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Review: Wireless Extended Ring Matador

For my very first review as a California Exotic Novelties Sexpert I was sent the Wireless Extended Ring Matador – a cock ring designed to not only stimulate a male and is partner, but also provide lasting support through its stainless steel support system and extended design.

While the Matador seemed to have quite a bit going for it from what I read on the packaging, out of the box it did not live up to my expectations for quality, ease of use and design.

Like any product there is usually some good and some bad qualities, for this review I’m going to start with the good.

The Good

The Matador is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) making it phthalate free, super stretchy, light weight, pliable and soft.

Another nice feature was the addition of a bulls head (similar to Jesses Raging Bull) designed to hold a powerful bullet that adds great cushioned clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

The Bad

The design of the Matador is where it seems to fall flat. Not only does the added length of the ring make it hard to put on and adjust, but also uncomfortable to remove making the ease of use an unfortunate let down.

Another problem we found with the Matador was the two “built in” stainless steel “pleasure beads”; one located at the top and one at the bottom of the ring. While they are a great idea in theory, not only did they painfully dig in to my partners genitals but the top one came out during intercourse leading me to believe the product wasn’t that well made.

The biggest let down was the stainless steel dual semi-circle supports created for comfort and stamina. Rather then adding support, one of the corners broke through the surrounding soft material and dug into my partner so badly we had to stop “testing” and ice the bruise that was already starting to form.

Final Verdict

Due to the negative experiences we had if I was to have to make a choice in the cock rings California Exotic Novelties provides, the Wireless Extended Ring Matador is one I would take a pass on.

Instead, Jesse’s Raging Bull is a much better option considering ease of use, quality and design.
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Review: Amazing Penis Pump – The Bathmate

I’ve been asked time and time again about penis pumps and if they really do work, as such I thought I’d finally do a video on one product that I stand behind and support 110% (because I’ve seen the results first hand from friends and partners): The BathMate Penis Pump.

Bathmate Penis Pump - GoliathBefore I suggest it I want to make it clear that very rarely would I ever support a penis pump, as I believe that you have what you were born with and you just need to work with it. Having said that, I know far too well that no matter what I say, you’ll go out and buy a pump anyways and if your going to do that… you might as well get one that works and is worth the money!

Please keep in mind that results are TEMPORARY. For what it is, it works and works well, but it is NOT permanent (unless you use it consistently over a long period of time).

As quoted from the website…

The Bathmate hydropump (Penis Enlarger Pump) is a comfortable, safe and natural method for enlarging your penis in the comfort and privacy of your own home (bathroom) and works in the bath or shower (you could even use it at your sink)

In just 15 to 20 minutes per day for a few short weeks, the Bathmate will leave you with a thicker, longer, stronger & potentially bigger penis”


  • Gain 1-3 inches of length
  • Increase Penis Thickness
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Intensify Your Orgasms
  • Straighten Out That Curve
  • Enlarge your Penis Head
  • End Premature Ejaculation
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction
  • May help with Peyronie’s disease


  • if you are under the age of full development I DO NOT suggest that you use this product as your body is still growing and stretching.
  • this is not a cure or a treatment.
  • although this is a safe product, you should make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.
  • it should be stored and kept away from children.
  • consult your doctor before using the product if you suffer from any physical penile conditions.
  • Do not use if you have recently had surgery in this area or if you suffer any discomfort prior or after first use.

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Beginners Guide to Penis Extensions

After two years of questions from my viewers about their penis, its size, and how to make it larger, I thought I would offer a couple product reviews that might potentially help.

Before we move on, I just want to emphasize there is nothing wrong with having a penis that’s not the reported ‘average’. There are many people that prefer something not so big, and considering over 70% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm (something PIV can’t provide), having a smaller cock may just come in handy (it’s better at stimulating the g-spot!).

Having said that, I realize there is nothing I can say to make you feel better about your size, so instead I’m choosing to offer help the only other way I know how… by educating you on some of the options available. Hopefully it’ll make you feel more secure and confident in your body.

Like I’ve said time and time again, you’ve gotta learn to work with what you’ve got.  And when you can’t, sometimes accessorizing it might just be the way to go.

Beginners Guide to Penis Extensions

penis extensionWhat are penis extensions?

Penis Extensions are accessories that can be used for a variety of reasons, the most common are to increase the length or girth of your penis, to sustain an erection, or increase the pleasure your partner experiences.

They are often found in 3 basic forms; Realistic, Latex Roll On, and Strap-On Extensions.


The first are hollow tube like structures that are placed over the end of the penis and slid down until the penis fills the space (pictured left). Most are crafted out of ‘skin like’ materials, be it UR3, Cyberskin, Real Feel, or otherwise. You’ll also find them made of silicone, PVC, and plastic (though the last two aren’t suggested as they’re not body safe). Skin like versions tend to be a tad pricier, aren’t very discrete, require cornstarch or renew powder to maintain their texture, can be difficult to clean since they’re porous, may slide off during use, and are more prone to tearing over time.

For those that have issues with keeping them on, you might want to try the Tommy Gunn version or a Traz Rhino as they use a ‘suction’ action to stay in place. Here’s a link to my video review of the Traz Rhino.

latex penis extensionLatex Roll On

The second type of penis extension is made of latex (pictured right) and is designed to be placed on the head of the penis and rolled down like a condom. These tend to be a little less bulky than the ‘realistic’ versions, are easier to apply, are far more discrete, and a lot cheaper. On the down side they tend not to last very long and are only good with condoms if large amounts of lube are used.

strap on penis extensionStrap On Extension

Finally, you’ll find strap on extensions. Like the others they’re hollow to accommodate a penis, however they are held in place by a large strap of elastic or other adjustable material that either fits around the waist, or a combination of waist and between the thighs. Although they are the most ‘sturdy’, easiest to care for, clean, and use, they tend to be made of sub-par materials (pvc, etc) and not the most comfortable since there is limited squish or give to them.

When looking for an extension it’s suggested that you think about what type of experience you wish to have, how long you want the product to last, if you are doing this for yourself or your partner, the size you’re looking for (they usually vary from 1 inch to 4 inches in length), how much you’re willing to spend, and whether or not discretion is of importance.

As seen in the video:

latex penis extension in beigeLatex Penis Extension ($5.40 – $17.44)

The extension consists of latex and provides a comfortable feel for the man and an enjoyable, natural sensation for the woman (or other man). The extension is flexible enough to fit over a range of penis circumferences so you dont have to worry about finding one that is exactly right. Just make sure that the extension is not too tight to be uncomfortable or too loose to fall off while inside your partner. If this is a concern, you may want to use a condom over the extension and the penis to help hold everything in place.
penis extension cyberskin

Transformer Cyberskin Penis Extension ($9.92 – $33.07)

Designed for wear during intercourse, the transformer extends the penis up to a full 4″ and enlarges the entire girth. Made of Virtual Touch CyberSkin texture for a realistic feel with Dual Density material in the tip for soft, yet firm penetration. The custom comfort design allows maximum satisfaction and fit during use. One size fits all; however, you can cut the sheath to desired length if necessary. Virtual Touch CyberSkin texture provides the ultimate experience in sexual pleasure and stimulation.

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