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Hi Kara, I just wanted to say that I love your videos and the new website! I have a question of my own that I don’t see anywhere so I figured I’d just send it in a message. My boyfriend and I have had sex before, we always use condoms but sometimes I get a rash or sore after. We’ve ruled most things out, however we were wondering if there were such things as non latex condoms and where we could get them?

I’d really appreciate an answer, even a video! Thanx in advance

Wondering in Wisconsin


Dear Wondering in Wisconsin,

Thanks for watching and supporting what I do!

There are condoms made out of materials other than latex but they tend to be pretty pricey. Having said that, if you’re on a budget and aren’t allergic to latex (as ruled out by a doctor), I’m going to suggest that you opt for less expensive latex condoms that come in larger quantities so you always have some on hand when the mood strikes. On that note, I suggest having your doctor test you for a latex allergy, just to be sure.

I’m also going to suggest seeing your doctor if after every time you have sex you break out in a rash. It might not be an allergy, but instead an STD. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or worried about, many healthy, happy, smart and loving individuals get STD’s.

As for the different types of condoms, should you decide to try them;

Lamb skin:

Trojan’s Naturalamb is one of the last remaining brands widely available. Some people who use them rave about their comfort, while others complain that there is a distinct farm-like smell to them. The most important thing to know about natural membrane condoms is that they do not provide protection from STDs — they are only effective as a barrier for contraception. Other than that they also tend to be far more expensive then the other non-latex condoms on the market.

While I don’t think I need to say this I’m going to – if you’re a vegan or vegetarian you probably won’t want to try them for obvious reasons.



For people with latex allergies, SKYN condoms are an amazing breakthrough and, thankfully, a much more affordable option when it comes to offering protection against an unplanned pregnancy and STDs, including HIV. The feel of SKYN is noticeably different and much thinner than latex condoms. SKYN is made from a synthetic material called polyisoprene which is stretchy and form fitting unlike polyurethane condoms.

SKYN condoms are not as thin as polyurethane condoms, but in most cases they will fit better.


Trojan Supra CondomsPolyurethane:

Polyurethane condoms are made of the same material the female condom is made from and are thought to provide protection against both pregnancy and STDs. Trojan Supra condoms are much thinner than standard latex condoms, and they are also made a bit larger (unlike latex, polyurethane doesn’t stretch, so the larger size is in part to prevent breakage). Another stated benefit of polyurethane is that it transmits heat better than latex, thus enhancing sensitivity.

Hope that helped and provided you with some of the options available, while also offering some info on each so you can find one that best suits your needs.


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