Painful Sex: Causes & How To Fix It


Over the last year I’ve received an alarming number of messages from my female viewers regarding “pain during sex”. For some it’s an annoyance, for others it’s made it impossible for them to have an orgasm during intercourse, let alone enjoy the experience.  As such, I thought I’d address the situation covering the various reasons it could be occurring.

 The most common causes for pain during sex are:  lack of lubrication (creating friction), a largely endowed partner (read: a big dick), an insufficient amount of foreplay and time spent on getting aroused, not being relaxed enough (which may cause tension and tightening).


For some the issue isn’t as easily defined as it may be due to a negative previous experience which causes them to tense up as/before the penis is inserted. Sometimes called or identified as “Vaginismus”


If the issues aren’t general or emotional, there may be something going on medically like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), chlamydia, an ectopic pregnancy, genital warts, vulvitis, haematoma of the clitoris, or vulvodynia,

Please feel free to look up each and everyone of those listed so that you too, may have a good understanding of what may be causing the discomfort.

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