Just In Case

 Thanks to the folks at SexToy.com I was sent what may have become one of my most favorite things where safer sex practices are concerned – the “Just In Case” condom/compact.

For those of you wondering what it is, well, it’s rather self explanatory;  a compact complete with a mirror for touch up’s, that’s just small enough to fit in the cutest of purses/bags but large enough to have a secret compartment for storing 2 condoms. You know, just in case you might need one 😉

When I first got my classy red Just In Case I assumed it would be cheap looking and rather flimsy, to my surprise it was actually the exact opposite. The sturdy and well crafted acrylic case is shiny and very discreet with nothing on it to hint at what it might be. The mirror is a legitimate mirror (rather then those cheap ones you find in dollar store compacts. You know, the one’s that make you feel like your in the funhouse at the carnival) and it’s large enough that you can see your whole face in it, rather then just an eye or your lips. While I’m not the biggest fan of the color red I do quite like the highly reflective (almost metallic) outer case as it reminds me of pin up girls from days gone by.

*If you don’t like red the case also comes in goddess gold (gold), luscious lime (light green), petulant pink (baby pink), mystic metal (black),  a newer sleek black Chanel-esque compact – the JUST IN CASE II, and for those of you that want an extra discreet case that doubles as a lip gloss dispenser – the  Just In Case Confidential.

As for being flimsy, I dropped mine 3 times the first day I got it (what can I say, I’m a clutz) and while it did get one little scratch it didn’t break or crack – yay for well made products!!

What I love most about the Just In Case line of products is just how portable they are; measuring only 2 1/2″ in height,  2 1/2″ in width and 7/8″ deep, the compact  fits rather comfortably in  back pockets, a purse, clutch, carry on luggage, knapsacks or a bedside table. To be honest, it’ll fit just about anywhere your little heart desires (without anyone being any the wiser).

*On a side note, I took mine to dinner with some friends as a test to see if it really was as discreet as the website said it was. The second I took it out of my purse everyone wanted to know what it was, not because they thought it was something scandalous, but because it was the “prettiest/fiercest” compact they’d ever seen. When I handed it over to their wanting hands not one person thought to lift the secret compartment (exposing the condom).   When I showed them the condom compartment every single one of them (5 ladies in total) all screamed that they wanted one, thus making the concept behind the compact a complete discreet success!

When it came to the issue of social acceptance, or lack thereof, I had originally planned on having a little rant here regarding the way women are portrayed or perceived should they be found to be carrying condoms. However, upon reading the philosophy behind the product I thought I would refrain and instead offer a quote from the website, as there is no way I could have said it better myself:

It is our belief that although a woman may be sophisticated, smart, sexy and forward thinking in her world, beneath the strong exterior lives a woman who is innately modest, and has a desire to be loved and respected; a different kind of strength.

Often, situations arise where self-betrayal replaces self-knowledge with the belief that having unprotected sex will please her partner and begin or keep a relationship going; all of which could put her life at risk. Furthermore, the idea of purchasing condoms herself or carrying them in her purse where others may see them, might be just too embarrassing. Or she may feel judged for having them in her possession.

It’s Time.” *Just In Case Website

Aside from the social acceptance issues, I was raised in a generation where it was the males responsibility to carry the condoms and the females responsibility to get on the pill. While I agree that 2 forms are protection are better then 1, I think that when it comes to STI’s, and protecting against them, it should be both parties responsibility not one or the other. With that in mind, the Just In Case provides a sleek and easy means of transportation that is not only respectful and discreet, but also fun and classy.

*Not to mention it keeps the condom wrapper from getting torn or punctured which could ruin it.

The Bad

As for things I didn’t like about the product, I didn’t have any. It’s well made, comes in a variety of colors, is compact and discreet, fits more then one condom and provides a certain type of female empowerment that no other product can – what more could I ask for??

Final Verdict

Whether it’s a trip abroad, a night on the town, a dinner for two or a midnight rendezvous in the park the Just In Case condom compact is something no girl should go without!

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