Beginners Guide: Dental Dams



What Are Dental Dams?

dentaldamDental Dams are thin, square, or rectangular pieces of latex designed to be placed over the vulva/vagina during oral-vaginal play (cunnilingus), or the anus during 0ral-anal play (rimming), and act as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that may contain bacteria and viruses.  For the most part they’re reliable, somewhat stretchy, and surprisingly strong, allowing the receiver to experience stimulation while also remaining protected from the possible transmission of sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

The majority of the options found in stores are made of latex. If you have an allergy to latex, you can find other versions made of silicone.


If you’re unable to find dental dams in your area and/or don’t feel safe shopping online keep in mind that there are other options available:  plastic saran wrap from your kitchen can serve as an effective dental dam, condoms work well too – simply cut off the tip, cut down the side, and spread the condom using your hands over the exposed area (you’ll also have quite a few more flavor options if you use flavored condoms).

The Bad

When it comes to the down side of using dental dams there are a few things to consider:

  • Due to the thickness and type of material you choose, they may limit sensation and feel foreign. The best way for me to put it is to think of sex without a condom verses sex with a condom. Granted, condoms have come a long way and are now being manufactured to feel as close to the real thing as possible, but still. It just doesn’t feel the same as skin on skin contact.
  •  Because dental dams require being held in place they may move around as you offer stimulation to your partner.  If  this is an issue, investing in a Dental Dam Harness is a good idea.
  • Depending on your body they might not be long/wide enough for the exposed area. Using two could be a bit awkward when it comes to keeping them in place. In this case I’d suggest saran wrap.

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