to soften the blow, with your (or their) pubic bone taking the brunt of it.

Even after taking all of that into consideration it’s not a bad product, nor is it even close to consideration for my unapproved section,  it’s just one that needs a little bit of tweaking. And lets be real, the WeVibe has had 3 separate versions with minor improvements on each, and they’re not the only company to do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the feedback FixSation has received prompts the folks behind it to make some adjustments.

Final Verdict

When I first heard about the newest couples vibe, FixSation, I had my doubts. For one thing it looked like many of the other wearable vibes available on the market often for a much lower price, didn’t boast of being very powerful and seemed fairly labor intensive… I’m all for hands free fun, but when it means I have to actually put something together before hand, truth is, I’m just far too lazy.

But here’s the thing, for as much as it’s similar to the other versions, requires work, and costs more… it’s kinda worth it. I mean,  I’d much rather have something that looks sexy especially when compared to all the neon jelly versions, is body safe, rechargeable, wireless, doesn’t require a remote, is easy to use, comfortable for both partners, and comes with a 1 year warranty, than something of lesser quality for a fraction of the price (or in the case of the WeVibe 3 a bit more, and admittedly stronger, but intrusive and potentially uncomfortable).

Taking all of that into consideration, if you’ve struggled with achieving an orgasm with your partner (or on your own) don’t feel comfortable stimulating yourself manually during sex, want an option that’s sexy, functional, and doesn’t need to be inserted vaginally, you might want to try your luck with the FixSation couples vibe, while it isn’t the strongest vibe out there, it is one of the better couples vibes I’ve had my hands on.

For more info or to purchase the product head over to the FixSation website.

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#FunFindFriday: Doc Johnson Wonderland Inspired Sex Toys

I’ll be honest, I’ve had a love hate relationship with Doc Johnson for years now. On the one hand they make products like the Original Pocket Rocket, one of the very first products I ever owned and still have to this day… on the other hand, they’re also one of the main manufacturers still creating products with tacky and cheap packaging, oral aides with gross flavors/ingredients, and scary ass shit like this and this,  not to mention the mass production of horrible jelly toys, even though I’m sure they know the negative side effects and potential safety issues.

Considering they’ve been in the industry for what seems like eons, I expect much more, not only with the level of quality they’re putting out, but also with regards to the creativity. Maybe it’s just me, but companies should be listening to the market, watching the trends, aiming to do better, and moving ahead with the times, not sitting comfy within the status quo… if Leaf by Swan (an offshoot of BMS), Jopen (an offshoot of California Exotics, and I’m talking the Vr line, not that horrible Intensity thing) and others can do it, so can they

And then I found the Wonderland series.


Okay, I’ll admit they kinda look like a Wonderlanded version of the Toyfriend collection, which I’m not exactly impressed by, but holy shit! As a fan of Alice in Wonderland, these have me totally curious, excited, and really hoping that it’s a sign the company is branching into better territory with the products they create.

On a side note, I really would have loved different audio for each of the products. Meh, it’s better than nothing I guess.

To check out all the products in the line you can watch the videos below or head over to

Mystical Mushroom


Kinky Kat


Heavenly Heart


The White Wabbit


Magic Musroom

Pleasure Pillar


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