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Review: Babeland Massage Candle

Light My Fire!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I could live by candlelight I absolutely would. There’s just something so wonderfully soothing, calming and delightful about the light of a flame dancing on the walls before you, and in the case of scented candles, the lingering scent that fills the room long after it burns out.

Being the candle fiend that I am, and one that’s tried quite a few different candles during my time as a reviewer, I couldn’t wait to see the kind of quality Babeland had  offered with their Body Massage Candle. To say I was pleasantly surprised just doesn’t quite cover it.

The Goods

Like all of the products Babeland creates the packaging is respectful and pretty, with nothing on it that’s rude, crude, irresponsible or inappropriate. There’s no half naked men or women in questionable positions, pouty mouthed person scantily clad in lingerie or tacky slogan sprawled across the front. All you get is a plain white cylindrical cardboard container with silver (+) plus and (-) minus designs on it. That’s it, that’s all. Like they say, less is sometimes more.

Once  the lid was removed I was instantly hit with one of the loveliest scents I think I’ve ever found in a candle. It was warm, soft, light, floral, sweet and slightly creamy. Whether that’s what rice flowers actually smell like I have no clue, but if this is even close, they smell amazing!

*For the record, if they made this into a perfume I’d probably buy a whole crate and douse my home, linens, baths and self with it on a daily basis. It’s just that good.

Unlike many other massage creams, oils, lotions or balms the  melted wax absorbs quickly without leaving the greasy residue that  petroleum, beeswax or mineral oil based products often do. It also didn’t leave me feeling coated in product, slippery, sticky, itchy, raw or soar, instead spreading quickly, feeling light, silky, buttery and leaving my skin amazingly scented.

On that note, when it comes to ingredients there’s very few, and what is used has beneficial properties for the skin being naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, all of which are essential for good skin balance. They’re also fantastic for revitalizing, softening and maintaining skin moisture, penetrating deep into skin to help restore elasticity and healing dry, itchy or rough patches like sore dry elbows and cracked hands – between this and my Trust oil I’m in heaven.

Ingredients: Soy wax, shea butter, fragrance

Methods of Use

As I said earlier it’s a Body Massage Candle; you can use the warm wax for sensual, hydrating and comforting massages while the flickering flame lights up the dark. To do this simply light the candle (they also include matches) allow it to glow for a few minutes and like a traditional candle, you’ll soon see a small pool of  warm wax forming in the center. When you think there is enough for your intended purpose blow out the candle and gently pour the liquid wherever you’d like to use it. If you’re afraid you’ll burn yourself keep in mind the melting point for massage candles is much lower than regular wax, so unless you’re very sensitive it’s not likely to happen.

Of course there is another way you can use them, though it’s not my preferred method; fill the tub with warm water, light the candle, sink into the bath and when the candle is melted gently pour some of the warm wax into the tub with you. As you’re relaxing take the time to rub the warm water over your skin, allowing the oils to sink in and nourish your body. For as wonderful as this is there is of course one drawback, as the water cools so will the wax causing it to return to its solid form. Unless you like scrubbing your tub or the possibility of slipping when you get out (maybe I’m just a clutz) I suggest you use it when you get out of the tub, not while in it.

Final Verdict

If you love candles like I do, enjoy the feeling of soft and smooth skin, want to pamper yourself and think smelling good is important I highly suggest you check out the Babeland Body Massage Candles. Not only are they luxurious and surprisingly affordable (only $6.00 for 1 oz and $14.00 for 3oz) but they’re also easy to use, come respectfully packaged and treat your body to one thing it definitely needs, lots of TLC.

I’m not sure what else I could say to get across just how much I love these candles, and while I’d like to keep talking, I’m just going to say that on my list of bath and body product must haves they’re in the top 5, possibly even the top 3.

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Review: Lava Lotion Massage Candles

Edit: The Lava Lotion Candles are no long available, however the one pictured left is just as good if not better than the original brand.

The Lava Lotion candle featured in the video is fragranced with a combination of waxes and oils specially designed for erotic hot oil massage.

It burns like a regular candle, but what makes this such a special candle is that you then pour the hot wax onto your body and proceed to rub its magical hot oil into the skin.

Whats even more exciting is that you can pour this hot liquid oil onto the skin without burning!

Massage the hot oil into the skin for a hot penetrating massage or pour the oil into your bath water for a scented, skin softening body soak.

This candle burns like a typical aromatic candle, creating a mood setting light source and filling the air with exciting and enticing scents.

Available in 8 scents: Vanilla, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood Sage, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Cucumber Spice, Peaches and Cream, Strawberry

6 oz. and 1.5oz tins.

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