Sex Toy Review Bloghop Contest & Giveaway

Hey guys, in case you haven’t seen it yet Sexuality Sanctuary, Beck and her kinks, Kink etc,, Insatiable Desire, Heavens Playground, Kinky Biker Mom, Fun with Sammi, GRITS reviews, Novelties toys meets girl, The Redhead Bedhead and I have a gigantic Sex Toy Review Bloghop Contest and Giveaway going on!

Yes, it is both a contest AND a giveaway!

In response to reader feedback we have come up with not only the usual rafflecopter form to win fantastic toys, but also a contest that requires participation, ’cause you know some people like that kinda thing.

So this is how it works: the lettered banners below link to each of the sex toy review sites participating in the blog hop. Below that, each of the numbered pictures belong to the reviews on one of those blogs. Your challenge is to see if you can identify which picture belongs to which blog.  Easy peasy!

For those that need a little extra help, there’s various ways to find what picture belongs to whom: you could read and/or watch all of our reviews, you could check out our toy boxes, look through our posts for comments on favourites, scroll through our online pictures, check rss feeds…

The prizes are huge! Tantus, Rare Assembly, TTamage from Etsy, SexToysCanada and Cleis Press have all donated great products we’re sure you’ll all love. But that’s not all… each of us have also donated toys! There’s vibes, dildos, DVD’s, and lingerie, from companies like Jopen, Cal X, Fun Factory, Pipedream, Evolved, Maia, Tantus, Ninnworx, Leg Avenue, and Durex, to name a few.

There are also a few bonus questions offering opportunities for you win EVEN MORE! For each please decide which question applies to which blog and comment either under this post or on the appropriate review with the hashtag #bloghop and you’ll get the chance to win special prize straight from the blogger herself!

The Rafflecopter is still available for those who don’t have time for the #bloghop contest and includes a prize pack consisting of a vibe, a dildo, a book, bondage bow, and condoms.

You’ve got til January 31st to get your entries in, so let’s get to it!

Stay tuned to NSFW Giveaways on facebook and @NSFWgiveaways for pictures of prizes.

Blog Banners:

A:20131207-163309.jpg B:20131207-151556.jpg C:blogrollbutton
E:20131207-151518.jpg F:20131207-151509.jpg
G:20131207-152301.jpg H:eeccbdc8-1443-42d5-b917-89a1fccd8e2c_zps28b4059d I:reviews
J: 20131207-151540.jpg K:20131207-151605.jpg L:banner200x200


01:20131208-161340.jpg 02:20131208-170453.jpg 03:20131208-162144.jpg
04:20131214-010150.jpg 05:20131208-161500.jpg 06:20131208-161418.jpg
07:20131207-151442.jpg 08:20131213-032817.jpg 09:20131213-033558.jpg

10:20131214-010128.jpg 11:favorites 12:20131215-031011.jpg

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Sponsors: Cleiss Press Rare Assembly bondage bow Ttamage

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