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I just watched a few of your videos and in the “Peer Pressure” one you were talking about running out of condoms. I’d like to have your opinion: why choose condoms over pills, shots, and all the other things out there?

Thanks in advance! 🙂


There are many reasons I always stress the use of condoms;

  • Although the pill has been around for quite a while there is still testing being done on it to see what long term effects it can have on the person taking it, and the generations to follow. That being said, birth control pillsdepo provera (shots), and any other chemical that one would take can alter your bodies natural balance causing serious side effects like acne, sore breast tissue, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, stomach upset, increased risk of Cancer and more. I don’t personally believe in altering our bodies natural way of doing things when there are other less invasive products available. Not to mention it can sometimes be harder to conceive after stopping taking them.
  • Those products DO NOT protect against STD’s. Like I said in the video, you don’t know what someone is doing behind your back and it is better to be safe then sorry.
  • Prescriptions (like the pill) and other forms of protection (like the shot) require seeing a doctor.  Depending on age, confidentiality, and privacy issues, as well as doctors fee’s (in Canada we have OHIP but I don’t know what it’s like in other Countries) some people won’t feel comfortable seeing a doctor or spending money that they don’t have. Condoms are cheap, easy to get your hands on, and discreet.
  • Condoms can be easily accessed by anyone and place the responsibility on both partners to come prepared. When it comes to the pill it is left in the females hands. A male has no clue if she’s really taking it, taking it properly (on time every day) or if she’s just saying she is. Trust me I’ve heard it a hundred times “but she said she was on the pill…“.  Condoms allow both partners to be assured that they are being safe when it comes to unplanned pregnancy and protecting themselves from any post coital worry.
  • The pill requires that you take it EVERY day at the same time to ensure that it works effectively. If you miss one day you put yourself at higher risk of becoming pregnant. I don’t know about you but I’m not that great with routine or remembering to do something the same time every day, especially with such a hectic lifestyle. It is easier to remember to put a condom on before having sex, then it is to remember to take a pill.
  • Although the pill is highly effective when taken properly, things like medication (anti-biotics etc) can lesson its effectiveness without a person even knowing. To find out if a medication is going to cancel out or change the effectiveness of the pill I suggest you always speak to a doctor before filling a prescription.

Off the top of my head those are just a few of the reasons that I always suggest using condoms. If you feel it necessary to use two forms of protection (i.e condoms AND the pill/shot etc) please feel free to use your judgment in finding something that is a good fit for both you and your partner. Remember, two types of protection are always better then one.

hope that answered your question,


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