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Review: Liberator – Fascinator Throe

For as much as I’d like to find another way to say it, there’s really nothing else that does it so perfectly as these three words…

Sex. Is. Messy.

Between the lube, sweat, and other bodily fluids, you’ve got yourself a resulting ‘wet spot’ waiting to happen. One that far too often just can’t be avoided.  Sure, you could lay down a towel – they’re readily accessible, easy to employ and pretty handy, but let’s be honest…  it really isn’t that arousing of an option (especially if you don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softener and the texture of the towel is akin to running your backside up and down tree bark. Yes I’ve been there. It wasn’t fun).

There is of course another option, one that I actually scoffed at until I put it to good use and saw for myself just how valuable it was: a soft, plush, attractive, comfortable, discreet, perfectly sized, and super absorbent Liberator Throe.  It’s like a towel, but a million times better. And that’s putting it mildly.

*Dear SheVibe, Both I, and my bed, thank you!


From the half naked woman strewn about on the front, to the tacky choice of words used in the description (maybe it’s just me but “slurps up love juice” is something they might want to rethink as a selling feature), the low quality plastic box, to the lack of product information, everything about the packaging comes off as cheap, tacky and not very discreet. My suggestion, don’t read it (unless you like a good laugh), just throw it out as soon as you get your Throe.

satin side vs shag side

The Good

For those wondering what the big deal is, Fascinator Throes are to beds and sheets, what lubes are to dry sex. Yeah, I know, that probably doesn’t sound so good…  let me put it this way; they make the experience a lot more sensual, comfortable, stress-free, and sexy.

Looking for something a little more product specific? Forgive me, but I’m going to quote the box since it’s got the best description I’ve seen so far:

Fascintator Throes are a sex play surface faced with velvety microfiber or shag fur; lined with a cool sensuous satin underside and a protective water barrier sandwiched in-between.

Basically put, it’s a double sided, super soft blanket, with a waterproof layer in the middle, that works to protect your bed, sheets, couch, or any other surface you might choose to have some fun on.

full size spread

As for the many benefits and features…

  • Don’t let the crappy packaging fool you, each Liberator Shag Throe is well made, luxurious, designed to last, and quality to boot. Thinking back over the last 4 months mine has been put through hell; between nervously picking at the seams during horror movies, spilling various things on it (ravioli, soup, martinis, etc), throwing it in the wash a half dozen times, bringing it along for very sandy days at the beach, and letting my dog go at it while I watched helplessly (for some reason she decided it needed to die), its managed to retain the same appearance and plush texture as when it first arrived. Lucy – 0. Shag Throe – 1.
  • Although it’s marketed specifically on the benefits offered for use during sex, the Shag Throe shouldn’t be limited to just that. It’s great for picnics (the juice, soup and pasts didn’t manage to ruin it), days at the beach (you’ll still need a towel, but since it’s super absorbent you can flip it over and it won’t feel like your lying on a soggy blanket), for use with kids or babies (they’re notorious for spilling stuff), concerts or days at the park (makes a pretty kickass barrier between dewy grass and dry bottoms), long flights or bus rides (it’s a far cry from those crappy, baby sized, itchy blankets they give you), or to simply add something lavish to any room. I honestly can’t figure out why these things aren’t more mainstream. I mean shit, if the “Snuggie” can do it…
  • If you’re the type that gets very wet, or squirts, and inevitably ends up having to strip the bed of sheets right after sex (not everyone likes sleeping in a wet spot), a Throe, no matter the kind, will likely end up being a serious time saver. On that note, having to wash just one blanket rather than a bunch of bedding is definitely a nice change of pace.
  • For those that like the feel of different textures against their skin, whether it’s smooth and satiny, plush and soft, velvish (like a suede) or thick luxurious faux fur, there’s a few options to choose from. I know for some of you this wont seem like a big deal, but in the heat of the moment the added sensations on the body can be quite the turn on… especially when blindfolded.
  • Considering the large size (most are 5′ x 4′), each Fascinator Throe will cover a much larger area than a towel could, while also looking and feeling much better.

The Tests

To test the absorbancy/waterproofness of my pretty purple Throe I decided to create two tests that I could show/share online:

The first was using 3 different types of water based lube, all of which had different consistencies; Sliquid Sea, Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel , and SystemJo Tangerine. On the satin side (since it was thinner) I dribbled thick lines down the material and let it sit for 5 minutes untouched, beside it I dumped a shit tonne and rubbed it in, again leaving it to sit for 5 minutes.  The results: the areas where I rubbed it in still felt damp to the touch, but they weren’t ‘soaking wet’ like I expected. The dribbled lube sat in little pools, with the edges having slowly seeped into the material. Fortunately nothing had seeped through the layers to the shag side, nor was there any indication that anything had been dripped, rubbed or spilled.  *pictures below

Sliquid Sea | Give Lube | System Jo Tangerine

no seeping through layers, shag sides dry!

For the second test I literally dumped an entire glass of water over both sides and let it sit for 5 minutes untouched, what the hell this was supposed to prove I have no idea (maybe a good test for big squirters or people that get really wet during intercourse?).  As you can see it absorbed into the thinner satin side, however it pooled and created little droplets on the thicker shag side (picture 3 below), and when I lifted it to check the bed there was absolutely no seepage through to the bedspread. Having said that, places on the satin side where the water was absorbed, but wasn’t poured on the shag side, didn’t seep through to the shag side. Of course it was damp and heavy, but again, it didn’t feel ‘soaking wet’ like I expected. Waterproof test = passed! *pictures below

pouring | full cup | pooled water | wet Throe but no seepage on bed

Care & Cleaning

To clean your Throe simply machine wash it separately or with like colors in cold water, delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. It’s advised that you don’t add bleach or or iron it since you’ll likely ruin it. For the record I’ve washed mine quite a few times now and it’s still good as new.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like  there were only two, though I personally blame my cats, not the product: it collects cat hair, not like a silicone toy does, but still… it’s not very hot when in the heat of the moment you find yourself lubed up and covered in kitty fur. If your cats have claws (mine all do) they’ll likely put little ‘catches’ in the satin side by accident. My cats never tried to scratch it intentionally, but when they’re sleeping they do that kitten-paw-flex-purr-thing and since they all like to sleep on it, it can’t be avoided.

Final Verdict

When I first spied the Liberator Shag Throes online I thought they were a pretty clever marketing gimmick, I mean common, they’re just blankets.  Then I read a bunch of reviews and figured that if that many people thought they were great, maybe I was missing something. Now, having owned, used, and loved one, I have to admit my first impressions were wrong. Very wrong. Not only are the Liberator Throes a far better idea than using a towel, they’re practical in a way many other ‘sex accessories’ aren’t.

For more info or to pick out a Throe of your own (trust me, you need one!), head over to SheVibe. They’re listed at lower prices than I’ve seen on other sites, and even carry matching elegant LoveArts restraint pillows (I WANT!), and handy but fancy Stashe Pillows to hide all your goodies.

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Review: Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper

Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper ReviewThanks to the poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar, the mixing of Neo Citron and Nyquil often creates, having a cold equals laying in bed with a minimal amount of work getting done. Reading also doesn’t happen, my combined lack of an attention span and being sick makes me unable to follow along.  It’s often around page 20 that I put a book down and opt to watch some 80’s movie in an attempt to feel better (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Breakfast Club make everything okay. John Hughes, thank you for that).

With my recent cold I found myself tucked under covers totally enamored with my newest book addition, Sex Is Fun by Kidder Kaper. From the get go I was totally absorbed. It could have been the fact that it was in graphic novel form, likening itself to a very sexually explicit Archie’s Comic. Maybe it was because it was actually interesting and fun. Either way, I couldn’t put it down.  As someone that’s read over 25 books /resources on the topic of sex ed and sexuality, having a fairly similar experience with almost all of them, that’s saying something.

The Good

When it came to things I liked about the book there were many;

  • Many books on the topic of sex and sexuality unless they’re dedicated to sex toys don’t offer any information on the  sex toys, and when they do, the suggestions they provide for toys are often ones that make me cringe. I’m sorry but the initial suggestion of using butt toys with flared bases is almost a mute point when the product your suggesting is made of porous materials and full of harsh chemicals. To my wonderful surprise the products they recommended were ones I’d willing put on my own wish list. Sadly they didn’t specifically mention any names, instead opting to provide images any good reviewer would be able to recognize, with the Njoy Pure Wand and Aneros prostate stimulator being just two of them (pictured above right).
  • Taking it one step further, they suggest asking vendors about phthalates and using the smell of a toy to determine if it’s body safe or not. As if that wasn’t enough, they recommend avoiding lubes with high consistencies of glycerine or ones that are petroleum based for fear of a potential yeast infection or negative side effects. As a reviewer who’s always preaching this, reading that damn near made my day.
  • I probably should have mentioned this first since it’s a large part of what kept me reading, but I figured since this is a blog that focuses on sex toys, the previous info was a tad more pertinent. There’s no other way to say it than the book is engaging in a way many others aren’t. It makes a real effort to offer advice and suggestions in a format that’s far from the standard ‘textbook’ approach; the writing style is real, witty, relevant, entertaining, open minded, gender inclusive (we’ll get to that later) informative without sounding preachy, easy to follow and yes, cheesy as it sounds, fun. Which is good cause if it wasn’t it would just be false advertising in my world.
  • The book, being more of a whimsical and sexy black and white graphic novel than a tried and true ‘sex manual’, is completely illustrated providing the reader with a full 212 pages worth of unbelievably entertaining and fantastic imagery.  If I didn’t know better I’d think it was the work of Alex Kotkin, the graphic/erotic artist behind one of my fave sex toys sites, instead it’s the work of Josh Lynch, an amazing illustrator in his own right.
  • On that note, although the book is 212 pages in length, it’s a very fast read. In total it probably took me about 3 hours to get through it, however most of that time was spent flipping back and forth to go through the pictures since the actual writing is minimal.
  • As I mentioned above it’s gender inclusive, and by that I mean this isn’t a book that assumes every relationship is a straight monogamous one, i.e. guy on girl in a committed relationship. Instead, the images depicted are of men on men, men on women and women on women, and while there is a lacking of trans folk, the body types vary as do the basic appearances of the characters; they aren’t perfectly toned or proportioned, and the ever annoying stereo types of gay/lesbian representation and gender roles is also fairly ignored (girl on girl fisting and girl on boy strap-on play for the win!).
  • The book includes the use of the word partner with an (s) on the end  – as in partner(s) – for those who aren’t in monogamous relationships, instead opting to engage in play with more than one person at a time. While it may seem unimportant, I think it’s a very good indication of how relevant it is for a society where many people are choosing to explore before deciding to commit. More than that, it reinforces the idea that  women and men should claim their sexuality without guilt or shame, minimizing ‘slut shaming‘ in the process.
  • Role Playing Super Mario
  • If you’re someone that a.) needs a quick run down of the basics as they relate to the anatomy or sex, b.) struggles when it comes to opening up about sex or their sexuality, c.) is still figuring out where they stand on certain sex acts or ideas, d.) wants to help learn about their partner and/or e.) potentially re-ignite a spark that may have been lost somewhere along the way, there are interactive workbook style pages at the end of each chapter to help you along. Think of it as the easiest and most fun homework you’ve ever done. Don’t worry, there isn’t any math or geometry involved. If there was, I’d fail.
  • Finally, and possibly the most awesome, it covers damn near everything a ‘sexual how to’ should; from buying sex toys to talking dirty, taking pictures for your partner to massage, finding and stimulating the g-spot to doing it in the shower, performing oral to giving a great hand-job, butt sex to positions worth trying, BDSM and sensation play to all out role playing… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Bad

To be honest, I don’t really have anything bad to say about the book. Sure, it’s on the ‘basic’ side, but it’s far more interesting and to the point than many other books I’ve read, most of which often take pages upon pages to make their point.  If you took out the graphic portion of the book it would probably be more of a ‘pocket style’ mini edition… but it’s the images that make this so fantastic, so yes, I’ll take the size and length with no complaint.

Other than that, I’d love to have seen it in a full color with glossy pages. I’ve been debating buying some pencil crayons and coloring it myself, who knows it might be great at getting the creative juices flowing. Pun intended.

Final Verdict

If you’re tired of traditional “how to” books, you know, the ones with textbook style chapters, heavy diagrams that only a med student would understand and yawn inducing rhetoric, you definitely need to pick up a copy of Sex Is Fun. Not only will you likely find yourself laughing out loud at the images and stories while being drawn in page after page, you’ll probably also learn something along the way. And that’s how it should be.

For more info or to get your hands on the book make sure to head on over to, and while you’re there, make sure to check out their sale pagefor some great deals on badass sex toys. You even get free shipping too!

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Review: IncoStress & Hold It Sister Book

Incontinence aide

some things are better together

Every so often I’m sent a question that’s a tad beyond what I cover when it comes to Sex Ed. Such was the case when I received an email from a viewer who had recently given birth and was struggling with incontinence and ‘lack of feeling’ during intercourse, part of the email read:

I gave birth to my son 6 months ago and have had problems with leaking (urine) ever since. It happens when I sneeze, cough, lift him, or lift anything for that matter. I know this isn’t what you cover since it’s not sex related, but I was wondering if there was something you could suggest to help me.  I’m very comfortable with my body and sexuality but this has left me totally embarrassed and I haven’t wanted to have sex with my partner because of it. I’m terrified I’ll leak while we’re doing it. Even worse, every time we have had sex (which isn’t often) it doesn’t feel like it used to, and yes I know giving birth will stretch a woman out, but I’m scared it will never feel the same again. Is there anything you could suggest, for either issue? I’d really appreciate your help

*names and the email in its entirety have been left out to protect the privacy of the viewer/reader.

This sent me on a hunt to see if there was anything on the market specifically designed for women struggling with incontinence, and that’s where my amazing partner came in. While talking with him about the email and my frustration in regard to finding a product that meshed what I did with her question, he suggested I get in contact with the amazing folks over at Bescot Health, who he just so happened to know. I know, it’s a small, small world.

After exchanging a few emails, inquiring about the products, and finally meeting in person so I could get a full understanding of how everything worked, I got my hands on the book Hold It Sister, IncoStress a pelvic floor strengthener  that’s specifically designed to help control incontinence, and fertility lubricant Zestica (which just got approved by Health Canada), all of which I’ve been highly impressed by.

With these products in mind, today’s review will cover both the book Hold It Sister and IncoStress since they work hand in hand, with one providing the necessary information a person would need to learn about the pelvic floor/incontinence, and the other offering a way to potentially help deal with the symptoms of stress incontinence.

Treat and Prevent incontinence, the confident girl's guide to a leak-free life

a few diagrams

Hold It Sister by Mary O’Dwyer

Before I begin the review let me stress that this isn’t a ‘sex manual’, nor is it a book that focuses on the sexual aspect of things (though it does contain a few pages specifically dedicated to that topic). Instead, it’s a fairly to the point how-to guide designed to help the reader manage and control pelvic floor dysfunction in a way that’s simple and easy to employ.

*hint: don’t do your kegel exercises while sitting, you’re likely in the ‘slump’ position which lets the outer stomach muscles take over.

As for the content, while all of the information within the book was stuff I already knew, I still found it to be a great resource, especially for those who have no clue about their bodies or how it works. Not only is is easy to follow and a very quick read (I had it done in about an hour and a half), chock full of statistics, web links, tips, advice and case studies to help the reader understand that what they are experiencing is nothing to be ashamed of, it also has a list of well researched references listed in the back should one choose to follow up, as well as containing just enough pictures to help create an idea of what’s going on internally, allowing a full understanding of the changes that need to be made in order to help strengthen the area.

Incontinence helpAs for the books claims to help the reader understand how the pelvic floor works, recover control after childbirth or pelvic surgery, gain improved sexual sensation and orgasm, learn the harmful habits to avoid, and understand how to safely exercise and prevent pelvic floor damage, it comes through without sounding preachy or dumbing the information down. On top of that, it’s not wordy, or written in a ‘text book’ style, instead having a voice that’s more like a concerned, but well informed Aunt, one that’s also very understanding and compassionate.

The author, Mary O’Dwyer, is an Australian Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist with more than 30 years clinical and teaching experience.

The Bad

For the most part I have no complaints, however I did find the book to be fairly repetitive, feeling the need to stress the same baseline info over and over in an attempt to brainwash the reader into making a positive change, but for those that like to skip chapters or only read what they feel specifically applies to them, nothing will be missed.

Final Verdict

All in all I found it to be a pretty decent read with an empowering and encouraging method of delivery, I just don’t think it’s information that will pertain to everyone, even though it’s full of tips that any female would benefit from.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (with a deduction due to the repetition)

IncoStress w/ Packaging


When it comes to products like Duotone balls, Ben Wa Balls and/or other pelvic floor exercisers, you’ll likely find quite a few similarities, ones that could make differentiating or choosing a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that they don’t really do much when it comes to helping with incontinence symptoms. Fortunately IncoStress was created with a whole other concept in mind, and although it could be used as a pelvic floor exerciser, it’s much better at stopping leaking then any of the above mentioned products.


The box (pictured left) is professional, respectful, and free of any tacky images or otherwise questionable content, with the back stating the benefits and features of the product. There’s nothing on it that could cause embarrassment, except for the mention of ‘stress incontinence’ of course.  Considering it’s not meant for sexual purposes everything was exactly as expected.

The Good

Regarding the actual product, you’re looking at just under 4′ inches  in length (including the “tail” or removal cord),  3 1/4″ inches in circumference and 1″ inch diameter. The high quality silicone is mostly transparent, matte and smooth with a slight amount of squish or give, while the removal cord (or “tail) is highly flexible and fairly stretchy. There are three ridges or ‘bulbs’ that run the length of the body, all designed to help support the urethra and stop accidental leaking. Like the vast majority of products I review, it’s hypo-allergenic, hygienic, latex and phthalate free, odourless, tasteless, while also being easy to care for and clean.

size comparison

When it comes to insertion, the process is fairly simple; just apply a bit of water based lube, relax and gently push it upwards into the vaginal canal (if you’ve inserted a tampon before, this should be very familiar). Because it’s so light (I don’t know the actual weight) it’s very comfortable once inserted, offering little to no shifting, jabbing or painful pressure. Depending on your body and level of pelvic control it may slip out of place, if that’s the case try wearing it for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening for a week then increase by 5 minutes every week until you are comfortable with it. Removal is likewise simple; just grasp the removal cord and in a slow/gentle motion pull until it slides out of the vagina (I say gently because it is stretchy and therefore may *snap* back and hurt you).

As for how it works, IncoStress was primarily designed to control stress incontinence by offering support to the urethera and bladder neck, while also restoring the anatomical position of the bladder… that way if you accidentally or intentionally put pressure on your abdomen (like when you cough, sneeze, push, laugh or flex), the placement of IncoStress will to stop your body from involuntarily leaking (pictured below).

Care and Cleaning

Because it’s made of silicone I would only suggest a good water based lube as a silicone or oil based may ruin it over time.

When it comes to cleaning you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water or boil it for 3 minutes. Just keep in mind that because it’s made of medical grade silicone it’s not going to be porous and therefor won’t absorb any bodily fluids, lube or bacteria.

The Bad

Fortunately I didn’t really have any complaints about the product, other than the fact that it attracts lint and may *snap* back if you’re not careful.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict

I know many of you probably read this and thought“…but this doesn’t apply to me” and I’ll admit, you’re probably right… shit, that’s what I thought (and still think to some point). But after reading the book I came to realize that there will likely come a day, whether it’s during the later phases of life, when I’m pregnant, have just given birth or otherwise, when this information or product could come in handy. And maybe it’s just me but I figure it’s better to be in the know and practicing for later, than accidentally leaking when I least expect it.

As for those that are experiencing stress incontinence and reading this for a potential solution or means of gaining some insight or help, just remember you’re not alone, it’s perfectly ‘normal’ and there are some great body safe products on the market specifically designed to help with your needs.

For more info or to purchase Hold It Sister or IncoStress head over to the Bescot Health website.

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Review: Ice Lugez – Ice Rack

Thanks to the folks at I was sent the Ice Lugez Ice Rack, a product that I think is possibly one of the funniest, most entertaining, fun and crazy products I’ve ever come across!

Okay, so the product isn’t meant for sex or to have sex with – but considering its nature I really just couldn’t resist.

The  Ice Lugez Adult Molds come in two styles; a set of life size set of tits or a penis that you fill with water and use for taking shots from… now I know that sounds like fun, but the real fun of it is where you take the shots from; the tip of the penis or the nipples. It’s all kinds of cheesy and tacky, yet I absolutely loved it!

*I’ll be honest, writing this description just doesn’t do the product justice. You really have to see it for yourself (and take a shot or two) to appreciate it.

How To Use

When you first get your Ice Lugez Mold it will come completely sealed with only an opening the back (a circular hole that’s an inch in diameter used to fill the product with water). Aside from being completely sealed there are also going to be two curved rubber tubes that run from the top of the product down through the center, finally stopping at the nipples (once removed this will allow the shots to pour through). Inside the rubber tubes are metal wires that have been inserted to help keep the shape while the product freezes. I know that I don’t technically have to explain that, but it’s better if you have an idea of what you’re getting before you buy it so you’re not shocked when it arrives.

In regard to using the product the preparation is extremely easy; just fill the the mold 2/3 full with water and set it in your freezer for 24 hours. Once the it’s set fill it the rest of the way with cool water (warm water will crack it) and put it back in your freezer for 24 hours to freeze.

Ice Lugez PackagingSuggestions & Tips

Once the product is frozen and you’re ready to use it you have to cut the entire seam to get it out. Then as if that wasn’t enough, you also have to pull the metal wire and hoses out, while trying not to crack or break the mold.

That said, if you are going to get this product, which I still highly suggest simply because it’s so much fun and really will be the life of the party, these are a list of tips that I wish I was told or were included in the instructions before I used it;

  • Make sure that you freeze it at least 2 days before your party or get together. I received mine the day before my party and was totally stressed about whether it would freeze in time or not. If you give yourself a few days grace you’ll remove a lot of the “before party stress” and guarantee that it will be done before you need it. As for my experience, I cranked my fridge to the coldest setting in an attempt to get it to freeze in time, which it did, but it also froze a lot of veggies and products in my actual fridge that I had to throw out as a result. Chalk it up to a “dumb blond moment”.
  • Before you fill it make sure you have enough room in your freezer for it. The Ice Rack measures just over 12 inches in height, 12 inches in length and 7 inches in width. Suffice to say it is rather large – life size actually. On that note,  there is nothing worse then lugging a very heavy product (that’s also awkward to carry) from one spot to another only to realize that you have to move a bunch of shit out of the way just to make it fit. (If you’re not very strong have someone else carry it for you. Trust me, these fuckers are heavy!)
  • Make sure that you have a surface that it will sit on without falling over and have it set and ready to go before the party starts. This was something I didn’t even think of and ended up having to prop it in a bucket filled with ice – not the most esthetically pleasing display if you ask me.
  • When the time comes to remove it let it sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before doing any cutting. There is a likely chance that the ice may crack if you start too soon and the product hasn’t had a chance to acclimate.
  • Set aside a few hours before your to party to remove it from the mold. If you don’t you’ll end up having to take either an hour out of your time with guests or you’re going to be totally nervous that the person holding the knife has had one too many drinks and might slip and cut them selves. (fortunately I had a designated driver at my party that was sober enough to cut it out, otherwise my birthday might have resulted in a hospital visit)

  • When removing the metal wires and rubber tubes pour a little warm water through them first. This will help to melt some of the ice making removal much easier. Also, make sure to use something like pliers when pulling on the metal so that you don’t hurt yourself (I learned from experience on that one).
  • Finally, keep in mind that it is made of ice and is going to melt as the night wears on. That said, I suggest you have either a towel, bucket or tub set up to catch the spill off. I didn’t and ended up with quite a mess.

Now I realize I probably sound like I’m complaining, and to a certain degree I am, but that’s only because I went into it completely unprepared and with no real knowledge of what I was doing.

However, if you follow the tips I’ve outlined for you I’m sure your experience with the Ice Lugez products will be completely different and much better than mine. If it counts for anything, even with the hassle they were the first time around I plan on getting one of each gender for our stag and stagette next year just because they were so much fun!


The Bad

In regard to the negatives; other then the stress and mess not being prepared can cause (which is why I highly suggest you listen to my advice) the product is also good for only one use. While they aren’t expensive at all, at under $30.00, I would have much rather spent twice (possibly even 3 times) that amount and bought one that was reusable.

So for the makers of the Ice Lugez (if you’re reading), maybe creating 2 versions; one that’s a “one time use only” for those that aren’t sure about it and then another that’s more expensive but reusable would be a good idea. I know I’d buy one…or two.

Final Verdict

All in all I think the Ice Lugez was and is a totally amazing product, especially considering it’s so reasonably priced. Yes it was frustrating and overwhelming, but then again I can attribute that to my trying to rush to get it done and not having any clue as to what the hell I was doing with it, which in reality is my own fault.

*Keep in mind that if you take me out of the equation and ask anyone that attended my 31st birthday what they thought of it, I’m pretty sure they would all say it was hilarious, fun, the life of the party and definitely worth the wait!

For those of you interested the Ice Lugez line of products can be purchased safely and discretely from where you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and other great sex toys.

Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and send such fantastic products my way…without them, I have no way of showing you what’s worthy of your time and hard earned cash. Trust me, I know just how much crap there is on the market…kick ass products like the ones I get to review for all of you are few and far between!

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