PVC Softee Beads

Over a year ago I began posting videos on some of my least liked products, unfortunately the site I was using to provide the videos on (YouTube) didn’t like my “belittling” products so they flagged them and removed them from the site. So much for caring about their users safety, heath and well being!

Fortunately another site came along (Girls Teach Guys) that allowed me to upload content without much restrictions and instead fully supported what I was trying to create as an “educator” and content provider.

Thanks to the website I still have a copy of the initial “Unapproved” videos to post for you so that you may learn and understand why I am in such support of well made toys that have your safety, health and the environment in mind.

California Exotics Softee Beads

From the moment I took the California Softee Beads out of the package I was not a very big fan. Not only do they smell horrible (a sign that phthalates and other harsh chemicals have been used) but they are flimsy, poorly made, sticky and leave a horrible stench on anything they come into contact with.

The first problem that I have with this product is the materials that were used to create it, PVC. If you haven’t read my previous article on Jelly or PVC products and the dangers they can create for your body I suggest you do. You will more then understand my immediate dislike for the product!

Secondly, the string at the base of the product has been threaded through the looped handle (“for easy removal” and so that it can’t possibly travel up your anus) and glued in place ~ unfortunately this makes me very wary and afraid that the product could easily tear or come unglued leaving you with beads stuck somewhere less then ideal.

The third issue I have is the string used to link the beads. While it does have a bit of stretch, it is created from thin, smelly PVC that does not make up for the flexibility. Aside from that it is not knotted or glued to any of the beads which means that they can slip or slide up the cording possibly creating a dangerous situation if one was to get lodged inside you.

Fourth, the last bead on the cording is not tied or glued in any way ~ if it was to break or tear off it could again lead to a potentially dangerous situation landing you in the emergency room.

Finally, the product it self is very porous (being that it’s PVC) leading to the absorption of bacteria which can possibly infect (or reinfect) you or your partner without your knowledge. Aside from that it makes the product harder to clean (especially if you use a silicone lube) and sterilize.

The only good thing I have to say about the Softee Beads is that is has soft, squishy beads rather then hard acrylic ones making for a much easier insertion and removal. However that one feature is no where near enough to sell me or make me a fan of the product.

All in all I think California Exotics Softee Beads were a very poorly made product that should never have even made it to market. Sorry California Exotics, but you really let me down on this one.

That said, over the last 3 years (2007 was when the Softee Beads were created) California Exotics has really stepped up its game, creating safer toys like the Couture Collection Utopia, Butterfly Kiss, Calla Lily, Jesse’s Raging Bull, all made from silicone or chemical free TPR materials that don’t harbor the same ill effects of jelly toys. Aside from that they are easy to use, not at all scary or overwhelming and made with the safety of its users in mind.

Hopefully you all learned something from reading this…and will make better choices with your toys the next time you go shopping.

To read my full article on Phthalates and the dangers associated with them, find useful links to further your education along with a video on healthy choices for toys check out my website.


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