How To Turn Her On

Most of you reading this are probably hoping for some helpful “sexual” tips that might aid you in pleasing your female partner, more so, turning her on.

The truth is, the way to a woman’s heart isn’t through playing with her nipples, diddling her clit, or touching her in that place she likes. Sure those things help, but they’re not the the end all/be all of sexual arousal.

Most women need to be “in the mood” in order to reach an orgasm. i.e. relaxed, stress free, comfortable, and in a state of mind where they don’t have constant worries running through their head.

You can try all you want physically, but unless she feels that everything is taken care of, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re attempts at turning her on will be futile.

To help you understand why I say this I’m going to give you a brief glimpse of what runs through most women’s mind, even while your playing with that “special” spot…

*While you’re doing your best to get her in the mood:

Wow that feels good, a little higher, a little higher. He always knows right where to kiss me… don’t forget that the dishes need to get done. Why do I always have to do them? why can’t he do them for once?! Did he forget to buy toilet paper again? ugh, I hope the stores still open, these napkins are starting to rub me raw. That feels nice, a little lower, a little lower. Yeah right there. These sheets haven’t been washed in days. So gross. I’ll just put them in after we’re done. Perfect! I have to do the laundry I need that suit for work tomorrow anyways. What day was I supposed to pick up the dry cleaning? …

The best suggestion I can give when it comes to getting your lady in the mood is to help her feel like she’s not doing it all on her own: do the dishes, put your dirty clothes in the hamper instead of the floor, make her dinner, pick up the kids from school, bring her flowers, do some of the grocery shopping (without her), vacuum, dust, clean the shit stained toilet, or sweep. The more she sees you making the effort the more likely she’ll be able to let go and enjoy herself.

We women hate doing the house work just as much as most men do, which is why we appreciate it so much when you actually do make the effort!

Trust me, if your woman starts coming home to a clean house (one less thing she has to do) I can pretty much guarantee she’ll want to thank you for your hard work.

Don’t believe me? Give it a go for a full 2 weeks and see what happens…

*no I am not sexist in any way, nor do I believe in stereo typing, but I’ve heard it enough times from girls to know what makes the difference between him getting some or getting none.

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  1. Michelle July 9, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    There is nothing sexier than a man doing dishes or reading the kids a bed time story. When hubby does one of these things or any of the many other things needing done daily, he is ensured a “happy ending”.

    To bad he has not figured out that this is truly what turns me on.

  2. Victoria July 13, 2010 at 4:20 am #

    These are great ideas! They would definitely get me in the mood.

    Just a reminder to us femme’s though… don’t get used to it and take it for granted. He’s doing it to be helpful, not because he wants to take on the chore full time. We have a habit of expecting it, if it happens for more than two days in a row. <3

    • Kara_Sutra July 13, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

      Unless you have otherwise agreed that the female will be doing ALL the cleaning, I think it’s more then reasonable to expect your partner to carry half the weight of the housework. Why should the woman be the one to do everything? That’s not fair. Most women work full or part time jobs, do most of the care taking when it comes to the kids and making sure the family is okay (i.e. making lunches, dinners, laundry etc) I think expecting your main man to do the vacuuming, dishes or whatever else on a regular basis is far less then he should be doing and more then reasonable.

      Just because he’s a man doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to clean a house or scrub a toilet, nor does it mean he should be off the hook for the jobs most women don’t want to do.

  3. Nathan Brooks July 20, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    As a male i agree with this video almost completely, i say almost because if i had to come home from work and cook and clean everything for her, then i’m the one who’s probably going to be tired and not in the mood even though she is.
    i have no proof or evidence, i’m just putting in a counter argument

  4. Neeah November 26, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    Wow!!! I must leave this article randomly laying around for my boyfriend. Having to always tell him to clean up behind himself before sex is so….. unmotivating.

  5. Stephanie Toro March 25, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    I am emailing this to my boyfriend. I have a high sex drive but he doesn’t understand why lately I have been “boring.” (Life has been stressful lately) It is cause I wanna get my orgasm and then go do the dishes! The whole foreplay and enjoying the moment is loss on me because my mind is wondering elsewhere, so no point in prolonging the sex.

  6. Catherine May 27, 2011 at 2:18 am #

    Yep. That sounds about right. I have the hardest time concentrating on just ENJOYING stuff. For me, though, it’s also a “Ok. This needs to hurry up and happen because I need to get some sleep because I have to go to class and work in the morning and this can’t go all night….” kind of thing. Not sexy and not a good way to enjoy myself!!!

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