Review: Vixen Creations – Maverick

Vixen Creations Maverick

With its intense neon green, impressively large, I’m-totally-gonna-eff-you-up glory, I can’t help but think that if the Incredible Hulk had a penis, Maverick is what it would look like, albeit massively larger.

And with that thought, I am at once both terrified and excited that in my world things like this exist… and it’s my job to play with them.

I mean shit, just look at it, it’s amazing! Now if only I could get my hands on a Thor or Iron Man replica, I’d be in heaven.

It certainly doesn’t help that each time I’ve brought it out my mind wanders to thoughts of Mark Ruffalo, Eric Bana, and Edward Norton, whom if combined, may just be responsible for creating the best Super Hero cock that ever there was.  Of course it’s not an actual mould of the Incredible Hulk, nor any of the drool worthy actors that have played the part, but it’s as close as I’m gonna get, and I’m alright with that.


I’ve always loved the transparent Vixen Creations tubular packaging. There’s just something eye catching and fun about it. As far as descriptions go there’s nothing rude, crude, tacky or cheap, instead providing the necessary info you’d need to make an informed decision as well as cleaning/care instructions. There’s also the adorable fox logo I’ve come to love, but that’s it.

*For those of you that value total discretion the sticker(s) can be removed so there’s literally nothing on it.

The Good

From the opaque white flared base to the bright UV glowing fluor-a-green, a girthy yet squishy body to the pronounced ridging on the shaft, this dildo is nothing to balk at. Much like another beast, the Tantus T-Rex, Maverick is impressive and overwhelming, daunting and exhilarating, in the most inspiring of ways. Gladly it’s not as girthy as the T-Rex, making insertion, and the ensuing enjoyment far easier to achieve.

But still… it’s a beast, and should be treated as such.

vixen creations maverick

As for the many other reasons it’s garnered my utmost respect…

Like all Vixen Creations the outer texture is supple, squishy, and pliable, allowing it to conform to the bodies curves and orgasmic contractions in a truly unique way; it’s almost as if I can feel it pulse and throb with me in a gentle rhythmic motion as I climax. Adding to the experience is a firm inner core offering something for the body to grab hold of and cling to when things get all-consuming, as they often do when wielding something of this stature.

Baring a urethral opening, glans, corona, frenulum, and what appears to be a retracted forskin, it’s as close to a penis in appearance as a neon colored dildo could possibly get. More that than, with the exception of the slightly tacky feeling, the smooth yet matte texture is surprisingly skin like. I hate to reduce my ‘penis skills’ (yeah, I said it), but if the lights were off and I didn’t know better, I just might think it was the real thing. I said might.

With two raised ridges on the shaft, one highly distinguishable, the other not-so-much, Maverick offers lovely g-spot stimulation during gentle thrusting as each bump graces across the area causing an explosion of sensations. It’s not going to offer the same type of stimulation firmer toys like the Lelo Ella, Bent Graduate, Chavez Dezignz Jollie, or Njoy Pure Wand can, but what it provides is more than decent, and definitely enough to help achieve an orgasm.

This bad boy is thick, really thick. Okay, it’s not quite as bad as my dino friend, but it’s more than enough to fill me entirely. Like I’ve said before, I don’t really have an affection for the well endowed, more often than not finding the experience to be one that brings discomfort rather than delight, but Maverick is different… maybe it’s because it’s squishy and therefore eases in without much force. Maybe it’s because each time I use it I’m exhaustingly determined to follow through. Or maybe it’s because it’s badass, either way, different is definitely good.

Whether you want something to use in a harness, vaginally, for anal play, or to ride while it’s suction cupped to a surface, the large flared base grants pretty much anything your little heart could dream up, and does so quite well. My only suggestions, don’t stick it to a textured surface since it won’t stay put for long, anal play will likely require lots of lube to make things more comfortable, and with a weight of just over 16 oz, make sure your harness is snug since the heft might pull it down a bit.

I know I keep touching on it, but in a market flooded with various shades of pink, blue, pastel, and purples, the vivid neon color is a welcome change of pace. Even more flattering is the stunning opalescent creamy base, complete with turquoise swirls and a sheen that’s truly breathtaking. I’d actually love to see a full dildo with that coloring, I think it would be quite the sight.

Having said that, I’ve found Maverick is at its best when viewed under UV/Black lights, taking on a pale greenish blue hue that’s no less than mesmerizing. Sure, many people probably don’t have them readily available in their home, but the purchase of one bulb will take the experience from wow to WHOA!  Just don’t go cheap on the bulb, otherwise the effect will likely get washed out. I’d suggest an 18″ bulb w/ fixture kit, you can get them starting at $9.99, which is more than reasonable.

Almost everything they make is surprisingly flexible and resistant to tearing, ripping or peeling, offering a longer lifespan than many other lesser quality products, and unlike other manufacturers, i.e. big mass producers of the jelly garbage you see in most stores, Vixen Creations offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on their goods.  Of course this doesn’t actually have anything to do with using them, but knowing that they stand behind their products to this extent fills me with confidence.

Stats: With such impressive stats Maverick is nothing to take lightly… in total your looking at just under 8″ inches in length, 7 of which are fully insertable, a diameter of 2″ inches, and a girthy circumference of 6″ inches. Compared to the T-Rex, another dildo that was significantly challenging for me,  it’s an inch longer, however the pliability of the silicone mixed with the one inch difference in girth, makes a world of difference where usability is concerned.

vixen creations maverick

length comparison

Neon Green Silicone Maverick Dildo

flexible body

Vixen Creations Neon Dildo

squishy tip

Maverick Dildo Packaging


Care & Cleaning

Because it’s a high quality silicone, and not some shady mix of silicone and who-knows-what, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or by boiling for 3 minutes. Regarding lubes I’d only suggest a good water based lube as a silicone one would likely ruin it over time.

vixen creations Maverick

The Bad

As discussed earlier, it’s large… making it a product that will likely be too large for some. For me it was a bit much, but once relaxed and fully engaged, I found it to be most pleasing. If you still think it might be too large my suggestion is to go for the Mustang instead; it’s a half inch smaller, in both girth and length, which may make it far more comfortable. Don’t worry, it also comes in Florescent colors and various skin tones for those that want a more ‘realistic’ option. If you want the same quality, don’t mind a skin tone, but want something even smaller, go for Tex. It’s just as good but without the fun colors.

It attracts lint, but you knew that was coming. Meh, it’s not that big of a deal and doesn’t really interfere with performance, it’s just a pet peeve issue… one I’m working on with an over priced therapist. <- kidding, with all the time/money I spend on sex toys I don’t have anything left over for “real” therapy.

Because of the matte and slightly tacky texture you’ll need a fair amount to lubricant or the drag on the skin will likely be uncomfortable, leaving much to be desired. Basically put, do both yourself and Maverick a favor, and lube up.

Along with being large it’s also got a surprising amount of weight behind it, making maneuverability a bit of a challenge. Having said that it’s not necessarily a downfall, just something to keep in mind.

Final Verdict

When I first got my hands on Maverick I was admittedly a little intimidated, but with the size, coloring and weight, how could I not be? I mean shit, everything combined makes it a pretty intense product, let alone an experience. Yet looking back now, knowing everything I do, I can’t help but chastise myself for being so silly; Maverick, in all it’s glory, is a dildo I’ve come to adore – nay, embrace – because it’s everything I want… and then some. Power Girl would be impressed!

To get more info, or to get your hands on a Vixen Creations product of your own, check out one of my all time fave online shops, SheVibe, where you’ll likely find yourself spending countless hours going through the incredible cartoon like graphics on the site… and hopefully buying something worthy in the process.

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