Review: Beginners E-Stim Kit

From the time I accidentally electrocuted myself by sticking a fork in a socket (I was 5) I’ve been fascinated with electricity and the euphoric rush that can be caused from the “shock” of it.

Now of course I’ve never been one to go out an do something dangerous like run a wet paintbrush over an outlet (yep, I did that. I was 8 at the time) or volunteered to have myself hit with a stun gun (yeah, I did that too – I was 16 and my curiosity got the best of me!) but I have always wanted to get my hands on one of those handy, scary, intriguing, intimidating and delightfully kinky Electrosex kits I’ve seen plastered online and hailed as “genius” by friends in the BDSM scene.

Unfortunately, for as much as I wanted one, I was never able to find one I liked; they were either too expensive (upwards of $300.00), too confusing or powerful (knowing me I’d do some serious damage, especially without the right instructions), were cheaply made and looked like they’d fall apart (not good when it comes to something designed to electrocute you), we’re big and bulky, hard to store and rather heavy or came in a design I didn’t like very much. With all of that in mind, I just wasn’t willing to to spend a wallet breaking amount of money on something I wasn’t 100% sure of – let alone 100% sure I’d like.

Well, as they always say ” good things come to those who wait” and thanks to the folks at I finally got my hands on a kit that’s easy to use, not at all intimidating, fun, safe (it automatically turns off after 20mins) and best of all has just enough power to zap you into an endorphin rush without really hurting you – the Beginners E-Stim Kit by Zeus Toys.

I’ll be honest, when I first got my E-Stim Kit I was very intrigued while also being a tad nervous. I had never tried one before (especially one of my own) and was rather terrified that I would shock the living sh*t out of myself – or worse, out of someone else.

It was then that I decided to thoroughly go through the instruction manual, making sure to note any possible dangers, warning signs and more specifically, learn the instructions inside and out. To my pleasant surprise the manual was very easy to read, well laid out, informative and lead me through the operating procedures without any confusion. In fact, it was so easy to follow that I was instantly filled with confidence enough to use it almost right away – on my partner that is 😉

I yanked the individual parts out of the box like a kid on Christmas morning and found everything a person would need to get started including;

Complete E-Stim Kit

*4 adhesive pads
(these pads come with a clear backing that can be easily removed for application or used to place the pads on when not in use giving them a longer life span)

*2 sets of lead wires
(they are rather long, which is good and thankfully look rather sturdy)

*the power unit
(the top of the unit has 2 external dials (amplitude controls) with speeds ranging from off – 8.  Also on top of the unit are 3 lights; 1 between each of the jack input and amplitude controls that glow red (to let you know the pulse rate of the electrical current) and 1 green light right in the middle of the unit to let you know that it’s on. Internally there are 2 dials one for the Pulse Rate and the other for the Pulse Width (both explained below) Then in the middle is the Mode Selector which allows you to go from a steady Modulation Mode to Normal Mode and Burst Mode (also explained below))

*9 volt battery and  *bonus “sex clamps”
(not the best as the spring in one of mine popped out, but still a nice bonus. On that note, I did fix it without any problems)

Being that I had read the instructions, very carefully I might add, putting it all together was extremely easy and not at all intimidating;

two external dials in off positions

First I made sure that all of the dials (4 in total – 2 external, 2 internal) were turned off (or on the lowest setting) so that I didn’t accidentally shock myself when I plugged everything in.  Then I carefully removed the battery cover and inserted the 9v battery the product came with.

Next I gently inserted the wire pins into the adhesive pads so that none of the bare wire was left exposed (you could also insert them into the clamps, I just liked the pads since they looked easier for a first timer).  I plugged the connectors into the jacks on the case (there’s one on each side) and removed the clear plastic backing from the adhesive pads and gently stuck them on my partners dry, clean, unbroken skin – forearm to be exact (I suggest you hold them down for 30 seconds just to make sure they actually stick).

two internal dials on lowest setting

After double checking that the 2 internal dials were set to their lowest frequency, width and mode I switched on the 2 external dials to their lowest setting and my partner said he could slowly begin to feel the electrifying thrill that is the E-Stim Kit.

Since this was being done in the realm of “testing” and “research” (basically giving me way to do what I wanted 😉 ) I slowly increased the dials to a higher setting (somewhere between 4-5), sending a pulsing shock through my partners forearm. While it was intense he said it “wasn’t too painful” and suggested I go to the next setting, so without hesitancy (more like sheer excitement, I think I was a Dom in a past life) I cranked it between 6 – 7 and his hand quickly began to involuntarily flex in time with the pulsations.

With a slight gleam of fascination and fear in his eye he asked me to take it up to the max (8 is as high as it goes) and again without hesitancy I slowly turned the dial and watched as his hand moved in time with the pulsation, this time in more of a jerking manner rather then a ticking. (Hilariously funny, yet slightly awe inspiring)

Next up was an increase in the Pulse Width and Rate – now before I go any further I just want to take a moment to explain the difference;

Pulse Width as described within the manual ” adjusts the duration of each individual stimulation pulse width from 50 – 250 microseconds“. From my experience it really just made a difference regarding the strength of the electrical current.  When it was at the lowest (50) it was hardly felt – giving off a slight tingling, rather than the strong shock that can’t be mistaken at the highest (250).

Pulse Rate as described within the manual “This control regulates the frequency of stimulation from 2Hz to 150Hz pulses per second“.  This had less to do with the power of the electrical current and more to do with the speed at which it pulsed, as it made the product quickly go from a slight, fast paced tingling tapping to a long, drawn out current of pulsations with the biggest difference being felt between the 50Hz – 150Hz marks.

With the above in mind I went for the Pulse Width first, fully knowing it was the most likely to cause an increase in pain (guess I’m a sadist at heart lol). I watched as my partner went from slight interest and keen attention to a “holy cuss wtf was that?!” face in an instant. Again, thoroughly exciting for me as I knew I was the one in full control of his pain or pleasure. At his insistence I took it all the way to the 250 mark, eagerly waiting for his reaction. He let out a slight yelp and I turned it down – we had found his threshold for pain!

Once we had the Pulse Width at a setting that was comfortable for him, but still enough to cause a slight discomfort (somewhere around the 130 mark), I went for the Pulse Rate very slowly at first then (again) at his insistence cranked it to full – his hand and fingers went from a slow ticking to a strong uncontrollable and involuntary (almost fully) clenched fist – it was amazing to see!!

By this point in our exploration I was thoroughly amused and enthralled, quickly wanting to play with the Mode Settings located inside the control;

The Modulation Mode (M) consists of a contraction for 4 seconds, relaxation for 1 second and again a contraction of 4 seconds. Pulse Width and Rate are both adjustable on this setting.

The Normal Mode (N) consists of a steady contraction with no breaks (effing intense!!). Pulse Width and Rate are both adjustable on this setting.

The Burst Mode (B) consists of a contraction for 0.2 seconds then relaxation of 0.2 seconds (repeat), only the Pulse Width (strength) is adjustable.

Since we had started with the switch on the Modulation Mode I thought I’d try the Normal Mode and see what happened. I lowered everything to it’s lowest setting again and flicked the switch, slowly turning up the dials until I saw my partners arm begin to twitch ever so slightly (he said 8 was tolerable on the amplitude dial). Then I tuned up both the Pulse Width and Rate, again watching for signs of pleasure or pain – I was able to get the Pulse Width fully turned to 250Hz without him freaking out, but once I got the Pulse Rate up over 90 his arm began twitch frantically and uncontrollably, so much that I had to turn the amplitude dial down to around 6. Once I did this I was able to take the Pulse Rate to it’s max, watching his hand clench again into a tight fist that he couldn’t open. He said it was scary, but that had more to do with the fact that he couldn’t open his hand no matter how hard he tried, something he’d never experienced before. (Apparently it was a total “mind f*ck”)

After giving him 10 minutes of rest time I switched it into Burst Mode, slowly turning up the Amp dials to their highest setting. His hand moved like he had a permanent twitch, but he said it didn’t hurt and actually felt “really interesting”. Again I had to turn the Amp dial down in order to turn up the Pulse Width to it’s fullest, this time his hand flicked and twitched like a fish out of water. He said it didn’t hurt but felt “foreign and very, very odd”.

Once we finished playing and had extracted all the fun we could for one sitting, I switched everything to it’s lowest setting and turned the dials off so I could safely remove the adhesive pads. As I gently peeled them off his skin and returned them to their clear sheets, I asked him what he thought of it, this was what he had to offer:

“It’s different, original, slightly scary and since I don’t have much to compare it to quality wise I have to say that it seems like it’s rather good quality. As far as the electricity goes I guess it depends on your kink. The pain thing is something I’m kinda new to so I don’t know if it’s the right thing for me. However, for someone who is into that kinda thing I can see how this would be a definite “must have”. I think it’s value as an electro stimulator kit is great because it lets you try that kinda thing out without having to hook yourself up to a car battery – sure it hurt, but it was more or less a point of discomfort rather then serious “pain”. I’m sure there are other ways of seeing if your into that kinda thing, but to me I’d think they’d all be kinda dangerous – you know sticking your fork in a socket or doing something stupid like that. This to me seems much safer and gives just enough “pain” to allow you to see if you like it as a beginner, without actually hurting yourself or someone else”.

*For those of you that are interested in my first time experience with the Beginners E-Stim Kit, I’ll be uploading a video of it for all of you to laugh at and enjoy! (as soon as it’s up this will be updated)

But What’s The Point Of It?

Now I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what an Electrosex kit has to offer, and quite truthfully, up until recently using one I was somewhat perplexed myself.  While I understood how it played into the S&M scene, I wasn’t sure what it might offer others (especially beginners), aside from the sheer novelty of shocking ones friends (yep, I’ve done that too! watch here and here)

From the experiences we’ve had with our kit I can safely and assuredly say that Electrosex is no slight novelty, especially when used in a sexual manner; it requires 110% complete trust between partners, open and honest communication, the willingness to let ones guard down and being vulnerable, the ability to retain control at all times (for the person that has the control unit), and an underlying interest in the realm of pleasure vs pain. It is by no means for the slight of heart, or those that just aren’t that interested.

If I look at it from the sexual point of view; creating and/or enhancing a state of sexual arousal is definitely heightened with an Electrosex kit, for others it has the rare ability to induce intense orgasm(s) as it can create a sensation that is deep and penetrating, while also being unmatched. Simply put, there is no other sensation like it! Unfortunately it hasn’t brought about an orgasm for myself or my partner, but it has allowed us to get into some serious role play and built trust while also allowing us to explore our sexual relationship in a way we never had before.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product I didn’t really have any.  Maybe if I get my hands on other products like it that might change, but for now I’m rather satisfied.

Of course there are things with the Beginners E-Stim Kit that you won’t really find with other sexual wellness products like warnings, cautions, detailed possible side effects, limitation of liability, indemnity and binding arbitration (there’s some big words for you!), but that’s all to be expected – especially considering that you’re playing with an electrical current.

With that in mind, I think the biggest downfall might be the fact that it can be dangerous if used incorrectly or without knowing what you’re doing first. As it says in the instructions, the product is for “healthy, consenting adults who understand all operating procedures and warnings” – a statement I thoroughly agree with!

Final Verdict

In my honest opinion I love the Begginers E-Stim Kit; it’s easy to use, allows for a variety of settings (ranging from a slight tingling to a more intense pulsation), it can be put together rather easily and doesn’t require much care or maintenance, it’s lightweight, rather discreet (no one would know what it was) and includes everything a person would need to safely venture into the world of electrosex without being overwhelmed or intimidated.

Again, I just want to give a big thanks to the folks at for sending me such a kick ass product! If you’d like to check out any other sex toys, lubricants, dildos or other products in the realm of electrosex make sure to check them out – they have a fantastic selection at very good prices!

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