Review: How To Make Your Own Adult Video

After recently watching Zack and Miri make a porno, I couldn’t help but finally make a video on an amazing book that I picked up a while ago to review for you all – Make Your Own Adult Video by Petra Joy w/ David Bramwell.

Not only was the book well written, easy to follow, fun, insightful and a quick read, but it was also wonderfully laid out with pictures to help demonstrate the way cameras work and the subtle differences lighting, angles and other effect can make.

When it comes to the step by step process of making an adult video this book does a fantastic job of allowing you to make quality and professional looking material while also encouraging you to fully customize it to your specific tastes.

All in all, this is one of the most informative and fun books I have ever seen on the subject and I encourage those of you who are interested in making an adult film to check it out.

the couples guide to making sensual home movies, from setting the scene to making the scene
by Petra Joy w/ David Bramwell.

The chapters~

1.)Setting up
*the cast
*the budget
*tricks of the trade

2.)What’s your style?
*themes and genres
*scripts and storylines
*classic plots

*principles of photography
*beyond shooting
*video equipment

4.)Setting the Scene
*planning and preparation
*the bedroom
*the kitchen
*the bathroom
*the living room
*the office
*out and about

5.)Still Photography
*uses of photography
*what you need
*creative techniques

6.)Post Production
*storage and archiving
*going commercial
*protecting yourself

7.) References and Resources
*top ten tips


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