Review: The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet

Let me start this review by saying that one of my very first “play toys” was a remote controlled egg. It was easy to use, extremely powerful, not very expensive and did a kick ass job when it came to getting me off. Unfortunately there was one very big draw back – it was cheap, really cheap. So cheap that it broke down within the first month that I bought it, sending me to my local “toy shop” to buy a replacement, cursing the entire way.

*I don’t even think they make them anymore. I went on a hunt to find it and no luck.

Sadly the replacement I bought (an exact replica) also broke down within the first month… teaching me one vital lesson when it came to sex toys; you get what you pay for. Fortunately the girl in the store was nice enough to show my some alternatives and help me find a perfect new one.

I’ve come a long way since then, having grown into a woman that’s very well versed in the good, the bad and the ugly of the sex toy world. It’s with this hard earned enlightenment that I’m very pleased to be reviewing the item for today; The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet, sent to me by the kind folks at Eden Fantasys.

Not only is this like my original love, being easy to use, extremely powerful, not very expensive and doing a fantastic job of getting me off, but it’s also much quieter, has a lot more speeds and vibration modes, comes with a removable little g-spot vibe (so you can use other attachments if you want) and is much prettier than my first. While it is a tad more expensive, it’s priced at a rate I’d think is very affordable for most people, and most definitely worth the extra coin.

(For those wondering, it’s only $27.99)


Compared to a lot of other sexual wellness products the packaging is discreet, albeit a tad boring. On the one hand there are no images of scantily clad men or women, no bold words like VIBRATOR written in bright print scrawled across it, no distasteful or unprofessional marketing standards used to depict the product, and definitely nothing else that might make you fearful someone might find it. On the other hand, it’s boring, painfully boring. However, considering your just going to toss the packaging anyways, who cares?

The Good

Fortunately the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is not quite as bland as the packaging might suggest; the remote is a fantastic royal purple with neon green non slip grips and buttons. The cord is likewise neon green with a royal purple g-spot stimulator attached at the end. It’s bright, bold, colorful, and definitely high tech in appearance.

*personally I love the colors they used as they are quite different from the standard, white, blue, pink and black you find most products come in.

Aside from the delightful color choice there are two sets of lights on the product, one being vertical (lighting up green) and the other a half moon stretching across the top plastic display (lighting up bright red). When you turn the product on or switch from one vibration mode or speed to another the lights dance and blink in rhythm with the pulse and speed. Pretty cool!

*some have said the lights were a tad distracting for them.  Personally I didn’t really pay it much attention so it didn’t make any difference.

In regard to the stats, the g-spot bullet measures 3 1/2″ in total length, but it’s only 2 1/4″ insertable. It’s 3 1/2″ in circumference and 1 1/8″  in diameter. To say it’s relatively small for a g-spot toy is slight understatement. That in mind, for those of you that don’t like large toys, instead wanting something possibly better suited for a beginner, you’ll most likely love this product. (though I’m pretty sure those more experienced with toys will still love it, I know I do!)

As for the hand held remote, it measures 5″ in length and is 2″ across at it’s widest part. Fortunately it fits very comfortably in the hand and it’s not very heavy either.

*Due to the size of the stimulator (both length and girth), inserting it is easy and painless. Even if you’re someone who hasn’t really used insertable products before it shouldn’t’ be an issue as the pointed tip can go a long way for guiding the product as you insert it.

There are 7 modes of vibration (pulsing, throbbing, steady, escalating etc) with 5 different speeds for each, giving you a total of 35 options to choose from. For those of you that like variety, or just tend to get bored easily, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have hours of fun before you get tired of it and feel the need to move on to your next new plaything.

Contrary to what one might assume, operating the product is extremely simple. On the front there are 5 buttons: plus (+) and minus (-) for the different speeds, down (<) and up (>) for modes and an On/Off button.

To turn it on press the On/Off button and it quickly begins to vibrate at a steady purr, press the (+) button to go up in speed or (>) to switch the vibration mode. If you want to keep going up in speed or change the mode simply press either of those buttons until you find a setting you like. If you find you’ve gone past you favorite or that it’s going too fast simply press the (-) to go down in speed or (<) to go to the previous mode. Turning it off is likewise simple just press the off button and it quickly turns off.

*I realize my description probably seems very complicated however, it’s extremely simple and not at all confusing once the product is in your hand.

While the majority of people will use it for g-spot stimulation it’s also great for clitoral play as the pointed end will offer the direct and focused attention some women need. If that’s too much for you (or if it doesn’t do enough) you could turn it around and use the flatter side to offer a more widespread area of stimulation. Either way it’s pretty bad ass!

In regard to the power of the product I was actually very surprised, especially considering it only requires 2 AA batteries. While it’s not the strongest product I’ve come across, it’s definitely up there when it comes to vibrating eggs and bullet of it’s type.

The speeds start off slow and steady, almost like a slight throbbing or purring, quickly speeding up with each press of the button to a hand numbing (in about a minute) vibe. With that in mind, whether you require a strong and intense vibe or a gentle one, the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet has a speed for you.

I’ll be honest, when I first turned it on I expected some cheap rattling or high pitched squeal, yet all I was met with was a gentle and quiet purr of sorts. Even when I had it set at the highest speed it was still very quiet. That said, if you’ve been looking for a quiet toy, this would most definitely be a fantastic option!

Aside from the strength of the product, discreet packaging and quiet vibrations, one of the things I loved about the product was the fact that it came with a detachable g-spot stimulator. While this might not seem like a big deal, to me it is. Very often with products of it’s kind, ones that are internally wired, there is a very good chance that during the use of the product the internal wiring will detach causing a break in the connection and rendering your product a useless piece of crap that just won’t vibe anymore. With products that have a detachable jack, you rarely have to worry as it’s more likely that it will come apart from the product externally (just a matter of plugging it back in to get it to work) than break internally.

*because it’s detachable you can also buy other attachments like small micro bullets or eggs to offer other methods of stimulation.

Care & Cleaning

Because it’s made of body safe ABS with Rubber-Cote™ (PU Cote)  you can use any kind of lube you like be it a silicone lube or water based one.

*Since silicone isn’t as easy to clean, I’d personally suggest a good water based lube.

As for cleaning, you can simply wash the external stimulator with mild soap and water and rinse it well, or you can clean it with your favorite spray toy cleaner or toy wipes. I’d personally suggest using a damp cloth or a toy wipe on the remote since it’s not waterproof.

If there is one thing I hate about products that require batteries it’s getting the battery compartment open, especially since most of them seem to have been designed like an sealed bomb. Fortunately changing the batteries for the Xtreme Pack is extremely simple; slide off the back case cover, insert 2 AA batteries, slide the cover back on and you’re done.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were a few;

*because the length of the vibe is rather short maintaining external control isn’t the easiest thing to do which makes applying pressure on the g-spot a little difficult.

*because you don’t have much external control it can turn inside you, shifting the g-spot stimulation from where you need it most.

*it’s not water proof

*it requires batteries

*the external g-spot stimulator might be a little too pointed for some women.

While the above mentioned issues are things I think you should take into consideration when making a purchase, I also want you to keep in mind that you can purchase other attachments for very reasonable prices (between $6.95 – 47.95) which would cancel out some of the potential problems.

Final Verdict

Considering that it’s easy to use, very powerful, light weight, relatively small in size, is body safe, pretty quiet, very colorful (i.e. not boring or basic), comes with 35 vibration modes and has a detachable jack I’d definitely say the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is a must have for anyone that loves remote controlled products!

If you’d like more info or  want to take a look at some of the amazing sexual wellness products on the market any of the be sure to head over to Eden Fantasys where shopping is fast, easy and discreet!

*Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and without them I can’t afford to make these videos.

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