Underage Sex/When is the right time to give up your Virginity

Sex Ed 102: Underage Sex

I originally made this video to answer questions I was receiving from underage viewers in regard to losing their virginity. The video is (and was) not created to make up your mind for you, but instead to offer all the things a person should think about before becoming sexually active.

Sex is not a game, nor is it something to be taken lightely.

Being sexually active comes with a lot of responsibility and careful consideration; are you ready to deal with a pregnancy should it happen? are you ready to deal with an STD should it happen? do you know what to do, or have a plan ready should the condom break? are you comfortable talking with your doctor about your activity should you have to speak with her/him?

These are all questions (among many others) that need to be thought about before engaging in sexual intercourse.

*On a side note, one of the most common responses I am given to this video is “most adults can’t even answer the questions in the video, how can you expect us to?”

The truth is I find it rather sad that most adults can’t answer these questions and think that you, as a person who can make their own choices, need to be able to be more educated then the next. Don’t let someone elses ignorance or apathy be a reason for your own. You’re better then that, aren’t you?

I hope that this video will help those that are questioning their actions make choices that are in their own best interest as wel as that of their partner.




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