Review: Lelo Personal Moisturizer

Until a couple of years ago I had one brand of lubricant that I swore by. No matter how much someone tried to convince otherwise, it was the only thing I would use. Maybe it was because it lasted longer than many others. Maybe it was because it came in wide variety of types, making the options seem endless. Maybe it was because it came in fantastic, non chemical tasting flavors. Maybe it was because it came professionally and respectfully packaged. Or maybe it was simply because I was tired of using lesser quality brands, all of which were pumped full of glycerin and chemicals that left me with either a yeast infection or feeling dry and sore after use (TMI?). Whatever the reason, it set the standard for every lube to follow and I’ve rarely, if ever, questioned my loyalty and stubbornness.

Times have certainly changed and people have become increasingly aware of what they’re not only putting on their bodies, but also in them. It’s partly this customer awareness that has brought a rise in standards and forced companies to either increase the quality of current products, or create brand new lines in order to meet the demand. As such, there are quite a few companies that have begun to offer quality lubricants that are either on par or, dare I say, better than my most trusted brand.

For today’s review I’m going to be covering one such lube by a company I absolutely love – the paraben and glycerin free Personal Moisturizer made by the folks at Lelo. While it may not be better than my fave brand, it’s definitely on par with it, especially when it comes to longevity, affordability and quality.


As with all of the products Lelo makes the packaging is sleek, sophisticated, respectful and very high end. The black rectangular box has nothing on it that’s rude, tacky or inappropriate, instead using carefully chosen wording like “comfort of intimate activities”, “sensual experience” and “your intimate areas”. If only more companies would follow suit and adopt such a discreet and non embarrassing choice of wording*.

One side of the packaging features an image of the lubricant container and a small paragraph beneath it that outlines the benefits and features, with the other side showing nothing but the company’s website written in metallic silver print. The back of the box has the directions, ingredients and warnings all written in 5 different languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian).

Regardless of the care taken in creating the box, keep in mind that it’s just something you’ll likely toss into the recycling container.

*having said that I don’t mean to imply that sex, sexuality or the use of intimate accessories is something to be embarrassed about. Instead, that the use of tacky, silly, sexist or rude choices in wording, images and slogans is a large part of what has caused this environment of shame, guilt and embarrassment. Maybe if more companies were mature in their approach and treated sexuality like it isn’t some silly joke in the same way that Lelo, Sliquid, System Jo, Tantus and We-Vibe (to name a handful) do, it’s likely there wouldn’t be such an issue with sexual wellness products to begin with.  (talk about a ranting pet peeve moment!)

The Goods

Each shiny black tube contains 75 ml of the clear water based liquid that glides on smooth, mixing with the bodies natural lubrication very well. Because it’s glycerine free it lasts for quite some time and maintains it’s slippery feel,  becoming neither sticky nor tacky with extended use.  On that note, the consistency is gel like and somewhat thick so a little goes a very long way. While it is very slick it’s not greasy, oily, slimy or goopy (like many other lesser quality lubes), it doesn’t burn, sting or itch and absorbs into the skin leaving you feeling soft and supple, rather than coated in product.

*that last bit is for all of you that have sex and pass out, not bothering to clean up after the fun is over, only to wake up and feel a mess. Don’t blush, we’ve all been there.

For the most part it’s unscented, though it does have a slight dish soap smell that’s a mixture of white Elmer’s glue and lemons. Maybe my nose is busted, but that’s the scent I get. By no means is it highly chemical, sour, obnoxious or over powering. It’s just a light whiff, that’s it.

Whether it’s metal, glass, wood, a high quality silicone or any other type of material this lube is compatible with all types of intimate accessories, so feel free to use it with your favorite products.

Benefits: glycerine free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, non-staining, non-greasy

Ingredients: water, propelene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, aloe barbadenis leaf juice, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium edta, guarana extract, ginsing extract, avena sativa extract, polysorbate-20, aspartame, polyquaternium-5, PEG-45 M, citric acid.

The Bad

With the exception of one issue there really wasn’t anything I disliked about the product. As for the issue – there is no way to say this nicely so I’m just going to say it – it tastes horrible!! If you’re thinking of having oral sex or using dental dams I highly suggest you invest in a small bottle or packet size of a good flavored lube. Trust me on this one. It’s bad, really bad.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been on the hunt for a good water based lube, one that maintains its consistency, mixes well with the bodies natural fluids, is latex compatible, doesn’t get sticky or tacky and feels slippery smooth, all while being free of both glycerin and parabens, Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer (a.k.a Lube) is definitely a decent option worth trying.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic lube, high end luxury vibrator, affordable intimate accessory to help you learn about your body, something to share with a partner or a kinky gift, make sure to check out my official online shop where prices are competitive and your privacy is of utmost importance!

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