Sex Ed 102: For The Beginner

beginner  sexed 102

During my time making videos and offering advice there’s been one thing that has never failed to amaze me; the lack of education and knowledge where sex is concerned. As such, I have created a list of video’s that I think are necessary to empower you and your partner(s) so you’re well prepared when you choose to be intimate.

For those of you that are experienced but feel in need of a refresher on the basics, I truly hope that this will reacquaint you with information you may have forgotten, as well as guide you on becoming a better lover.

If you’re just starting on your journey and are curious about sex and sexuality, I ask that you be like sponges; absorbing as much information as you can and storing it for future use when you’re ready to engage in responsible behaviour. Sex is not a game and comes with consequences.

That being said, I hope that the information I present gives you the power to make well informed decisions with the safety of you and your partner(s) in mind.

Basic Sex Ed 102

Anatomy & The Like

 Miscellaneous Info


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