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Review: Divine Interventions Diving Nun Dildo

WARNING: Before I begin the review I’m just gonna throw it out there that some of you will be totally put off by the fact that I’m reviewing of a sex toy that seemingly mocks religion… if not just Nuns. Truth be told, with the exception of being Baptized Protestant, I’m not in any way shape or form religious. Do I believe in God? Kinda. Do I think there’s a Heaven? Maybe. Do I have respect for those that are religious? Certainly, so long as they’re not jamming their beliefs down my throat or judging me because they think I’m a ‘sinner’. Do I have a shit ton of fun reviewing sex toys, even ones with religious symbolism? Hells yes! Pun intended.

So… if you feel it’s necessary to remove me from whatever social site you’ve added me to, or even want to chastise me for going to such depths, be my guest. It’s a free world and I can’t stop you… besides, the Diving Nun was totally worth the unfriending and potential shit storm! She’s fucking awesome, literally, and I’d do her over and over again any day of the week! Can I get a Hallelu?!

Divine Interventions Diving Nun DildoPackaging

Unlike many other intimate accessories the Diving Nun, made by Divine Interventions, came with absolutely no packaging, instead arriving in a plain unmarked brown box with no defining wording or anything else that  might state what it was.

While others may not like this so much I personally find it a great idea, no packaging means no garbage. It also means there’s nothing to worry about someone finding and/or persecuting you for.

Divine Interventions Diving Nun – The Good

So, the awesomeness of the Diving Nun… where do I begin…

First of all the craftsmanship is extraordinary! From the details on her face (my picture’s a little iffy, but in person you can make out the eyes, nose and mouth easily) to the rosary in her hands, the inclusion of a Bandeau and raised Guimpe to the fantastic bumpy waves down the back of the shaft (likening themselves to a ripples in a nuns robe), the Diving Nun really is a work of art. Yes, I really did just say that, and yes, I really did mean it.

Divine Interventions Divind Nun Dildo ReviewRather than being firm, the shaft is very flexible, allowing it to twist and bend with ease.  Likewise, the silicone is soft, supple and squishy with a bit of give, all of which lend themselves well to making the experience not only comfortable, but also  highly enjoyable.  As far as appearances go, the matte silicone is a dark almost red wine color clever little so-and-so’s, that’s marbled with lustrous hints of a metallic slate gray.

*On the website you’ll get the options of black or marbled blue, however if you email them they’ll likely customize it to any of the their 6 shades for a small additional fee.

While it is rather large (I’ll get to that in a second) initial insertion is easy, with the waves along the bottom of the shaft providing exceptional vaginal stimulation during insertion or thrusting. As for the curve in the shaft, 3 words come to mind: Amazing. G-spot. Stimulation. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but of the 6 times the product was ‘tested’ for this review it target the area almost instantly every time. No extra effort needed. No searching required. It was like it knew, without even having to try. These design features combined made the Diving Nun one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Seriously. It’s awesomeness in the shape of a dildo-ey Nun.

Diving Nun Dildo ReviewLet me not forget to add that when standing, the curve makes her look like she’s praying. Genius!

Regarding the stats you’re looking at 7 1/4 inches in length and 1 1/3 inches in diameter, with the curving making the size a little misleading in person since it appears a tad shorter. For me, being that I’m not a size queen, the length was a bit too much. Having said that I totally understand that my body is not yours, and what might be uncomfortable for me may be heaven sent for you (see what I did there? exactly).

The only odd thing about the product is the base. It’s large. Very large. Almost to the point of being obnoxious. Fortunately it serves three redeeming purposes…

1.) It suctions to pretty much any surface. I’m not kidding on this one. After picking up the box from my local postal office and quickly removing it I slammed it against the inside of the car windshield to see how long it stuck and potentially freak out my partner. For the entire hour long ride the Diving Nun bounced and bopped without once falling off. Tiled shower walls? just as good (unless you have those little tiles, then it’ll shift a bit). Bath tub? Even better. Floors? amazing. Walls? a little iffy, especially if you have texturing or wall paper (it’ll still stick, just not for as long and it might shift a little during use).

2.) Once situated inside the ring, the base works surprisingly well at helping to to stay in place during strap-on play. More than that, the triangle design allows it to fit snug against the body without the continual jabbing or shifting you’ll find with other products. If it wasn’t for the weight one could likely wear it in a harness and totally forget they had anything on, it really is that comfortable.

3.) If you’re tired of products with teeny tiny bases, ones that make holding or manipulating the product a total headache, you’ll love this base.  Not only does it add a slight cushioning during thrusting (for those that can take the whole thing), it also acts as a fantastic grip for you or your partner(s), making maneuvering and maintaining control a cinch.

Oh, and you get a “First Holy Communion” napkin to help make clean up a breeze when you’re done sinning. Yes, they went there.

Care and Cleaning

While it is made of quality silicone and therefore wont absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it even passed the flame test (what’s a “flame test” you ask… check this post on Silicone Flame Testing by Dangerous Lily), it does have many grooves and therefore has lots of places in need of a little extra attention. Cleaning it with antibacterial soap and water will do, as would letting it sit in boiling water for 3 minutes.

*since it’s a bit of a lint collector I’d also suggest laying it on a lint free cloth to dry and then wrapping it up in something that is also lint free.

As always, I’d personally suggest a good water based lube as a silicone one may ruin it over time.

Divine Interventions Diving Nun – The Bad

Divine Interventions Diving Nun Review

When it comes to things I don’t like about it there are only 3, though I will admit I think they’re all subjective.

1.) I’m not a size queen… and it’s long, 7 1/3 inches long, making complete insertion almost impossible, and when possible, slightly uncomfortable. Having said that, I completely understand that what my body or pleasure threshold can’t do yours potentially can, so this is something that may not apply to everyone.

2.) It attracts lint, not quite as bad as some other silicone products, but it still does. And it annoys the hell out of me.

3.) There’s no other way to say this than… you’re basically cramming a Nuns head up all up in your naughty bits. Some people, take me for example, will be able to detach from that mental image, others, not so much.

Final Verdict

All things considered the Diving Nun is quite possibly one of the most extraordinary adult products I’ve ever seen. Sure, it looks like a nun which will put quite a few people off, but if it didn’t have the facial details and tell tale signs of being a religious figure, and maybe was a little bit shorter, it would be a product I think damn near anyone would enjoy, especially since all the tell tale signs of a great product are there: it’s made of quality silicone that’s hypo-allergenic, hygienic, phthalate and latex free, odourless and easy to care for, is designed and angled perfectly for g-spot stimulation, has a wide flared base for strap-on play, contains detailing that amazingly targets the entire vaginal canal, and best of all securely suctions to damn near any surface.

For those of you looking for the same level of quality, but not too interested in the religious aspect, I’m going to offer up the Non-Denominational line of sex toys they make… just as great, but without all the fun of being a total blasphemous sinner.

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Review: Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper

Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper ReviewThanks to the poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar, the mixing of Neo Citron and Nyquil often creates, having a cold equals laying in bed with a minimal amount of work getting done. Reading also doesn’t happen, my combined lack of an attention span and being sick makes me unable to follow along.  It’s often around page 20 that I put a book down and opt to watch some 80’s movie in an attempt to feel better (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Breakfast Club make everything okay. John Hughes, thank you for that).

With my recent cold I found myself tucked under covers totally enamored with my newest book addition, Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper. From the get go I was totally absorbed. It could have been the fact that it was in graphic novel form, likening itself to a very sexually explicit Archie’s Comic. Maybe it was because it was actually interesting and fun. Either way, I couldn’t put it down.  As someone that’s read over 25 books /resources on the topic of sex ed and sexuality, having a fairly similar experience with almost all of them, that’s saying something.

The Good

When it came to things I liked about the book there were many;

  • Many books on the topic of sex and sexuality unless they’re dedicated to sex toys don’t offer any information on the  sex toys, and when they do, the suggestions they provide for toys are often ones that make me cringe. I’m sorry but the initial suggestion of using butt toys with flared bases is almost a mute point when the product your suggesting is made of porous materials and full of harsh chemicals. To my wonderful surprise the products they recommended were ones I’d willing put on my own wish list. Sadly they didn’t specifically mention any names, instead opting to provide images any good reviewer would be able to recognize, with the Njoy Pure Wand and Aneros prostate stimulator being just two of them (pictured above right).
  • Taking it one step further, they suggest asking vendors about phthalates and using the smell of a toy to determine if it’s body safe or not. As if that wasn’t enough, they recommend avoiding lubes with high consistencies of glycerine or ones that are petroleum based for fear of a potential yeast infection or negative side effects. As a reviewer who’s always preaching this, reading that damn near made my day.
  • I probably should have mentioned this first since it’s a large part of what kept me reading, but I figured since this is a blog that focuses on sex toys, the previous info was a tad more pertinent. There’s no other way to say it than the book is engaging in a way many others aren’t. It makes a real effort to offer advice and suggestions in a format that’s far from the standard ‘textbook’ approach; the writing style is real, witty, relevant, entertaining, open minded, gender inclusive (we’ll get to that later) informative without sounding preachy, easy to follow and yes, cheesy as it sounds, fun. Which is good cause if it wasn’t it would just be false advertising in my world.
  • The book, being more of a whimsical and sexy black and white graphic novel than a tried and true ‘sex manual’, is completely illustrated providing the reader with a full 212 pages worth of unbelievably entertaining and fantastic imagery.  If I didn’t know better I’d think it was the work of Alex Kotkin, the graphic/erotic artist behind one of my fave sex toys sites, instead it’s the work of Josh Lynch, an amazing illustrator in his own right.
  • On that note, although the book is 212 pages in length, it’s a very fast read. In total it probably took me about 3 hours to get through it, however most of that time was spent flipping back and forth to go through the pictures since the actual writing is minimal.
  • As I mentioned above it’s gender inclusive, and by that I mean this isn’t a book that assumes every relationship is a straight monogamous one, i.e. guy on girl in a committed relationship. Instead, the images depicted are of men on men, men on women and women on women, and while there is a lacking of trans folk, the body types vary as do the basic appearances of the characters; they aren’t perfectly toned or proportioned, and the ever annoying stereo types of gay/lesbian representation and gender roles is also fairly ignored (girl on girl fisting and girl on boy strap-on play for the win!).
  • The book includes the use of the word partner with an (s) on the end  – as in partner(s) – for those who aren’t in monogamous relationships, instead opting to engage in play with more than one person at a time. While it may seem unimportant, I think it’s a very good indication of how relevant it is for a society where many people are choosing to explore before deciding to commit. More than that, it reinforces the idea that  women and men should claim their sexuality without guilt or shame, minimizing ‘slut shaming‘ in the process.
  • Role Playing Super Mario
  • If you’re someone that a.) needs a quick run down of the basics as they relate to the anatomy or sex, b.) struggles when it comes to opening up about sex or their sexuality, c.) is still figuring out where they stand on certain sex acts or ideas, d.) wants to help learn about their partner and/or e.) potentially re-ignite a spark that may have been lost somewhere along the way, there are interactive workbook style pages at the end of each chapter to help you along. Think of it as the easiest and most fun homework you’ve ever done. Don’t worry, there isn’t any math or geometry involved. If there was, I’d fail.
  • Finally, and possibly the most awesome, it covers damn near everything a ‘sexual how to’ should; from buying sex toys to talking dirty, taking pictures for your partner to massage, finding and stimulating the g-spot to doing it in the shower, performing oral to giving a great hand-job, butt sex to positions worth trying, BDSM and sensation play to all out role playing… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Bad

To be honest, I don’t really have anything bad to say about the book. Sure, it’s on the ‘basic’ side, but it’s far more interesting and to the point than many other books I’ve read, most of which often take pages upon pages to make their point.  If you took out the graphic portion of the book it would probably be more of a ‘pocket style’ mini edition… but it’s the images that make this so fantastic, so yes, I’ll take the size and length with no complaint.

Other than that, I’d love to have seen it in a full color with glossy pages. I’ve been debating buying some pencil crayons and coloring it myself, who knows it might be great at getting the creative juices flowing. Pun intended.

Final Verdict

If you’re tired of traditional “how to” books, you know, the ones with textbook style chapters, heavy diagrams that only a med student would understand and yawn inducing rhetoric, you definitely need to pick up a copy of Sex Is Fun. Not only will you likely find yourself laughing out loud at the images and stories while being drawn in page after page, you’ll probably also learn something along the way. And that’s how it should be.

For more info or to get your hands on the book make sure to head on over to, and while you’re there, make sure to check out their sale pagefor some great deals on badass sex toys. You even get free shipping too!

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Review: Vibrating Cock Rings

If you’ve been following my  posts on male sexual enhancement you should be fairly well versed on how to use a cock ring, the various oils, ointment, creams, and lotions available to help you last longer in bedthe basics of cock rings, and hopefully found a cock ring that works for you.

For this post I’m going to take things a step further and offer suggestions and mini reviews on various vibrating cock rings.

What Are Vibrating Cock Rings & What Do They Do?

Vibrating cock rings are rings that fit around the base of the penis (sometimes under the balls as well), and are designed to provide vibration against a female partners clitoris. They all differ in one way or another, with most being found for between $3 – $15.  Unfortunately, not all vibrating cock rings are created equally, or made to fit comfortably.

When looking for one that will work best for you and your partner I suggest taking a few things into consideration:

  • the size of your penis vs the size of the hole your cock goes through– smaller holes may pinch, hurt, or be difficult to remove once your penis is engorged with blood. If the latter is an issue, you will likely need scissors to cut it off.
  • the width of the cock ring (the size of the actual ring) – thinner rings tend to roll, won’t offer much cushioning, could be difficult to remove since there is less to grasp, may be more likely to ‘snap back’ if you accidentally let go (much like when you ‘snap’ an elastic), and generally might not be the most comfortable experience.
  • the strength of the vibrations – many of the cheaper versions offer limited sensation as the power of the vibration is seriously lacking, this won’t do much for your partner if she requires a strong vibe to get off.
  • the length of battery life vs buying a rechargeable version – if your partner takes a while to get off (totally normal) you might want to opt for a rechargeable version since the batteries found in cheaper vibrating cock rings have an average life span of 20 – 30 minutes.
  • material – because all cock rings, and sex toys for that matter, are often made of shoddy materials (jelly, pvc, etc) I suggest looking for something made of TPR, TPE, or silicone as those are your best options.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you’re looking for, let’s move on to the mini reviews.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Screaming O – Touch Plus

The Screaming O Touch Plus is a peach colored squishy and supple vibrating ring that’s rather thick and stretchy. By no means is it scary, overwhelming or intimidating, and considering it’s quite a bit stretchier than the previous rings, it’s far easier and faster to apply and remove, while also potentially being more comfortable to wear during use.

Personal Experience

Although the vibrations are nothing to write home about (to be honest, they kinda suck) they’ll potentially offer some of the clitoral stimulation many partners need, stimulation that can’t obtained during penetration (they’ll also turn your member into a make-shift vibrator).

Screaming O Touch PlusMy tester said it went on quick and easy, with a minimal effort on his part. He said that once on it fit tighter than any of the others and made is dick feel like it had an elastic band wrapped around it. He said that although there wasn’t any ‘pinching’, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience though it did do the job at helping him maintain an erection.

He said that he often found it ‘rolling’ during use and catching his pubic hair in the process. He said he wasn’t a very big fan of the way it felt once lubed up, that he preferred the way silicone felt against his skin, and that he tore two condoms while using it. He said that in the future he’d opt for something a bit more pricey as the quality and ease of experience just wasn’t there.

Screaming O Touch Plus On penisThe Good & The Bad

Unlike other products the vibrations are pressure activated, meaning that only when you press on the battery (located inside the casing) will it begin to vibrate. On the one hand this can be slightly annoying as it turns off on its own, on the other it’s great when it comes to saving battery life and prolonging the use of the ring.

Regarding the life span of the battery, it says you’ve got up to 90 minutes of use, and while it is disposable, you can remove the little bullet and insert a watch battery with ease to continue using it if need be. Just keep in mind that because it is slightly porous you may want to toss it in the trash depending on how worn and dirty it’s starting to look (trust your judgement on that one).

*Fortunately it’s virtually silent and not something anyone in the next room would be able to hear, let alone be a possible distraction.

Made of a scentless TPR/Silicone blend, this ring is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and very easy to care for. Having said that, it is porous and therefore requires a good cleaning after each use with anti bacterial soap. Regarding lubes I’d personally only suggest a good water based one as a silicone lube would likely ruin it with time – not to mention be difficult to clean. Also on that note, because it’s a TPR/Silicone blend there is a likely chance it may tear during use, as such I suggest you be rather gentle with it.

*If you want a stronger vibration you can always remove the small bullet that comes with the product and insert another.

Final Verdict: If the thought of simple cock rings (i.e. non vibrating ones) just doesn’t suit your fancy, the products made by Screaming O might be a much better option; they’re very stretchy and easy to apply, affordable, vibrate and great for offering stimulation to both partners.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Ophoria V-Ring ReviewOphoria V-Ring

*update: the Ophoria V-Ring is no longer available.

If you’re looking for a vibrating c-ring that’s slightly higher quality than the Screaming O, one of the better options we’ve tried is the brightly colored and whisper quiet Ophoria V-Ring. Even though it’s not quite as stretchy as the previous product, this c-ring offers its users a much thinner ring that’s comfortable, easier to apply and quite a bit more user friendly.

Personal Experience

When in use my tester said it didn’t hurt, pinch or pull on his skin, nor did it leave him scared when it came time to remove it. Even though it’s not as thick as the rings offered by Tantus or P.2., it did a fantastic job when it came to maintaining an erection, with the little nubs on the inside allowing it to stay in place during intercourse.

He said the vibrations weren’t much to write home about, but that they did add an interesting sensation. He said that it held the condom in place nicely and kept the base from ‘creeping up’ as it has in the past. He said that that he’d use this again rather than the previous Screaming-O version.

Ophoria V Ring In Green The Good

Made of velvety smooth silicone that’s non porous, this ring is hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, easy to clean and care for, can be heated or cooled, and feels far superior to the material used for the Screaming O. On top of that it’s also reusable and comes with an extra set of batteries for future use.

Unlike the Screaming O Touch Plus, which required body to body contact or pressure to activate it, the V-Ring is push button activated and easily turns on with a gentle press on the side of the vibe, only turning off when the battery dies or you turn it off. As for the intensity, it’s similar to the Screaming O, being something that offers the added stimulation to penetration a person might need without being totally mind blowing. To be honest, neither of us really detected much difference between the power of the two – just that the quality of the V-ring was much higher. It’s also whisper quiet and not something I think anyone would hear in the next room.

*If you want a stronger vibration you can always remove the small bullet that comes with the product and insert another. Just keep in mind that because it’s made of silicone it’s not going to be as stretchy or supple as the Screaming O and the vibe may be a tad harder to insert.

Ophoria V RingThe V-Rings, like the vast majority of products Ophoria makes, come packaged respectfully, professionally and adorably with nothing on them that’s tacky, cheap or cheesy; just the list of benefits and features, what’s included (batteries, manual and product) and any warnings. These are definitely packaged like fun, exciting and high end goods.

As for care and cleaning; because it’s made of silicone I’d only suggest a good water-based lube as a silicone would likely ruin it. Since it’s non porous you can give it a good wash with soap and water, just make sure to remove the bullet before cleaning – while it is splash proof I don’t know that it’s entirely waterproof.

Final Verdict: If the sensation and experience offered by the Screaming O Touch Plus left you wanting something a bit more durable, body safe and easier to apply I highly suggest the Ophoria V-Ring. Between the ease of use and comfort it offered I think it’s a far better option.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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