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Review: Lelo Ida

Lelo Ida & TaraAfter watching the promotional video for Ida & Tara, Lelo’s newest couples toy, the little sex toy hoarder living in my head desperately whispered… you need to have that.

I told it that I didn’t. That there were other things to covet. That I had my sights on another precious. That it had misled me before, and that because of past indiscretions I wasn’t sure I could trust it again. Yet each and every time I heard someone tweeting or talking about it, there was that familiar hushed voice growing ever more determined…  you need to have it.

You just, need to have it.

So, when the lovely Carlyle Jensen of Toronto based sex toy shop Good For Her asked if I’d like to review it, the little voice screamed YES! …and with my own curiosities peaked, I really couldn’t say no.


As with every other LELO product I’ve reviewed, the packaging is professional, respectful and ’boutique’ in appearance. The box is sleek, glossy, modern, and classy, with no tacky photos or cheesy slogans to detract from the level of quality the company has come to be known for.

Once open you’ll find a matte cardboard box that cradles both the remote and vibe within a velvety tray. There’s also a small compartment hiding a set of batteries, charging cord, key to open and close the battery cover, registration card for warranty, and instruction book.

For the record I love Lelo’s packaging; it keeps everything in one neat little lint free place, cords, batteries, lube and all, so I never have to rummage through drawers trying to find all the parts and pieces. On that note, do yourself a favor and hold onto it. It’ll likely serve you well in the long run.

outer package

inner & outer box

toy tray & outer box

the full shebang


Personal Experience

Having previously reviewed the Tiani 2, another Lelo vibe with a disc like remote, I was familiar with how Ida worked… or at least I thought I was.

And so I laid, a piece of silicone stuffed lifeless inside me, arm flailing like a maniac having a carpal tunnel fit, cursing every dirty word I knew, hoping against all odds I’d remember and like one of Oprah’s signature Aha! moments, miraculously figure it out. As if that wasn’t awkward enough, I caught sight of my partner standing in the middle of room staring at me mid remote controlled flail, looking confused, horrified and amused. After the fact he said he was seriously considering calling 911. Suffice to say,  I’ll not make that mistake again. Instructions, people. Even when you think you know better, always read the instructions. And lock the door.

buttons, buttons, everywhere.

Good luck trying to find these in the dark, or when lubed hands are at the helm

Feeling like a total failure I decided it would be in my best interest to forgo the remote and try the vibe on its own. This posed its own set of problems… the power button is located on the side of the rounded base, which is fine, except that each time you want to switch settings (there’s 6 of them), the entire vibe must be removed. Sure, you could spend a good 10 minutes aimlessly running lubed fingers around the base, feverishly searching for tiny and impossible to find embossed ridges, only to continuously land on the charging port instead. But that would be foolish. Removing it would certainly be easier. And far more time effective. You’d think I’d have learned by now.

Thankfully there’s a silver lining to my lack of common sense… it was during this constant insertion and removal that I came to realize how Ida works best; because the base was too short to rest on the clitoris and offer direct stimulation, placing the edge of it on the clit while slowly rocking with a hand cupped over the the base, so the arm penetrates in a gentle gliding motion, I was able to bring myself to orgasm.

Assuming I was on to something, I tested this method 3 times over the next few days and was thankfully met with the same result; a slowly built release that left a pleasurable and steady wave of orgasmic contractions.  Was it a bit more involved than I hoped? Yup. Was it mind blowing or intense? No. But it was effective. That’s better than nothing, right?

Lelo Ida size comparison

a full fingers worth, plus a bit

For as determined as I am there were times when my wrist started to cramp and I had to stop, rather than giving up and grabbing my Hitachi, I laid there like a lazy little bitch and let Ida twirl away. The rhythmic pressure felt nice as it gently stroked my g-spot and the vibrations did their thing on my vulva, but there was something that lingered… something not quite right… something was missing… then BAM! it hit me, I couldn’t help but notice the arm was pretty wimpy size wise. Even for someone that isn’t a size queen, measuring 3 inches in circumference at its thickest, and 3.5′ inches insertable, it isn’t very impressive. Granted Ida is meant to be a couples toy, so the thinner the better, but in this case, I was left wanting. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say the thickness is pretty close to having a finger inside you. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it.

As for prostate use, my tester said he could feel it and it was comfortably good, but that the wide, thick, and firm base was hard to get used to between his ass cheeks and that finding a good angle while sitting was a bit trying (he’s used to flexible silicone, so that may be more him than the product).  I tried it this way myself… it’s an interesting sensation, a little weird at first, then fairly pleasurable. Though I’ll admit, I had the same issue with the base until I wedged it between my butt cheeks and clenched like my life depended on it. Not ideal, but it’ll do.

Partner Use

Unfortunately partner use is where things start to get really tricky, and by tricky I mean worse; once Ida is inserted it’s rather difficult to get a partner in, especially if they’re wearing a condom. In fact, if they’re wearing a condom don’t even bother, it’ll likely end badly – as per the one condom that went missing, and the other that pulled and eventually tore.  Yes, we found the lost one, but still. This is not okay.

On that note, I know that Ida was a product designed for couples, couples that presumably don’t use condoms anymore. But for those of us that do, it’s a righteous pain the ass, on top of being worrisome and disappointing. There should be a warning about this somewhere, yet there is not.  Lelo, please fix this.

Lack of a condom makes the experience arguably less frustrating, but it’s still awkward and requires effort, lots of lube, a lot of foreplay, and even more patience and perseverance.  Getting a rhythmic thrusting going wasn’t easy either, I had to hold Ida in place to keep it from slipping when he pulled out, discouraging to say the least. Of course this wasn’t the only let down; rather than providing ‘more pleasure for him‘, with each thrust (when we could finally manage it, they were few and far between), he was met with the firm base hitting his pelvis. Grinding was no better, the base dug into him awkwardly until he finally asked if we could stop.  Even though changing angles and positions provided different results, it’s safe to say Ida isn’t something he’d opt to use again given the choice.

As for the rotations, I could feel them, but it wasn’t what I expected… there was pressure internally, but it was muted, almost like an afterthought, and didn’t add that much to the experience. Externally I felt the vibrations, but I was concentrating so hard on keeping it in place and trying to feel the rotations that I didn’t pay them the attention they deserved.

a plethora of dildos

my allies in defeat

Certain it was just my partner or the way we have sex, I armed myself with a handful of dildos of varying sizes/materials and settled in to prove myself right. For the record, there is nothing like an angry sex hoarder wielding sex toys totally ready for a challenge.

Yet again, I was wrong.

Even when lubed the silicone on silicone gripped and pulled my skin or each other, making insertion and any thrusting a serious difficulty. I struggled with hard ABS plastic, wood, and glass on silicone that at first dragged, then slipped all over the place. Admittedly, a lack of lube would have solved this problem, but I can’t begin to think of the ordeal it would have been without it. Quite unexpectedly, the last set of materials also made the vibrations pitch take on a distracting buzzy tone every time they unintentionally touched the ABS plastic cover. It was an all around fail.

Now add to all of these experiences a remote, one that requires either constant movement, focus, the ability to multitask, or all of above, and you’ve got one hell of a situation going on. Maybe it’s just me, but sex shouldn’t require this much work, especially from a product that’s supposed to offer “intense satisfaction“. Their words, not mine. Don’t get me wrong, the wireless remote is fun to play with… it’s just a tad involved and seems more like a gimmick to inflate prices than anything else.

Care & Cleaning

Thankfully Ida doesn’t require a heavy duty cleaning after use, the silicone won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, allowing a quick wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. You’ll want to take a few extra seconds to make sure the indent around the gold cover is clean, same goes for the remote buttons. I’ve found fluids will collect around the seam, something you probably wont notice until after the fact.  Also, make sure to avoid getting any water or soap in the charging socket of the toy, and that it’s dry before you plug it in to recharge, that could obviously be dangerous.

Final Verdict

Personally I think Ida has a bit of an identity crisis to work out, which is crappy since I’ve had really great luck with Lelo toys so far;  Ella was one of the very first toys that consistently had me squirting (tmi? meh.), their dual stimulator Ina was one of my go to toys for over 3 years, and I’ve loved the first and second generation Gigi without fault. Maybe if it was thicker, and a tad longer, with a slightly higher resting base, it would make for an ideal solo toy, but as a couples vibe it comes up short. Not to mention being far too complicated.

My advice, if you want a vibrator that has the quality Lelo is known for, are in the market for something on the smaller side, that isn’t overwhelmingly powerful (i.e. NOT a Hitachi), head over to Good For Her and get yourself a Lelo Tara. Sans Ida. It’s basically the same thing without a remote, or the high price tag. If on the other hand you want something a little bit more substantial, I’d suggest snagging a Gigi 2, Ina 2, We-Vibe Touch… or if you’re dead set on a couples vibe, give the Tiani 2 a go. Or maybe the We-Vibe 4. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks a lot more promising than what Lelo cooked up, even without the rotations.

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Review: Lelo ~ Design Edition Tiani 2

New & Improved Tiani 2

When it comes to couples vibes for use during intercourse you’ve got a few options to choose from, the external clitoral stimulator Fixsation panty set, the We-Vibe (with it’s many incarnations), simple to use yet not always fulfilling cock rings,  and the newest kid on the block; the remote controlled Lelo SenseMotion Tiani 2 (an updated version of the original Tiani  – a product I opted not to review thanks to the disgruntled review it received from one of my fave reviewers, Dangerous Lilly).

Fortunately all of the design issues the original Tiani faced have been fixed, creating a product that’s easy to use (whether alone or with a partner), whisper quiet, discreet, comfortable, totally stunning, body safe, waterproof, and rechargeable. With everything it has to offer the Tiani 2 encompasses pretty much everything I look for in a couples vibe, now add to that the fact that there’s a remote control (one that actually works) and I’m pretty damn impressed.


Like everything LELO does the product is very professionally packaged; the box is both colorful and pretty with nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate or tacky. There’s no nudity, profanity, or cheesy slogans, nor is there anything else that might make you recoil at the sight of it. The box itself is “designer” in appearance and could easily be mistaken for an unknown high-tech gadget found in a department store or high end boutique.

Once the outer box is removed you’ll find a matte cardboard box with the LELO logo embossed in shiny black on the front, inside the box sits the Tiani 2, remote, and a small compartment that holds the attachment, charging cord, and a sample packet of Lelo Personal Moisturizer (a.k.a lubricant).

*For the record mine didn’t come with instructions, batteries, the “key” to open the battery compartment or the satin pouch. When I asked my contact at the company about this she suggested I check the space under where the vibe sits as they often slide down and get missed. Unfortunately mine still didn’t have them, but that isn’t to say yours won’t.

The Good

Considering it’s a product made by LELO I had very high expectations, how could I not, they’re the makers of my fave dual stimulator Ina, designed what I think may be one of the very best g-spot targeted silicone dildos on the market, Ella, and were one of the first intimate accessory manufacturers to branch into the ‘luxury’ market with an amazing response from consumers and retailers. Over the years they’ve set the bar fairly high for others to follow, with their newest upgrade, Tiani 2, being no exception.

As expected Tiani 2 is very well-made with much attention paid to detail, functionality and appearance;

  • The body is sleek, compact and futuristic, with a texture that’s velvety smooth to the touch, supple and very luxurious, to be honest, it looks more like something you’d use in conjunction with an iPhone or iPod than during intercourse.
  • Each of the attachments can be easily affixed with a quick twist of the wrist and don’t require any additional parts or locking pieces. On top of that, they’re highly flexible, allowing them to bend, move and shift with you and your partner(s) when in the moment.
  • The bulbous design of the external portion makes stimulating the vulva easy to achieve. For those of you with a higher placed clitoris this may be all you have to go with since targeting the clit may be a tad difficult.
  • Vaginal insertion with or without lube is comfortable due to the texture of the silicone, and once inserted, the thinness of the ‘arms’ make adding a penis (or dildo) much easier than I found with the We-Vibe.
  • On that note, the entire product is comfortable. Not once did I feel like I was being poked or prodded, nor did it feel like there was something “extra” crammed inside me.
  • Since the vibe is rechargeable you don’t have to worry about batteries, it’s also waterproof for use in the bath or shower (just make sure the attachments are properly secured and there’s no overlapping parts where water may get inside).
  • The silicone used is totally body safe and non-toxic, hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-porous, odourless and phthalate/latex free, with the colors being bright and punchy (you’ve got the option of black,  purple or fuschia).
  • Finally, all LELO products come with a 1 year replacement warranty and and a 10 year guarantee – in the world of sex toys that’s a really big deal!

Everything considered there’s nothing about it that’s cheap, intimidating or tasteless, though I will admit, I found the metallic goldish bar wrapping the body to be slightly garish. Of course that’s just a matter of appearance, for some it will lend itself well to the high-end market they’re targeting.

As for the attachments, I personally like that they included two, especially since the original didn’t do much for me, nor did it stay in place very well. Having said that, I’m not sure if it was because of the slight lip/indent (not really visible in the bottom right photo), tiny increase in length and thickness, the squared and therefore wider surface area, or all of the above, but the second version did much more for me than the original when it came to g-spot stimulation.

Operating Instructions

Considering my Tiani 2 didn’t come with any instructions I was left to my own devices when it came to figuring it out, and to be honest, for as comfortable with technology and vibrators as I am, it was a bit of a challenge. So for those of you that find yourself in my predicament, I hope this helps:

For Use Without the Remote (Solo Mode)

To power on the toy, push the button located on the lower portion of the vibe and hold down for a few seconds, to cycle through the patterns simply press the button, each time you press it you’ll jump to the next setting. Unfortunately there is no ‘back’ button so if you accidentally jump past your fave setting you have to cycle through them again. To turn it off simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds and it will power down. Just keep in mind that the speed during solo mode is set at the highest and cannot be increased or decreased without the remote.

For Use With the Remote (SenseMotion Mode)

Before I go on I just want to make sure to mention a few things:

  • In SenseMotion mode the controller will vibrate in sync with the toy so the person holding it can feel what the person with the vibe feels, however you can turn it off by holding down the “|” button.
  • If the remote loses the signal the vibrations won’t stop, they’ll just go back to the basic vibration.
  • Each of the products must be powered on and off separately – you can’t turn off the vibe by using the remote.
  • If you hold down the “+” and “|” buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds the remote will lock, press them again and they’ll unlock. It’s a nifty little addition, but I don’t know if it’s something I’d ever use.

Power on the vibe as before,  then power on the wireless remote by pressing the “+” button located on the silicone side (I suggest allowing at least 5 seconds for the connection to be made between the two devices). Once the connection is established, proceed to whichever “SenseMotion” mode you want by pressing the middle button (if you want the first setting press it once, if you want the second setting press it twice etc), you’ve got 3 to choose from:

1.) Simply twist the remote from horizontal to vertical position to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration. It’s actually pretty cool when you’re holding it to feel the change in speed.
2.) Move the remote any way you wish, shake it, roll it, flip it etc. and the vibe will react in different ways – consider this your ‘free for all’ mode (the faster you move the controller, the more intense the vibrations become. Can we say fun? I think we can!).
3.) If you have a certain pattern you like (be it pulsation, escalation, steady vibe etc – there’s 6 patterns to choose from), simply press the middle button until you find it, once you find it you can press the “+” or “|” buttons to increase or decrease the power of the vibrations.

To power off the remote hold down the “|” for 3 seconds.

As for the actual usage of the product, it’s got quite a bit going for it:

  • Both the vibe and cordless remote are whisper quiet, allowing for an ease of experimentation, in private or public, that’s free of the distraction many other louder vibes often beget (it can’t be heard though clothes, walls or doors).
  • The remote is palm sized and ergonomically designed making it easy to hold and manipulate in the moment, without also being heavy, awkward or bulky.
  • Unlike other products that require pressing a button to get a desired change in vibration, simply turning, twisting or shaking the remote changes the speed, offering the opportunity to play without having to constantly stop and see what you’re doing.
  • Quite surprisingly the  range from remote to vibe is rather impressive, with the remote maintaining contact with the vibe just over 20ft (we didn’t try any farther though the website states it’s good for up to 39ft).
  • Regarding the vibrations, you’re looking at a mix of surface level and buzzy or slightly rumbly depending on the setting/speed, having said that they’re surprisingly strong for a smaller product and carry the sensation through the entire body of the toy rather nicely.
  • Once charged the product has a 9o day stand-by, with a two hour charge offering around 2 hrs worth of play time, for most that’s more than enough to mutually reach an orgasm. Wanting to test the toy I turned it on and left it sitting for just over 2 1/2 hours, when I came back it was still going, though the light was flashing to indicate that it needed to be recharged.

All in all it’s fun to play with, though there is a definite learning curve, with or without the instructions. Having said that, I’d highly suggest playing with it on your own before inviting a partner, otherwise you’ll likely find yourself lost and confused, wondering wtf you’re doing, and in the process, miss out on some of the kick ass features Tiani 2 has to offer during partner play.

Recharging the Tiani 2 is actually really simple, just remove whichever attachment you’re using, plug the adapter into the white portion that juts out from the body of the vibe and plug it into the outlet.  During charging a small light (the same one that indicates that it’s on) will blink, once fully charged it will continually glow. For a two hour charge you’ll get around 2 hours worth of use, with a 90 day stand-by time.

Rather than being rechargeable like the vibe, the remote requires 2 AAA batteries. To insert them you’ll need to take the “key”, place the flat portion into the center indentation and twist, once you’ve done this the back should pop off and you can insert the batteries. Unfortunately mine didn’t come with the “key” so I had to use a random penny.

charging port and attachments

Care & Cleaning

Because it’s crafted out of body safe silicone that won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it won’t need the same heavy duty cleaning other products require, as such simply washing it with warm water and antibacterial soap should suffice.

*I’d also suggest removing the arm and giving the internal parts a wipe with a damp cloth or toy wipe as fluids can sometimes make their way into and under the seam. Just make sure to avoid getting any of the water or soap into the charging socket of the toy.

Regarding lubes I’d only suggest a good water-based version since a silicone lube would likely ruin the product over time.

The Bad

When it comes to my personal dislikes, there’s a few worth mentioning;

  • Depending on your body and where your clit/g-spot are located (high or low/deep or shallow) the ‘arms’ may or may not be able to deliver stimulation exactly where you need it. Fortunately the inclusion of another ‘arm’ might make targeting the g-spot a bit more of a reality for some.
  • Because the arms aren’t very long or thick, some may have a hard time with them staying in place. There were a few occasions where the vibe shifted for us during use (mostly due to the positions we were in), but with it being rather thin and not too intrusive, reaching down and adjusting it back into place (with him inserted) wasn’t very difficult.
  • The remote runs on batteries rather than being rechargeable, not exactly impressive, but I’ll deal with it.
  • If you’re not very tech-savvy it may be slightly overwhelming to figure out how to make it work (with the remote). Then again, considering we’re becoming a very technologically invested society, that could also be considered a selling point. Being that mine didn’t come with instructions there was a bit of a learning curve, leaving me to fiddle for some time on my own before venturing into partner play.
  • Depending on how “tight” you are (God I hate that word!), or how large your partner is, it may not be comfortable during intercourse. Alternatively it may also be highly stimulating, adding that little something extra to help you get off… I found the latter to be the case with us.
  • It’s not exactly cheap (available for between $119 – $159 depending on the website) but then again I don’t expect it to be – like any high end intimate accessory it’s an INVESTMENT. You’re paying for quality, durability, functionality and luxury – all of the things you don’t get with cheaper made products mass produced by big corporate manufacturers.
  • If you hate finger prints or smudge marks the metallic goldish side of the remote may make you crazy. Lint on silicone is my pet peeve so I was fine.
  • Although the silicone is virtually seamless, the parts where the connectors attach does have a seam which may collect fluids and debris, along with being potentially uncomfortable.
  • Even though it’s relatively powerful it may not be enough to some to climax with.

Having said all of that I still think the Tiani 2 is a pretty incredible little toy. Yes, it has its issues, but for the most part it’s fun… and sex should almost always be fun!

Final Verdict

If you’ve been on the hunt for a remote controlled vibe designed for use during intercourse, one that’s body safe, whisper quiet, comfortable, and discreet, while also being rechargeable, waterproof and luxurious, the Tiani 2 may just be what you’ve been looking for. Sure there are other versions of wireless vibes available, but the SenseMotion technology is what sets it in a class of its own; not only does it blend high end intimate accessories with a functionality that’s hard to beat, it puts you and your partner(s) in a state of control that may have previously been impossible to achieve.

To get your hands on the Tiani 2 or to get more info head on over to the LELO website!

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Review: Lelo Massage Oil

Ever since I got my first rechargeable vibe I’ve been a huge fan of Lelo (the company that made it). Over the years I’ve watched the company grow and create fantastic products like the highly acclaimed g-spot dildo Ella, sophisticated, luxurious and easy to use clitoral stimulator Alia and one of my fave dual vibes of all time- the Lelo Ina (check the review here). Not only are their products very forward thinking, but they’re also elegant, sleek, stunning and very much worth the high price tag. Having said that, if a high end well made and body safe luxury product is your object of desire, you’ll likely find it within their range of products.

It’s this love for the company that lead me to desperately want to try their line of Flickering Massage Oils, fortunately for me the wonderful and generous folks at Babeland obliged and put one in my hot little hands. To say I’m impressed with both Babeland (for providing it to review) and Lelo (for making such a kick ass product) would be an understatement, I’m thrilled!

The Goods

This fantastic massage oil comes respectfully packaged in a black box that has an image of the product on the front encircled in dark brown. The Lelo logo is found atop the box in metallic gold writing and the back contains the ingredients as well as a small description written in 5 different languages. There’s nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky or sexist, instead it’s professional, discreet and looks like something you’d find in a high end department store rather than on an intimate accessory website (I’m surprised big chain retailers haven’t picked it up yet!).

The bottle is a thick black glass cylinder with metallic gold writing and a fun orange circular cap. To be honest, I thought it looked more like a high end perfume bottle than a massage oil. There is nothing on the bottle that’s rude, tacky or inappropriate; just the company logo, scent of the oil and copyright (written on the back).

Once the cap has been removed the golden pump spray dispenser can be depressed delivering a quick shot of their scented oil onto your hands, back or any other part of the body that needs some TLC. The scent of the Clove and Amber oil (the one I received) is warm, soft, comforting, musky, slightly spicy and very inviting, being neither too heavy nor too overpowering and something I think most could pull off. Having said that, I don’t know that I’d like to wear this in the summer (because it is a very warm scent rather than being fresh and light), but can very easily see myself rubbing some on and cuddling up the cooler fall and winter months.

*on two separate occasions I was asked what I was wearing and complimented on it. Though when your traveling up 32 floors in an elevator it’s usually rather close quarters.

Regarding the texture, the oil was rather thin and runny which allowed it to spread easily and leave my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and supple. It didn’t sting, burn or itch, nor did it irritate my sensitive skin, instead absorbing rather quickly and leaving only a lingering scent behind.

Warning: Massage oils are not meant to be used as lubes and can break down condoms along with possibly causing issues if used internally. If you want to give a massage make sure to wash your hands well before being intimate as lingering oil on the hands can cause damage to latex.

Ingredients: prunus armeniaca kernel oil (apricot), vitis vinfera oil (grape seed), simmondsia chinensis  seed oil (jojoba), perfume (benzyl benzoate, linalool, d-limonene), gold powder (mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, gold).

The Bad

While it absorbed quite well it did unfortunately leave me feeling slightly coated in product. Luckily it wasn’t anything I minded or felt I needed to wash off. I just felt a little oily, but it is an oil so that’s to be expected. Other than that the box claims that there is real 24k gold flakes in the oil that are meant to leave the skin radiant and luminous – maybe it was just me but other than a slight sheen (from the oil) my skin didn’t look any different.

Final Verdict

Having sensitive skin has led me to be very picky when it comes to massage oils, wanting one that’s not only gentle on my skin but also wonderfully scented and as close to all natural as possible, instead of being filled with tones of junk many other lesser brands seem to contain. Fortunately I was thoroughly impressed with the line of Flickering Touch Massage Oils and my love of Lelo remains (as does my respect for the company).

Whether it’s the Spicy Clove and Amber, Balsam Fir and Bergamont or Fresh Lily and Musk  I highly suggest you check out this line of massage oils. They’re definitely worth it!

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Review: Lelo Personal Moisturizer

Until a couple of years ago I had one brand of lubricant that I swore by. No matter how much someone tried to convince otherwise, it was the only thing I would use. Maybe it was because it lasted longer than many others. Maybe it was because it came in wide variety of types, making the options seem endless. Maybe it was because it came in fantastic, non chemical tasting flavors. Maybe it was because it came professionally and respectfully packaged. Or maybe it was simply because I was tired of using lesser quality brands, all of which were pumped full of glycerin and chemicals that left me with either a yeast infection or feeling dry and sore after use (TMI?). Whatever the reason, it set the standard for every lube to follow and I’ve rarely, if ever, questioned my loyalty and stubbornness.

Times have certainly changed and people have become increasingly aware of what they’re not only putting on their bodies, but also in them. It’s partly this customer awareness that has brought a rise in standards and forced companies to either increase the quality of current products, or create brand new lines in order to meet the demand. As such, there are quite a few companies that have begun to offer quality lubricants that are either on par or, dare I say, better than my most trusted brand.

For today’s review I’m going to be covering one such lube by a company I absolutely love – the paraben and glycerin free Personal Moisturizer made by the folks at Lelo. While it may not be better than my fave brand, it’s definitely on par with it, especially when it comes to longevity, affordability and quality.


As with all of the products Lelo makes the packaging is sleek, sophisticated, respectful and very high end. The black rectangular box has nothing on it that’s rude, tacky or inappropriate, instead using carefully chosen wording like “comfort of intimate activities”, “sensual experience” and “your intimate areas”. If only more companies would follow suit and adopt such a discreet and non embarrassing choice of wording*.

One side of the packaging features an image of the lubricant container and a small paragraph beneath it that outlines the benefits and features, with the other side showing nothing but the company’s website written in metallic silver print. The back of the box has the directions, ingredients and warnings all written in 5 different languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian).

Regardless of the care taken in creating the box, keep in mind that it’s just something you’ll likely toss into the recycling container.

*having said that I don’t mean to imply that sex, sexuality or the use of intimate accessories is something to be embarrassed about. Instead, that the use of tacky, silly, sexist or rude choices in wording, images and slogans is a large part of what has caused this environment of shame, guilt and embarrassment. Maybe if more companies were mature in their approach and treated sexuality like it isn’t some silly joke in the same way that Lelo, Sliquid, System Jo, Tantus and We-Vibe (to name a handful) do, it’s likely there wouldn’t be such an issue with sexual wellness products to begin with.  (talk about a ranting pet peeve moment!)

The Goods

Each shiny black tube contains 75 ml of the clear water based liquid that glides on smooth, mixing with the bodies natural lubrication very well. Because it’s glycerine free it lasts for quite some time and maintains it’s slippery feel,  becoming neither sticky nor tacky with extended use.  On that note, the consistency is gel like and somewhat thick so a little goes a very long way. While it is very slick it’s not greasy, oily, slimy or goopy (like many other lesser quality lubes), it doesn’t burn, sting or itch and absorbs into the skin leaving you feeling soft and supple, rather than coated in product.

*that last bit is for all of you that have sex and pass out, not bothering to clean up after the fun is over, only to wake up and feel a mess. Don’t blush, we’ve all been there.

For the most part it’s unscented, though it does have a slight dish soap smell that’s a mixture of white Elmer’s glue and lemons. Maybe my nose is busted, but that’s the scent I get. By no means is it highly chemical, sour, obnoxious or over powering. It’s just a light whiff, that’s it.

Whether it’s metal, glass, wood, a high quality silicone or any other type of material this lube is compatible with all types of intimate accessories, so feel free to use it with your favorite products.

Benefits: glycerine free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, non-staining, non-greasy

Ingredients: water, propelene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, aloe barbadenis leaf juice, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium edta, guarana extract, ginsing extract, avena sativa extract, polysorbate-20, aspartame, polyquaternium-5, PEG-45 M, citric acid.

The Bad

With the exception of one issue there really wasn’t anything I disliked about the product. As for the issue – there is no way to say this nicely so I’m just going to say it – it tastes horrible!! If you’re thinking of having oral sex or using dental dams I highly suggest you invest in a small bottle or packet size of a good flavored lube. Trust me on this one. It’s bad, really bad.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been on the hunt for a good water based lube, one that maintains its consistency, mixes well with the bodies natural fluids, is latex compatible, doesn’t get sticky or tacky and feels slippery smooth, all while being free of both glycerin and parabens, Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer (a.k.a Lube) is definitely a decent option worth trying.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic lube, high end luxury vibrator, affordable intimate accessory to help you learn about your body, something to share with a partner or a kinky gift, make sure to check out my official online shop where prices are competitive and your privacy is of utmost importance!

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My Fave Luxury G-Spot Sex Toys

So you’ve made a few small purchases of intimate accessories here and there, found some you loved and some you weren’t really pleased with. Have explored your g-spot (on your own or with something fun), and finally decided it’s time to shell out that little savings you’ve got tucked away for something pretty exceptional. The only problem, you don’t know what’s worthy of your hard earned cash. Good news – I do.

After spending over 6 years working with intimate accessories, with a large portion of that time dedicated to reviews, I’ve had my fair share of great times and unfortunately, experiences I could have lived without. Having said that, I’ve been lucky enough to try some of the best products on the market, all of which have given me the experiences and expertise to know what’s good and what’s better left behind.

With that in mind, if you have a little extra dough, want something specifically designed for g-spot stimulation, made of high quality materials, that’s rechargeable (so much better than batteries), is easy to use, has lots of functions and comes with all the high end bells and whistles a luxury product should, look no further, you’ve found the mother load.

Below are 4 of my all time favorite luxury vibrators specifically designed to make the g-spot happy. Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it!

Luxury G-Spot Sex Toys

Lelo Gigi VibratorLelo Gigi ($99.99 – $149.99)

Way back in the days when I first started working at a brick and mortar store GiGi was something everyone wanted. It was smooth, sleek, rechargeable, made of high end velvety smooth silicone, very quiet, well made and quite different from the traditional (read – boring) vibrators out at the time.

On a whim of curiosity I decided to splurge and take Gigi home to see what the big deal was. At first I was slightly unimpressed. That’s not to say I wasn’t taken aback by the design, ease of use, level of quality or respectful and beautiful packaging. Instead I found it to be a firm product that inserted easily, yet didn’t give me mind boggling orgasm I hoped for. Keep in mind this was back in the day when I was still learning, growing, exploring, challenging myself and my curiosity to rise above any preconceived notions about sex, sexuality and my body. After a few lack luster experiences I put Gigi away in its box where it sat for almost a year. As most of you probably know, a lot can change in a year.

When I came across it by accident, hidden and tucked away in the bottom of a drawer, I quickly pulled it out, recharged it and patiently waited. All the while quietly wondering if a year of bodily explorations would make a difference. Boy did it ever! Not only was finding my g-spot with Gigi quick and comfortable, but it was also far easier to operate and well worth the wait.

Unfortunately it does have a few draw backs; because it’s an older product I find the vibrations aren’t as insanely powerful as many that are made today. Then again that isn’t always a bad thing, especially for those of you that don’t want a crazy powerful product. It’s also not waterproof, for some of you that may be an issue, for others it wont. Regardless I thought I’d add it just to make sure everyone was in the know.

Stats: Length 6 1/2″, insertable length 4 1/2″, circumference 3 1/2″, diameter 1 1/8″, weight 1 lb

Final Verdict: 4.5 stars out of 5

Je Joue G-KiJe Joue G-Ki ($98.99 – $110.00)

I know I’ve claimed many products are my favorites, that some of them I just couldn’t live without. However, if there is one that I’d need when deserted on a stranded island without a companion (who’d put out penetration wise) it would be the G-Ki by Je Joue.

Not only is it easy to use, body safe, waterproof, rechargeable, damn near silent and extremely powerful, but it also does something no other product on the market can – it fully customizes to fit your bodies needs, and quite comfortably I might add!

In total I found 5 different positions that you could shape the G-Ki. That said if the first one doesn’t generate g-spot stimulation, you always have another 4 that you can play with until you find one that does. Keep in mind that while it might take a little time, when you do find a customized curve that hits your g-spot, it will definitely be worth the wait! Trust me!

As for the vibrations; there are 5 different speeds and 5 different vibrational patterns and activating them is a sinch; simply press the metal + (plus) button located on the handle once to activate it and to run through the 5 different speeds. The sixth press of the button shifts to the vibrational patterns. To run through them just keep pressing the + (plus) button until you find one that you like. If you go past a setting that you like just hit the – (minus) button located right below and you go back to the previous speed or setting. To turn it off just hold down the – (minus) button for 2 seconds and off it goes. Fantastic for those of you that need a product that has a “quick off” feature.

I have only one complaint and to be honest it really isn’t anything to worry about; manipulating the joints to adjust the head and shaft might be a little scary at first, especially if you’re someone like me who tends to break things. That said all it takes is a couple minutes to learn the amount of pressure your G-ki needs to move and you’re fine.

Stats: Length 9″, insertable length 5″, circumference 4″, diameter 1 1/2″, weight 1.5 lbs

Final Verdict: 5.75 out of 5 stars (it’s my rating system and I can do what I want!)

Lelo Ina: ($144.99 – $219.99)

There are so many reasons I love the Lelo Ina; it’s easy to use, made from body safe silicone, is hypo allergenic, hygienic, non porous, latex & phthalate free, non toxic and silky to the touch, is built to last, has dual motors (meaning more stimulation points), is powerful, very quiet, waterproof and has a setting I’ve never experienced on another product (the “circular mode”) that vibrates like it’s not only inside you, but a part of you. A part you never knew could be stimulated.

As for operating it there’s only 4 buttons to worry about; (-) minus, (+) plus, upwards arrow and downwards arrow. To turn it on just press the (+) button and it begins to vibrate at a low and steady rumble, press it again and it goes up in power. If you want to change the setting simply press the upwards arrow and it jumps to a pulsation, hitting it again will take you to the next setting and so forth. To turn it off simply hold the (-) button for couple seconds and it quickly powers down.

*In total there are 8 different vibration modes with varying speeds.

While it is rather pricey I have to say that it is most definitely worth it! If I wasn’t doing reviews and had the money to spend, based on the experiences I’ve had with it – I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.

When it came to drawbacks there was really only one and it’s actually something I’ve heard about from other people, yet didn’t really experience myself; because of the shape and thickness of the product some find that it ‘pinches’ or ‘clamps down’ on the area uncomfortably. Since I knew this issue in advance I took some time to stretch the clitoral stimulator back until it wasn’t so tight and rigid.

Stats: Length 7 3/4″, insertable length 3 1/2″, circumference 4 1/2″, diameter 1 3/8″, weight 1.5 lbs

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

WeVibe IIWe-Vibe III: ($77.77 -$199.99)

When I received the original We-Vibe I was quickly impressed with its ease of use, high quality silicone materials, rechargeability and long battery life, innovative design (it’s meant for using during intercourse), comfortability, 3 vibration speeds and the rare ability to target specific areas in an almost perfectly hands free way.

Fortunately the We-Vibe III has the exact same features, but instead of 3 vibration speeds you get 6 different modes that include pulsations, escalations, roller coaster, throbbing and a wonderful steady and strong vibe. It also comes in a variety of colors, rather than the original plain purple design.

Of course none of that really matters unless it does what it’s supposed to, and boy does it ever. Inserting the product is very comfortable due to the thin, rounded and non intrusive design. It’s this thinness that allows the insertion of a penis without creating discomfort, but instead creating a sensation of fullness and amazing pressure on the g-spot. It’s also highly flexible so you can move, shape and shift it to target both the g-spot and labia, or for those of you with a clitoris that sits a little lower, it’s fantastic for targeting both areas without any stress or discomfort. Regardless of how you choose to use it, or the areas you hope to target, I have to say that this product is by far one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Things I didn’t like – it attracts lint like crazy. But that’s pretty much it.

Stats: Length 3″, insertable length 3″, circumference 3″, diameter1″

Final Verdict: 4.25 out of 5 stars

If none of the above products strike your fancy, keep in mind that there are many more worth checking out. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to list them all here, however I will be covering each of the below items in future reviews. If you’d like to check them out now, feel free to click the images below to learn more;

Extasy Elegance

Lelo Mona

Jopen Vanity Vr2

Vanity Vr2

Fun Factory Delight



Overall Final Verdict

I have to admit, I’ve been rather fortunate (read – spoiled) when it comes to getting my hands on high end products I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Having said that I understand just how important it is to know if a product is good or not before opting to spend some hard earned cash. With that in mind, you can rest assured that each of the products I’ve listed above are some of the best available. I should know, I’ve tried them.

For those of you that want more info, would like to purchase the products or are simply curious to see some other high end g-spot vibrators, I’d love if you showed your support by heading over to where shopping for intimate accessories is easy, affordable, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.

Looking for other fantastic products specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation? No problem! Simply click the banners below to read about some of the best on the market!

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