Review: Fukuoku 9000

For the beginning of my 2009 Product Reviews I thought I would cover something that was easy to use, not very intimidating and could be used by anyone. Let me present to you the Fukuoku 9000 by Finger Fitting Products.

The Fukuoku’s real talent is adding vibration to your sexual repertoire simply and non-intrusively. Slide the tiny, cordless Fukuoku right onto your fingertip and incorporate vibration into partner sex or masturbation as naturally and easily as you would touch yourself. Because the Fukuoku runs on powerful watch batteries, the soft vinyl tip packs a quiet-but-mighty buzz.

Compact for your purse & portable for travel
Fingertip shaped for more focused vibrations
3 vinyl fingertips with varying protrusions
Stimulates surface erogenous zones
Not recommended for insertion
Transmits 9,000 vibrations per minute
2 pairs of watch batteries are included
Black vinyl case with belt loop measures 3 1/4″ long x 2 1/2″ wide

Multi-purpose massager relieves headaches, eye fatigue, muscular tension, foot/leg stress and sinus pain.

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