#FunFindFriday: Fun Factory Stronic Eins

I’ve been a fan of Fun Factory ever since I laid eyes on them 8 years ago, with the bright and bold color choices drawing me in like moth to flame. Yes, I’m just that easily distracted superficial.

For those not in the know, Fun Factory was one of the first pleasure object manufacturers to branch into the mainstream market offering quality goods in discreet packaging, with an exceptional amount of attention paid to advanced technology and creating toys that were not only playful, but also somewhat questionable… especially considering they were meant to stuffed in your vag or butt (anal beads in the shape of a caterpillar and a dolphin vibrator for the win?).

Suffice to say, they’ve gone and done it again, minus the quirky choice in designs I’ve come to love; set for release Janurary 2013 Fun Factory designed 3 sleek and sophisticated new additions with the ability to ‘pulse’, creating a sensation similar to the thrusting felt during intercourse. According to the company the products are “unlike the ‘Sex and the City’ rotating and vibrating rabbits everyone knows, Pulsators silently rock back and forth using a complex weighted device instead of a motor.

Dirk Bauer, founder and managing director in Germany, had this to say about their newest inventions;

Experience has shown that strong and firm impulses — similar to thrusts — allow people to enjoy sex in a more intense way than just vibration” adding “After 18 months spent developing this product, we are ready to bring to the market a sensational new kind of toy, a Pulsator, which simulates the natural movements of lovemaking

Well that certainly sounds interesting to say the least!

As for specifics you’re looking at 9″ inches in total length, with 5″ of that being insertable. As with many other dual vibes there is an extension added for clitoral stimulation. Regarding the colors shoppers can look forward to hot pink and deep violet. Added to the current features are 10 stimulation rhythms, a fully waterproof body, key lock for silence during traveling, and a 100% medical grade silicone shaft that’s totally body safe.

Now whether or not this new trend will take off as expected remains to be seen, but as someone who uses sex toys on a near daily basis, feasting on new additions like a chocolate addict to cake, I honestly cannot wait to see these bad boys in action.

For more info feel free to check out the Stronic Eins page on my website.

So I guess the question now is, whos ass do I have to kiss to get one of my own?

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