Sex Ed 102


Sex Ed 102 is a sex positive resource designed to help educate on sex, you or your partner(s) body, pleasure products, sexual techniques, contraception options, and STI information.

With an emphasis on freedom of speech, body pride, and respect, I hope to create an environment where readers feel inspired,  while also getting the honest and open minded answers they need.

Sex Ed 102 is all-inclusive and doesn’t discriminate. No matter the gender, race, or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome.

Whatever reason has brought you here today, I am proud of you for wanting to learn and thankful for your support! To make it easier for you I have posted the videos in separate categories so that you can find exactly what is relevant to your search.

Feel free to click around as you wish. There is no start or finish to these videos so you may go from one section to another with out any worry. For those that have a specific question, but don’t see it answered within these videos listings, please check the Q&A section of the website as you’ll more then likely find your answer there.

*To go to the specific section you’d like to explore just click the title or image icon.

beginnersexed102Sex Ed 102: For The Beginner

From beginner butt play, first time tips, Q & A’s and everything else you didn’t learn (but should have), this section is devoted to those of all ages who are just beginning their sexual exploration and learning about their bodies.


fortheladiesSex Ed 102 – For The “Female” Bodied

A section of information devoted to those identifying as female, who have questions regarding ‘female’ sexuality, their body and that of their partner(s), as well as their own sexual exploration.


fortheguysSex Ed 102 – For The “Male” Bodied

This section is devoted to information I think would be helpful for those identifying as male, who have questions regarding ‘male’ sexuality, their body and that of their partner(s), as well as their own sexual exploration.


safesexwithKara_SutraSex Ed 102 – Contraception & STI’s

A section devoted to information about STDs, contraception, safer sex practices, making responsible choices, potential consequences of taking ill advised actions and everything you need to know to keep yourself healthy.


TipsTechniquesSex Ed 102 – Tips, Tricks & Techniques

A series of videos and written posts for those looking to learn different ways to please your partner or yourself. While the information presented here is ‘gender stereo-typed’ viewers can use the suggestions when playing with just about anyone.


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