Review: Le Reve Vibe

While on a hunt for affordable, body safe, powerful, quiet and easy to use g-spot products I cam across Pipedreams Le Reve Vibe and quickly requested it from the generous folks at I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as my experiences with some previous Pipedreams products have left much to be desired, however considering all the benefits and features it seemed to offer I just couldn’t help but satisfy my curiosity. Fortunately I was quite pleasantly surprise, with the product far exceeding my expectations.


The Le Reve comes packaged in a rectangular black box with white and red writing that sports the name and image of the product on all four sides. The back has a brief write up that includes wording like “g-spot stimulation”, “direct clitoral stimulation” and “nipple or breast play” which may cause you to want to hide it as soon as it arrives. If direct wording like this causes you to blush just remember, it’s a box that can be easily thrown out.

The Goods

The product measures 7″ – 8″ overall with 6″ of that being insertable (it’s hard to measure due total length to the curve). The rounded tip, which makes insertion both comfortable and easy, starts out just over 1″ in diameter and gently widens to a bit over 1-1/2″ at the widest point.  The material is a hard non porous ABS plastic that’s exceptionally smooth and very shiny but has absolutely no squish, give or flexibility.  If you’re looking for something firm, without wanting to buy glass, metal or any other hard material, a product made out of ABS plastic like this one is definitely a good option.

Because the material is so firm applying pressure to the g-spot is relatively easy and keeping the pressure applied with the rounded tip is surprisingly comfortable. Whether you use it to steadily press against the area, as something to gently thrust or use in a rocking motion is totally up to you. Keep in mind that with a product like this all the options are possible and do a pretty good job or stimulating the area, you just may have to do a little work to find an angle and method that works for you and your body.

If g-spot stimulation doesn’t really work (or if you’ve had a hard time finding yours and just want to give up and enjoy the moment) the curved design is great for easily targeting the clitoris, labia or entire vulva without having to worry about a possible arm or hand cramp. Not getting enough foreplay from your partner? No worries, you can easily use the product to run over both bodies with ease, taunting and teasing in the process. The only thing I’d advise against is anal play as there is no base on it to keep it from ‘getting lost’.

When it comes to operating the product there’s only two buttons to worry about, both of which are located on the flattened base making adjusting the speeds relatively easy. The + (plus) button allows you to turn it on and run through the 5 different speeds, the – (minus) button goes back down through the speeds and finally turns the product off.  Pretty simple if you ask me.

The vibrations speeds begin at a low deep rumble that carry the entire length of the product with each one after that becoming both stronger and more intense. It’s not Hitachi Magic Wand strong, but not everything is supposed to be. If you’re sensitive or require low frequency vibrations it may be too strong for you. On the other hand, if you lean more toward a rumbling vibration, one that penetrates deeply when inserted this just might be the one for you.

Fortunately this is one of the quieter vibes I’ve had the pleasure of trying, being something I’m sure you could use without arousing the suspicion of roommates or anyone in the next room, especially when it’s muffled under the sheets.

Care and Cleaning

Keeping the product in good shape is relatively easy, just make sure to wash it well with soap and water or use an antibacterial toy cleaner. As for lubes, you could use anything your heart desires though I’d personally only suggest a water based lube as a silicone or oil based one can sometimes be hard to clean up.

Changing the batteries is very simple, just twist the bottom cap, slide out the battery case, pop 2 AAA batteries in place, slide it back in and twist on the cap.

The Bad

Although I did like the product quite a bit there were some issues I did have with it;

1.)    Because it’s made of a sleek hard plastic maintaining a hold on it can be rather difficult, especially when being used by someone with lubed hands. It puts a whole new meaning on the words slip n’ slide.

2.)    If you’re someone that enjoys heavy thrusting the hard plastic and curve may make it rather difficult, if not to mention at times slightly painful. No squish or ‘give’ often equals a bruised cervix if you’re too rough.

3.)    It requires batteries. For some of you that may not be that big of a deal, but considering that they can corrode and kill your toy, require replacement which costs more money and can sometimes die when you’re on your way from A – O I tend to avoid battery operated products. Call me spoiled, I don’t care.

Final Verdict

When I first spotted the Le Reve Vibe I really didn’t know what to expect, and judging by my previous experiences with Pipedreams products I figured it would be either a hit or miss situation. Fortunately for me it was pleasantly surprising and quickly became a product I’d highly suggest for those of you on a budget that still want to get your hands on something worthwhile.

That said, if you’re looking for a multi purpose vibe that also has multiple speeds, is quiet, ergonomically shaped, surprisingly powerful, easy to use, comfortable and waterproof the Le Reve Vibe shouldn’t be overlooked.

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