Review: Better Than Chocolate

Thanks to the amazing folks at Eden Fantasies I’m back with another amazingly unique, high tech, powerful, fun, discreet and extremely comfortable product to review. Again, a big thanks goes out to Eden Fantasies for getting me a product I’ve been dying to see in action.

The first thing that impressed me with the Better Than Chocolate was the discreet packaging it comes with; there is nothing on it that screams “sex”, no nudity, brash sexual referencing or anything that would make it otherwise seem like a “cheap” toy. Instead the packaging is professional, feminine, pretty, respectful and “designer” in feel.

As for the stats the Better Than Chocolate has a hard plastic body and is coated in a body safe, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, non toxic and latex free thermoplastic elastomer that’s very soft, almost velvety, to the touch.

For a clitoral stimulator it is quite a bit larger then the traditional bullet/pocket rocket style vibrators, but having a larger surface area for stimulation is part of what makes it so amazing! From top to bottom the Better Than Chocolate measuress 4 ¼ inches in length and 2 ½ inches wide at it’s biggest point.

That said, this is a product not meant for insertion. Instead it’s designed for clitoral stimulation or to stimulate the entire vulva with the way it comfortably hugs the area. It may also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones like the inner thigh, nipples, perineum, testicles or any other area of the body that brings a heightened state of arousal.

For those of you that aren’t “technically gifted”, operating the Better Than Chocolate might seem a bit confusing at first. I myself am NOT “technically gifted” and quickly needed to resort to the instruction manual, so if you do too, don’t feel bad. That said, I have to admit, once I figured it out it was probably one of the coolest clitoral stimulators I had ever laid my fingers on.

To turn on the Better Than Chocolate just push the button located near the bottom. If you have inserted the batteries properly, the light inside the touch activated sensor should turn on to indicate that it’s functioning.

Once on the product will start at a very powerful, yet very quiet vibration. If the vibration isn’t enough, just simply run your finger upwards on the touch activated sensor (that’s right a touch activated sensor!!) and it will run at a higher speed. To continually turn up the speed just keep running your finger upwards on the sensor. Eventually it will max out at its highest speed, leaving you unable to turn it up more. To turn it down just run your finger down the touch activated sensor and it will run at a lower speed. It’s actually very easy to operate!

Now for my favorite part of the Better Than Chocolate; to run through the vibrational settings the product has to offer gently hold your finger on the light for 2 seconds and it should change to a pulsation mode. To adjust the speed run your finger up or down on the sensor. Once you’ve found a setting you like hold your finger on the top end of the sensor for 2 seconds. The light should change from blue to red letting you know that the current speed has been locked. Now, no matter what you do, the speed/vibration will remain at that setting. It’s an amazing feature for those of you that have a problem with accidentally hitting a button and changing the setting, totally disrupting your orgasm.

To unlock the setting just hold your finger on the top for 2 seconds, the light will once again turn blue letting you know you can adjust the speeds to your liking. Pretty damn cool if you ask me! 😀

To turn it off at anytime just press the bottom button (the one that you used to turn it on) once. Again, I have to say I love that it has an easy off function for those of you that need one.

The Better Than Chocolate requires 2 AAA batteries that can be inserted rather easily; just unscrew the bottom cap, pop the batteries in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go. As always, when your toy isn’t in use make sure to remove the batteries as they could corrode and kill your toy…trust me, you don’t want to kill your Better Than Chocolate.

In regard to lubricants, since it’s not a silicone toy you can use either a water based or silicone lube like the ones that System Jo has to offer and there shouldn’t be any negative reactions with the product.

As for cleaning and care, since it’s waterproof up to 1 meter (which is great for those of you that like to make bath time fun) it can be washed with a mild soap and water or sprayed with toy cleaner and left to air dry.

Storing the product is discreet and easy; it comes with a small box that is not only pretty, but also provides a safe place to keep it when not in use. If you didn’t want to use the box, the Better Than Chocolate also comes with a velvety case that fits the product perfectly.

When it came to negatives about the Better Than Chocolate I’ll be honest…it was rather hard for me to find one. The Better Than Chocolate fits better in my hand and body then most other clitoral stimulators I’ve tried. It’s made of a body safe and easy to care for material. It’s compatible with any lube. It’s nearly silent, a rare find for a vibe! It has a variety of vibrational settings, with the ability to lock them in place – something I LOVE! It has a shape and design that makes it very discreet, if someone saw it they wouldn’t know what it was. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter, is very reasonably priced for the value and has a 1 year warranty. What more could a person ask for?

All of that said, the only one that I could find was that the power isn’t the strongest, even on its highest setting. However, you also have to keep in mind that I see numerous toys and feel the need to compare everything to products like the Hitachi Magic Wand or Fairy Mini, which for some people are actually too strong. In my own opinion, I think this would be perfect for those of you that need a good solid vibe but one that doesn’t have the same powerful capabilities of something like the Fairy Mini.

All in all I think the Better Than Chocolate is a revolutionary, easy to use, light weight, discreet, fun and very comfortable clitoral stimulator that I think pretty much any woman would love. Again, a big thank you goes out to the folks at Eden Fantasies, not only did they send me great products to review but some of my newest personal favourites!

If you would like any info or to purchase the Better Than Chocolate it can be found at Eden Fantasys for a very reasonable price, especially considering the quality and power of product you’re getting!

Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and send such fantastic products my way…without them, I have no way of showing you what’s worthy of your time and hard earned cash. Trust me, I know just how much crap there in on the market…gems like the Better Than Chocolate are few and far between!

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