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Natural Contours ReviewThanks to the beautiful Candida Royalle (director of such classic porn movies as: Aphrodite SuperstarThree Daughters and Stud Hunters) I was sent a whole bunch of products from her Natural Contours line to review. Candida if you’re reading, thank you, I heart you!

The first product that I’m going to be covering is the Natural Contours Jolie; a waterproof hand held personal massager that’s the perfect size and ergonomic design for comfortable and great clitoral stimulation (it gives the Pocket Rocket a run for it’s money, that’s for sure!)

Like all of the Natural Contours products the Jolie is packaged with discretion and environmental friendliness in mind; a clear, matte plastic cover encases the product which sits inside a cardboard holder (both can be easily recycled). There is nothing on the package that even suggests it’s meant for sexual purposes, nor is there anything on it that would worry you should someone find it.

Like the packaging it comes in, the Jolie is designed with discretion in mind measuring only 3 3/4″  in total length. For those of you looking for a small, discreet and comfortably designed hand held clitoral stimulator this might just be the one.

In regard to its unique design, the Jolie far surpasses most standard “rocket style” vibrators for various reasons;

First, there is a slight curve in the center making it extremely comfortable to hold as it fits the bend in the fingers quite nicely.

Second, unlike most “rocket style” vibes that tend to jab into the palm of your hand (due to their straight shape) the end cap of the Jolie is slightly slanted allowing it to sit comfortably when in use.

Third, most “rocket style” clitoral stimulators need to be held on a very uncomfortable and awkward angle in order create any stimulation. The Jolie on the other hand has a curved tip making stimulation of yourself (or your partner) not only comfortable but something you can easily control (without having to worry about your hand cramping in the process).

Finally, the Jolie with its slanted head and flat design (vs the metal “bumps” most rocket style vibes have) is not only easy to clean and care for but also provides a larger surface area for stimulation.

I’ll admit, when I first took the product out of its casing I wasn’t confident that the design features would make that much of a difference, yet to my shock and pleasant surprise each one of them goes a long way for making the product extremely comfortable to hold and use – things that can be increasingly hard to find when it comes to affordable toys.

One of the other great features of the Jolie is the fact that it’s waterproof allowing you to safely take it in the shower, bath, Jacuzzi, hot tub, pool or any other water filled place you’d like to explore without the worry of ruining it (being a water baby this was definitely a bonus for me!)

Operating the product is extremely simple due to its twist cap design; located on the lower end (near the cap) are 4 settings; open, close, off and on. To turn the Jolie on simply twist the cap to the on position and it quickly begins to humm a low but steady (and powerful) vibration. To turn it off just twist it back to the off position and it stops. Easy peasy!

As for ways that you can use it;

Females should find that it’s great for stimulating the clitoris, vulva, inner thighs, nipples or any other erogenous zone you can think of. While it could be inserted vaginally for stimulation of the g-spot I think it would be much better applied for external uses only, especially due to its small design. That said, if you are going to be inserting I suggest placing it inside a condom first so that it can be easily removed.

Males might enjoy using it to stimulate their balls or perineum (the taint) while receiving oral sex or a handjob as well as their nipples and other erogenous zones.

Just keep in mind that since the product does not have a flared base I wouldn’t suggest using it for any type of anal play.

Other then that, it makes a great travelling massager for those of you that suffer from muscle or joint pain and just need a quick fix while on the go. Did I mention it’s great for temple massage when you have a headache? trust me, as a girl that suffers from Migranes, it’s a life saver!

In regard to batteries the Jolie takes 1 AA battery which can easily be inserted; just twist the cap to the open position, remove the cap, pop the batteries inside, put the cap back on, twist it to the close or off position and you’re done.

*Just remember to always remove your batteries when the product is not in use, if you don’t they could corrode and kill your toys. Trust me, you don’t want to kill your toys!

One of the other great features of the Jolie is the fact that it’s made of a hard plastic making it compatible with pretty much any lube your heart desires. *Yes, that even means silicone lubes 🙂

Cleaning the Jolie is very simple especially because it’s waterproof; just wash it with antibacterial soap and rinse it well. If you wanted you could also use an anti bacterial toy cleaner or a cleansing cloth.

The Bad

As for things I don’t like about the product there are only two, and to be honest the fact that they are negatives is debatable:

Rather then varying speeds or modes it only has one vibration setting. But then again for those of you that are new to sex toys, don’t like having tones of buttons to figure out or just need a steady vibe to “get off” this is a perfect product.

Second, it’s not “whisper silent” but if you’re planning on using it in an environment where you could muffle like the bath or shower, or even just under the sheets, the noise issue really doesn’t matter.

Final Verdict

Due to the fact that it‘s easy to clean, care for and use, is discreet, ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, is quite powerful and compatible with any lube, waterproof and can be found priced between $16.00 and $20.00 dollars (very affordable) I think the Jolie Waterproof Personal Massager by Natural Contours is a fantastic clitoral stimulator and personal massager that anyone would enjoy.

If you would like more information about the Jolie or any of the other female friendly products in the Natural Contours line please check out Candida Royalle’s website or her on line toy store where shopping is easy and discreet.

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