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Babes n Horny dildo

When it comes to the magnificent world of sex toys I like to think I’ve damn near seen it all; from Liger cocks to Religious offerings like the Diving Nun,  vibes that actually thrust to butt plugs with Swarovski Crystals embedded in the bases… and that’s just the first ones to come to mind.

Being that I’m able to say that is definitely a great ice breaker at parties, however as a sad side effect I’m starting to find myself becoming less and less enamored with many of the products companies are offering, sure they do what they’re supposed to, but for the most part they’re just rehashed versions of something that came before with little attention paid to detail, originality or creating something that’s truly spectacular – for instance, I love my pocket rocket, but does there really need to be over 100 different versions of the same friggen thing? No, no there does not.

That isn’t to say I’ve lost my love of all things pervy, silicone, or orgasm inducing, quite the contrary actually… instead of being totally blown away by everything that comfortably fits my nooks and crannies or gives me a great ‘O’, I’ve become more discerning in my tastes, only opting for those that are truly body safe, luxurious, and decidedly unique in design or appearance – all of the above if I’m lucky.

Well, you can imagine my surprise and instant adoration with the products I found on the Babes n’ Horny website (BIG thanks to @ThatToyChick for tweeting the link out); from baby blue dildos with white fluffy clouds to fauvist stripes, multicolored polka dots to ringed targets, luxurious matte hues and bright neons to camos (jungle greens, white/black and sandy desert shades), fun and playful marbling to lustrous pearly and sparkly combinations, pretty pastels to flesh tones, and glossy patents – they literally have everything I’ve ever hoped to find, all in one place, at great prices, made by people I have a huge amount of respect for (struggling artists have a special place in my heart), and all done in superior quality silicone that’s totally body safe.  As a sex toy reviewer, I live for moments like that. Amazing, just amazing!

*To view all of their colors check this page.

As for my new additions, I managed to get a lovely matte blue Naomi, a pearly and sparkly pretty pink Kate, Ohio in the amazing Yankee dildo dandy stripes and stars, a spotted Pina, and my absolute favourite a brightly striped Kusama. For todays review I’ll be covering Kusama, with written reviews of the others to follow in the coming weeks and months, and a haul video to complete the mix in the not too far off future.


When I first received my goodies I was rather surprised to see that each was minus a box or any other form of packaging, instead being wrapped in clear plastic with the name of the dildo written in marker and splayed somewhere across the front or bottom. Unsure if this was ‘standard procedure’ or just something they did being that I was getting the products for review, I wrote to the lovely Sienna asking if this was something everyone should expect, her response:

Yes, all dildos are shrink wrapped and then packed securely in discreet cardboard. We choose a box that fits as snugly as possible so that curious persons cannot squeeze them! and then packed in a generic Royal Mail envelope with only our Panda studio address on it. There is absolutely no mention of Babes-n-Horny whatsoever visible on the package. For all anyone knows it could be a part for your lawn mower(!)

From the sounds of it they’ve thought it through in a way many companies don’t,  and while some of you will likely think it’s a cheap way to go, considering they’re being shipped straight from the manufacturer I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal – do you really need a box to tell you which company made it? Aside from that, it minimizes the level of garbage they produce while also allowing them to get you product without it potentially being stopped at the border and thoroughly investigated (or held back due to what it is).

The Good 

I’m going to start with the obvious because as it relates to the vast majority of toys people buy, the main reason for buying them is often due to appearance. Sure, there are certain elements that should be considered first (like whether or not it’s body safe, easy to use, easy to care for and made by a company you can trust) but I’ve sadly often found that those who don’t know better wont buy better and base their purchase on how ‘pretty’ it is (lesson: be educated when it comes to sex toys folks!). Having said that, with the stunning design behind Kusama (and the rest of the Babes n’ Horny luxury collection of dildos), there is no reason one would have to give up quality over beauty, it fuses both in a way I’ve rarely seen.

Striped Dildo

Like my fave Rainbow Amor dildo, each of layered colors ‘pops’ against the next, with the hues being vibrant, cheery, eclectic and strikingly impressive. There’s no bleeding or fading of one shade into the next, with the lines being clean and distinct. As an added bonus there are absolutely no seams to be found whether it be along the body of the dildo, base or where the colors meet… in every way it’s as perfect as can be, and pretty stunning to boot!

*For as much as I love rainbows and my Amor, I will say my multi-striped Kusama is quite breathtaking by comparison, with the tones being brighter, more defined and the layering having a much better effect.

The silicone used is superior quality making it totally body safe, supple, exceptionally sleek, somewhat squishy and wonderfully flexible. The seamless design and gently rounded head allows for an painless insertion,  that with a bit of lube, glides in effortlessly, making it very easy to work with.

When it comes to options for use; it’s great for thrusting as the smooth body discourages friction, it can be inserted to create a feeling of fullness while letting clitoral stimulation take the lead, being that it has a flared base it can be inserted anally, used for strap-on play, or suctioned to most surfaces with the bathtub or shower walls being your best bet – regardless of how you opt to use it, the wide base works very well as a ‘handle’ allowing complete control while also providing a layer of cushioning during heavy thrusting. Having said that, the shape is fairly basic with minimal attention paid to its ability to stimulate the g-spot or p-spot… but in truth, I don’t really mind; Kusamas strength lies in the wonderful feeling of fullness it provides, being both comfortable and more than adequate.

As for the stats your looking at 6′ inches in total length with 5′ inches of that being fully insertable (the base is an inch in length), just under 4′ inches around in circumference (by my own measurements), and a diameter of just over an inch. Being that I’m not a size queen, with my Amor dildos being two of my absolute ‘go-to’ toys, I must say, Kusama is badass and definitely worthy of the same adoration and continual use.

Babes n horny dildo Rainbow Dildo, Striped Dildo Flexible striped dildo Babes n Horny striped sex toy

Care & Cleaning

Because Kusama is made of a high quality silicone it can be easily cleaned using soap, water and a good rinsing. If you wanted to you could boil it, though it is made of superior quality silicone rather than a cheap silicone rubber mix, so it won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria in the same way a lesser quality material would, limiting the need for a heavy duty cleaning.

As for lubes I’d only suggest a good water based lube, and if you have issues with reoccurring yeast infections, one that’s sugar and/or glycerin free would be a good idea.

The Bad

When it comes to things I dislike about Kusama , or any of the Babes n’ Horny dildos for that matter, there is only one; they attract lint. Yes I know I’ve said it before in posts, but considering I’m not the only one with this pet peeve I feel it’s somewhat noteworthy. Other than that, it’s pretty damn fantastic!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a dildo that’s as visually impressive as it is unique, easy to use, comfortable and luxurious,  you really don’t need to look much further, it provides all of the above and then some. Sure, there are areas that may appear to be lacking (like the basic shape), but considering it can be used in a variety of ways, is totally body safe, feels wonderful and isn’t at all intimidating or overwhelming I’m more than willing to let them slide. It’s simple, and sometimes simple is good!

It really is so nice to find homegrown companies marketing and developing intimate accessories in such a positive, playful and professional manner. There needs to be more of this, much more, so please support them if possible they really and truly do deserve to be more mainstream… especially when you consider all the shitty products made by major manufacturers getting far more press and exposure simply because they have the money and means to back a campaign, even though the products they make are ones I’d never let 10 feet near my naughty bits.

To get more info, check out the amazing selection Babes n Horny offers, or learn more about the company, head over to their website where shopping for intimate accessories is discreet, easy and well worth the money! (I’d personally suggest eyeing the Leo in the Desert Camo, their Butt Plugs in lovely pastels, Etienne – a white version with pretty bright dots and a cast of the TS porn star Danni Daniels cock, can we say “Trophy Cock”? yeah, we can!).

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