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Review: Tantus Neo, Juice, & Twist

Tantus PlugsAfter my recent success with the Tantus Meteorite I figured it was time I pushed the boundaries even further. So, ready to embark on a challenge far greater than the last, I pulled the Tantus Juice, Twist and Neo out of their packaging and laid them before me. As I contemplated exactly what it was I was about to do, three words chanted like a mantra in my head: Git. ‘Er. Done.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t dream of doing something like this; three plugs, larger than most I’ve tried, all in one sitting. But considering they’re made by Tantus, and were sent to me by one of my absolute favorite retailers, SheVibe, I decided it was worth pushing past my comfort zone for.  You’d think I’d have learned after the Tantus T-Rex. Nope. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment.

The Good

Before I break down my experiences, here’s all the good stuff they have in common:

  • Unlike the wide top of the the Tantus Ryder, the tips of Juice and Neo are gently pointed, making the initial insertion far easier and much more comfortable. Twist on the other hand is more of a gently rounded corkscrew.
  • They aren’t as flexible as the Meteorite. Sounds like a con, I know. However it is not.  The firmness was what made them doable. Being bendy isn’t always a good thing.
  • The base is probably the best I’ve ever found on an anal toy. It’s not rectangular or round, but instead an interesting anchor shape that fit in my butt crack nicely. For the most part I hardly felt it. On a couple instances I actually stopped to check and see if it was still there. More of this please.
  • Tantus LogoThey’re totally body safe. We’re talking hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odourless, tasteless, bleachable, boilable and for the most part virtually non-porous. If you want quality, you want Tantus.
  • Even though they’re thick, there’s still a fair bit of squish and give. Cushioning makes my ass happy.
  • Unlike other silicones the texture is satiny smooth, supple, and matte, limiting the amount of drag on the skin.
  • The bulbous shaft is tapered, gently graduating in girth from around 3.25“ inches to 4.25“ inches in the middle, back down to around 4“ inches, and finally settling in at just under 2″ inches for the bottom quarter. In my experience, that last portion was what kept them in place and made them comfortable. Without it they probably would have been too overwhelming to use for a decent period of time.
  • Each of the plugs measures 4″ inches in length, that’s a 1/2″ inch shorter than the Meteorite, but 1/4″ inch longer than the Little Flirt. Let’s just say it’s a happy medium.
  • They don’t attract lint like other, glossier, silicones. If you follow my reviews, you’ll know this matters to me.
  • This last bit is of no significant importance but I’m including it because I can; the colors are true colors. As in, the purple is really purple, not some pink-trying-be-purple-but-not-really-purple-cause-there’s-too-much-pink like you’ll find with other companies. I appreciate this.

Tantus Plugs


An easy challenge this was not. While the differences are apparent from just looking at them, experiencing them first hand was something else. For starters, each of the plugs are significantly girthier than my previous challenger, the Meteorite. We’re talking a whole inch difference. For some of you this will seem measly, but for me it was enough to require patience, perseverance, dedication, breathing techniques, and lube… an obnoxious amount of lube. Note to self: buy more Sliquid Sea a.s.a.p.

FYI: In an attempt to have a well rounded experience I usually ‘test’ toys a handful of times, choosing then to write my reviews based on those most memorable or similar (and therefore a ‘generality’).  In this case I was able to use Neo and Juice on multiple occasions. Twist however, I struggled with continuously and was only able to get it fully in once. The rest of the time my ass just fought with it mercilessly until I gave up. Bare that in mind when you make your purchasing decisions.

Tantus Neo Butt Plug Tantus Neo

Judging by appearances I went for Neo first.  It seemed the least intimidating of the three, and with no textures, the one most likely to enter without a struggle.  Sadly, I was wrong.  It wasn’t all bad though; the tip found its way almost instantly and with some pressure, the first 1/4 slowly slid into place. From there on it was a bit of an undertaking.

At first I couldn’t relax. The impending girth had me fearing for my sphincter, causing me to tense and clench. Not what you want to have happen when you’re trying to shove something in your butt.  Then came a considerable amount of start, stop, remove, add lube, start, stop, remove, add lube (you get the picture), until I finally had it half way in. At that point I had to pause, leave it alone, and allow my body to get used to the sensation as shoving it in would likely prove futile. Then in one fell swoop, I reached back and pushed, landing in place with a slight popping sensation. Almost instantly my body breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

The size was fulfilling without being too much, and the portion holding it there was surprisingly comfortable. Not at all what I expected considering the amount of effort it took to get it in. As I moved I could feel it inside me, but there was no jabbing, ‘stretching’, or discomfort. Instead, it was satisfying. With everything I had been through, I think this was a well earned result.

Also not surprising was the way the base fit in place, on three separate occasions I had to stop what I was doing and wiggle around to see if it was still there. This was a new experience for me as many butt toys (with thicker bases) often leave me feeling as if my butt’s being spread far and wide.

When it came time for removal the process was fairly simple; I gently slipped two fingers underneath the anchored base and pulled steadily. Unlike its entrance, Neo slid out with a minimal amount of hesitation. In retrospect I can honestly say this was one of the more intense experiences I’ve had in my reviewing career. Bravo, Tantus. Bravo.

Who Will Like It

People who have worked up from something thinner and are looking to explore, those that like a full feeling with little to no texture, anyone that’s tried the Tantus Ryder, loved it, but found the head continually hard to insert (being that it’s fully rounded and not ‘pointed’), or those that prefer medium sized plugs over probes.

Tantus Juice Butt PlugTantus Juice

Next up was the Tantus Juice, a plug akin to Neo. The main difference? Rather than a smooth untextured surface, Juice has a ribbed body similar to that of a deflated punch balloon, making my venture slightly more interesting.

While I’ll admit that having Neo to ready myself beforehand probably helped, it seemed as though the ribbing itself offered a bit more squish, give, and room for my ass to maneuver.  Quite surprisingly it glided into place within a minimum amount of force or effort.  The entire time I could feel the textures adding a new level of stimulation and pleasure.  Sadly though, once inserted it was as if the ribs didn’t exist. I could feel them if I focused, but for the most part internally it felt just like Neo. Very weird.

As for the rest of my experience with Juice, everything was almost identical to Neo; it was comfortable to wear, at no point did I feel ‘stretched out’, the base fit perfectly, and removal was stress free. With how smooth things went, I wish there was more to report. Though I’ll admit, if I had to choose between Neo and Juice, I’d definitely opt for the latter.

Who Will Like It

People that enjoy slight texturing, a feeling of fullness, and everything Neo has to offer.

 Tantus Twist Butt PlugTantus Twist

How do I say this nicely… I am not fond of the Tantus Twist.

In fact, it’s probably my least favorite of any butt toy I’ve reviewed thus far; the coiled body made getting it in place fairly difficult, and as each bump slid into place, my body offered more and more resistance until it became nearly unbearable. Good thing I like a challenge.

On that note, don’t try twirling it like you would the Crystal Delights twist, the base on Tantus’s version makes it almost impossible. Rather than a quick spin and insertion, you’ll likely find the base continually jabbing you with each go round. And while this does make the plugs body slightly easier to work in, eventually you’ll end up at a point where the base is stuck between your ass cheeks and just won’t turn anymore. Having a toy jammed in my crack before the rest of it is entirely inserted, no thank you.

Also, if you don’t use enough lube and try to twist it, you’ll likely feel like something is pulling at your hole. Ouch. Eventually I had to remove it entirely (we’ll get to the removal in a minute) and start from scratch. You cannot imagine my disdain. Let’s just say I wasn’t overly impressed with myself, my ass, or Twist by this point.

After much deliberation I finally managed to get it in, however once inserted, the ripples felt kind of odd. I mean, I could feel them, but every time I moved I couldn’t help but think I had crammed corrugated cardboard in my ass. Not pleasurable, and certainly not what I was hoping for.

Unfortunately my misfortune didn’t stop there, when it came time to take Twist out I struggled almost as much as I did putting it in; each bump felt as bad, if not worse, as it did during insertion. AND I DID THIS TWICE. The things I do for you people. The only saving grace was the fact that I knew once it was out, it was over. Sweet relief, why must you come in the form of a removed butt plug?

Who Will Like It

Those that are really experienced with anal play and really love textures, anyone that wants to ‘try something new’, persons who aren’t afraid of a challenge, those that like the sensations anal beads provide.

The Bad

Despite what most websites selling these three say I don’t think they’d be good for ‘beginners’. Someone who’s explored with fingers, yes. Someone that’s experienced with smaller, thinner butt plugs and wants something a larger than a finger but smaller than a breadbox, yup. Someone that’s had anal sex, enjoyed it, and wants a plug to play with, most def. But a person that’s new to the scene, hasn’t had many opportunities to put things in their butt, be it a finger, plug, penis, or otherwise, likely not.

As someone that knows her body, has spent the past 7 years putting things in her ass for ‘science’, I can honestly say these were a tad too large my first few goes round. If they were too large for me, I can only imagine what they’d feel like to someone that has no idea what they’re doing. If you’re not sure where to start my ‘Beginners Guide To Butt Play‘ might come in handy.

Other than that I don’t have much to complain about. They’re luxurious as far as anal plugs go, they just weren’t my ideal. I’m working on it.

Care & Cleaning

Tantus Butt Plug Close UpBecause they’re all crafted out of medical grade silicone, and therefore wont retain bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, they don’t require heavy duty cleaning many lesser products would. Simply give them a good wash with mild soap and water and let them sit to air dry.

Or, if you’re a clean freak and can’t stand the thought of something that’s been in your ass coming into contact with anything else, you can boil them in water for 3 minutes, toss ’em in your dishwasher, or wash them with a 10% bleach solution. Though honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary.

Also, because Juice and Twist are quite textured there’s a lot of opportunity for bodily fluids, lube, bacteria, and ‘stuff’ to collect. They won’t absorb into silicone and don’t pose any real risks, but it does mean you’ll need to pay a bit more consideration when cleaning.

Final Verdict

Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist Butt PlugsAt the end of the day, and knowing Tantus like I do, I don’t think these are bad plugs. On the contrary.  Even with my personal struggles I think they’re shining examples of what high quality butt plugs should be; they’re crafted out of medical grade silicone making them totally body safe, are silky smooth to the touch,  don’t drag on the skin, have a base that makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear, don’t attract lint, bare pointy tips to help make insertion easier than most, and will last a lifetime with a minimal amount of care. Unfortunately, they’re just too for me, right now. Like I said, I’m working on it.

Considering all that, I’d certainly suggest them. I’d just make sure to point out all the differences so anyone interested would know what to buy… if you like a medium plug that’s fairly basic, grab a Neo.

If you want something the same size, with a slight amount of texturing adding some fun sensations, pick up a Juice.

For those brave souls that don’t back down when the going gets tough, Twist will be your new favorite.

Otherwise, when it comes to butt plugs, you’ve certainly got a lot of other options to choose from over at SheVibe.

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Review: Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFor as willing as I am, my foray into butt play hasn’t been easy; instead of accepting toys readily some part of me seems to reject them.

It’s not that I don’t like the sensation, or that I’m grossed out. It’s not that I have a mental hang up when it comes to anal play. It’s not even that I’m afraid it’ll hurt, nine and a half times out of ten it doesn’t. In all honesty, I really don’t know what the deal is. I just know that initially there’s an invisible wall between my butt and toys that I struggle to get past.  I do ‘get there’ eventually, but it’s usually a lengthy process.

Not surprisingly, where plugs and probes are concerned, I tend to err on the side of small and silicone. I don’t attempt to cram things in my body before I’m ready. I don’t expose myself to unreasonable challenges hoping for a miracle. And although I enjoy the full feeling I get from small Crystal Delights glass plugs, I tend to reserve them for special occasions used only after I’ve worked myself up from something else.

This time, I went straight to the Meteorite. No prepping. No long and drawn out relaxation techniques. No pre-inserted toys just for good measure. No fingers. No foreplay. Just me and the Meteorite, ass to plug in a game of win, lose, or draw. Like they say, go big or go home.

The Good

Armed with a half empty bottle of Sliquid H2O, a big glass of Cab Merlot, a steady hand, some new found determination, and the Meteorite, I settled in ready for a challenge.

From the start everything was far better than I expected; the lube flowed, my butt agreed, and the Meteorite entered. It wasn’t scary or overwhelming. My body didn’t tense like usual. Finding the hole was quick and easy (yep, I’m going there). Getting it in was a breeze. And once in place, felt extremely comfortable.  This was by no means a ‘typical’ experience for me, quite the opposite actually.

Of course I can’t take all the credit, the benefits and features the Meteorite has to offer had a lot to do with my success.

First and foremost, the size was perfect for my body. Measuring 5″ in total length, with 4.5″ of that being fully insertable, it’s neither too big, nor too small.  And while it’s the second longest I’ve tried to date (I know, I’m a puss), it felt considerably smaller.  If you’ve ever stuffed something a little too long in your butt, only to be met with a feeling of being internally prodded, you’ll likely know what I’m talking about. Not the case with the Meteorite. I felt it, but it wasn’t overwhelming, painful, or obtrusive.

Regarding girth, the shaft starts with a gently rounded tapered tip that’s 1.25″ around, gradually progresses just below the middle to 3.25″, then decreases to 2.75″. Like the length, the body isn’t overly large or intimidating, and even at its thickest was still narrow enough to fit nicely without feeling like I was being ‘stretched out’.  I found it similar to a middle finger, just not a dainty one.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugAdding to the experience was a very flexible, smooth, squishy and supple silicone body. For most this wont seem like something that would make much of a difference, but anytime I gyrated it moved with me. This is a good thing. No matter what position or how I shifted weight, using it remained exceptionally comfortable

Of the things I dislike about many butt toys, the typical round base is the one that irks me most.  Sure, they makes them wearable in harnesses and work well at keeping them in my butt, but other than that I find them annoying. For the most part, they make my ass cheeks feel like they’re being spread far and wide. Not only is this uncomfortable, it leaves me feeling a tad exposed. Thankfully the base on the Meteorite is rectangular and not too wide so it fits nicely in my crack without being awkward, a vast improvement from others. It’s even thinner than the Lil flirt. #winning

As far as appearances go, with the exception of the glittery Vixen Creations Buddy, the shading options you’ll find at Babes ‘n Horny, the capsule pill like plugs BS is Nice creates, the stunning Swarovski beauties Crystal Delights designs, or the ones Ceramix makes, Meteorite is probably one of the most attractive around.  Each of the 3 opaque colors stands out beautifully on its own, then gently blends a light lime green, neonish orange and pretty florescent purply pink in a cool subtly ombre effect. Also, the opaque sheen makes it look like it has a layer of crushed sparkles covering it. I tried to take a picture to show you all (above right), but sadly my camera does not do it justice. Tantus, more of this please.

Finally, it’s crafted out of some of the best silicone on the market. None of that some-part-of-it-is-silicone-so-we’re-gonna-call-it-silicone-even-though-it’s-really-just-jelly bullshit. What you have here is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odorless, tasteless, and totally safe for the body. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are many reasons I love Tantus, their quality is a big one.

Alternatively, if you’re not very experienced with vaginal insertion and want a product that could potentially help you get used to the feeling, I think the Meteorite would be perfect.  I didn’t get too much of a kick out of using it this way, but I’m sure there are some of you that will.

Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug base

rectangle base

tantus meteorite size comparison

size comparison

tantus lil flirt vs meteorite

lil flirt vs meteorite

tantus packaging



The Bad

Having said all that, aside from the gorgeous appearance it’s pretty simple. There’s no texturing for added sensations like the Zing, Juice, Twist, or Small Ripple, and rather than having a heavily bulged body to create a full feeling, it’s fairly thin. If they were hoping to create a toy perfect for anyone wanting something longer than the Lil Flirt, without being intimidating, I personally think they nailed it. But I also wouldn’t be surprised many find this plug a tad on the bland side.

Because the shaft is relatively thin there isn’t much to grab hold of, and instead of staying put, I found it constantly wanted to slip out… though I’ll admit that’s a common occurrence for me. On one occasion it actually felt like it ‘popped’ out (not pooped, that’s different).  In trying to find a solution I tested a bunch of ideas, none of which helped; clenching my butt together just made me feel like I was trying to hold in a poop, jamming it as close to my body as possible felt like I had underwear riding up my crack, and holding it in place was awkward and distracting. With everything said and done the only thing that made a difference was sitting on it. Not an ideal solution for use while having sex, but if you’re creative you can find a way to make it work.

Although the flexible shaft made things comfortable once it was in, there were a few instances when getting past the first quarter was a challenge; because it wasn’t firm (which would allow me to push against it without it moving), anytime I shifted my weight it bent awkwardly so that I had to stop and reposition.  Not a huge deal, but having to continually start and stop just to get it fully inserted was slightly annoying.

You’re also going to need a lot of lube. If you don’t, there will be drag on the skin. Not necessarily a ‘con’ that’s specific to the Meteorite, you’ll get it with most silicone toys, but something you’ll need to keep in mind.

Also, it attracts lint.


bendy tip


flexible body


full bend


Care & Cleaning

Because it’s crafted out of medical grade silicone, and therefore wont retain bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it doesn’t require heavy duty cleaning many lesser products would. Simply give it a good wash with mild soap and water and let it sit to air dry. Or, if you’re a clean freak and can’t stand the thought of something that’s been in your ass coming into contact with anything else, you can boil it in water for 3 minutes, toss it in your dishwasher, or wash it with a 10% bleach solution. Though honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFinal Verdict

If you’re like me and still feel a little wary when it comes to butt toys, but are brave enough to explore, do your self a favor and invest in the Tantus Meteorite, it’s got a lot going for it; the body safe silicone is supple with a nice amount of squish providing a lovely cushioned feeling, the shaft is surprisingly flexible and once fully inserted moves with the body comfortably, the thin tip is gently rounded so getting it in place is quick and easy, and the tapered body helps it to slip inside effortlessly.  It also comes in black.

All things considered, it’s one of the better designed products I’ve come across, even if it does seem a little basic.

If on the other hand you want something that provides different means of stimulation (size and textures to boot!), snag yourself a small or large Ripple, Zing, or Juice. They’re all made by Tantus and have the same level of quality the company has become known for, with an added bit of consideration paid to sensations.

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Tantus body safe sex toys

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Review: Divine Interventions Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Baby JesusYes, you read the title correctly. I’m reviewing a Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

Unlike my review of the Diving Nun, I’m not going to make any apologies. I’m over censoring my experiences, especially when it’s done for those who are unable to differentiate between a silicone molded sex toy called the “Virgin Mary” – for dramatic effect – and having sex with an actual crucifix (which would be wrong, since the sharp edges COULD STAB YOU IN YER BITS). If there is a product I feel like reviewing I’m going to, without shame, embarrassment, fear of retaliation, or guilt… so if you feel this deserves a warning before reading on, you can find one here.

Of course I do know that no matter where I take this review, or what I do to make light of it, many of you will be taken aback. So, in an effort to make it clear that we’re all on the same page let me just say this: I’m well aware of the potential implications and consequences sticking a little Jesus in my ass could create. Being married to someone who went to a very strict Catholic school I’ve been informed that this review in particular will practically pave a gleaming golden walkway to hell, complete with my very own fiery arches, winged apocalyptic horse drawn carriage, fanged minions, royal diamond encrusted scepter (sourced from unethical places and workers, of course), all topped off with a set of brass knuckles to rule them all… and I’m totally okay with that.  At the end of the day I’ve made a living toting sex advice and slinging dildos. What’s one more silicone mold to add to the fire and brimstone?

I kid, I kid. Ugh, I’m just making it worse aren’t I?! Pffft. As if this is the very worst I could do.

p.s. if anyone can draw me the above stated scenario in graphic novel form I’d be beyond wowed.

First Holy Communion clean up napkinPackaging

Like the other Divine Interventions goodies, this adorable little plug arrived swaddled in nothing more than a First Holy Communion napkin to protect it; no clam shell plastic, no flimsy cardboard box, no thin plastic bag. Literally nothing other than the shipping box. For some this may come off at cheap or impractical, but to me it’s highly appropriate, especially considering the nature of the product; if someone was  come across it they wouldn’t necessarily know what it was granting you the privacy and discretion you deserve. More than that it’s cost effective and eco-friendly. Plain brown boxed Jesus for the #win.

The Good

Regarding all of the non blasphemous reasons I think the Baby Jesus Butt Plug is a grand ‘ol time:

With the exception of facial features, namely the chubby little cheeks and forehead, the silicone body is supple and smooth with a generous bit of squish and give. Even with the variety of ridges to work past, it’s not overwhelming or intimidating, instead being designed to effortlessly slide and ‘pop’ into place with a generous amount of lube… just don’t make the mistake of thinking you wont feel much, because you will… a very weird experience indeed; what you’re sensing is the total awareness of Little J’s head going in your sphincter. Thankfully the bumps aren’t obnoxious or well defined, instead working quite well as a way to gauge how far it has traveled. It’s like a built in GPS system shared between you and J.  I’m smirking at the thought.

baby j vs tantus ryder

Once inserted it’s not too big nor too small, being perfect for those looking to try something larger and sleeker than the Vixen Creations Buddy, but a tad more sensational and stimulating than the Tantus Ryder (both of which are fantastic if you’re  afraid to explore, but willing to try). Size wise you’re looking at 4.5″ inches in length, 3″ inches insertable, and 1.5″ inches in diameter, all of which are pretty standard measurements where butt toys are concerned. Comparatively speaking, if you like the Tantus Ryder you’ll likely find they’re pretty damn similar, with the only major differences being the texturing and tapered lower portion; size wise, their near identical matches (pictured left).

On that note, the flexible and elongated flared base is far more desirable than typical round versions as it doesn’t shift, turn, slide, or spread the ass cheeks uncomfortably apart, instead fitting with little to no discomfort. For the most part it makes itself unknown, unless you’ve never used one, in which case you’ll know it’s there, at all times. For those that like suction cup action (i.e. thwacking your product down so it stays in place allowing you to mount it), once suctioned to a flat surface it stays stuck extremely well with little to no shifting or moving (great for use in the shower or tub).

When it comes to anything you pop in your butt you’ll want to make sure it won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, being that Baby J is made of non-porous silicone all the bases are covered. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free… basically put, if cleanliness is next to Godliness, this may just be as close as you’ll get where ass toys are concerned. And for the record, it passed the flame test with flying colors.

Totally unrelated to the usage I have to say that the coloring is quite stunning, displaying a lovely deep Merlot hue marbled with metallic charcoal grey and black tones, all gleaming like the North Star in the night.


size comparison

flared base

flared base

A Hand Full

A Hand Full

Back Of Plug
Back Of Plug

The Bad

There’s a fair amount of grooves where bodily fluids, lube and debris will collect, requiring more attention when it comes to cleaning. On the plus side it’s made of quality silicone so nothing will actually absorb into it, and a 3 minute purge in boiling water will sterilize it completely.

IMG_6287Before I continue I just want to point out that the next ‘issue’ has absolutely no effect on the usage of the toy, instead being more of a silly-little-bizzaro-land-masochistic-perfectionist expectation than a real complaint; if I’m going to be cramming Baby Jesus in my ass, I’d like the product to resemble him so closely that I legitimately feel the guilt and shame a sinning blasphemer would. After all, isn’t that the whole point?  Sadly it certainly doesn’t look like him… in all honesty, I can’t help but think it could be the potential offspring of Big Baby from Toy Story 3 and Spider Baby (a.k.a Babyface) from Toy Story 1, if that could even be a thing. Or a baby ninja turtle, without the shell and fun colored bandana of course. Either way it’s cute, but not close enough. If only the one angry eyebrow could satisfy me esthetically. *sigh*

Again, this isn’t necessarily a fault of the product, just something you’ll want to keep in mind since the ass doesn’t self lubricate, and silicone can often create a drag on the skin, you’ll need lube, and lots of it to make insertion as easy as possible. If you’re not fully relaxed, lubed or ready, yes, you’ll likely find it a tad uncomfortable, but if you follow the steps I’ve outlined here, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the glorious way it makes your ass feel.

Finally, it attracts lint, fluff, pet hair, your own hair, dust, etc, etc, etc, and damn near anything else that it might come in contact to like white on rice. If your a klutz like me, be sure all surfaces are clean or expect to be annoyed.

Baby Jesus on the Rocks

Final Verdict

All things considered I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite plug, I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it’s my second favourite, but since it’s crafted from a quality material, isn’t overwhelmingly large or intimidating, feels comfortable once in place, and grants the opportunity to brag about something most people never will (ahem, buttsecks with Baby J. Trust me, I know just how wrong that statement was), I can see how it might just become a favourite of many.

Is it potentially inappropriate, a little creepier than expected, and tacky as all hell? Certainly, but I’d like to think I’m a better person and reviewer for it. The things I do for you people. #YouWin

If you’re looking for quality sex toys made by a small company, and don’t have any religious guilt to deal with (or if you do and it’s the thing that gets you off), head over to Divine Interventions and grab something that might just help you get a little closer to God. Can I get an Amen?

Or for those that want the same level of quality, without the religious aspect, I’m going to offer up the Non-Denominational line of sex toys … just as great, but without all the fun of being a total blasphemous sinner.

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Review: Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Bunny Tail Butt PlugI really shouldn’t need an excuse or reason to review the Bunny Tail Butt Plug, after all… IT’S. A. BUNNY. TAIL. BUTT. PLUG. But with Easter upon us, I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the holiday, or the abundance of potential photo props it brings. What can I say, it certainly helped egg me on. See what I did there? I digress.

Based on the look and feel found within the 2002 hardcore (and I do mean hardcore) BDSM porn flick, Fashionistas, this plug is just one of many found within the collection.  Truthfully, I’ve never really been much of a fan of Icon Brands or the products they produce, for the most part you’ll find jelly items I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole or my vagina, beyond obnoxious PVC replicas of male pornstar schlongs, and lots of other questionable merchandise, but the Fashionistas line is where they seem to have gotten it right; the materials are comparable to many other high end sex toys, the appearance is elegant yet striking, and the quality is definitely there. If only they could bring everything else up to par.


Although the thin plastic box feels cheap, the outer appearance is anything but; purple, black, and gold tones combine with a slightly Gothic font to create a sophisticated theme. It’s cute but brazen, classy but playful, professional yet edgy, and respectfully dark, offering an element of intrigue without coming off as campy or cheesy. Set in the center of the box is a peek-a-boo window showcasing the bunny tail in all its fluffy glory.

While it’s not the most discreet, the choice of wording isn’t as hardcore as one would expect with a product like this. Considering how intense the movie was, and the fact that most BDSM products come displayed in themes that are often all-out-balls-to-the-wall-freakish, I can’t help but be impressed with the choice to remain minimal. I’d thank the success of 50 Shades of Gray for that, but I hated the book. So I wont.

The sides of the box are rather boring, sporting nothing but the ” Fashionistas” emblem. The back provides a brief description along with pictures of other products within the line.  I’m personally loving the design found on the handle of the Fashionistas Whip. Located within the box sits a clear plastic tray whose center is cut to perfectly cradle the plug. If you want a tail that retains its shape later I suggest holding onto this piece for storage. Trust me on this.

Packing: Front

Fashionistas Butt Plug Packaging

Packing: Back

Fashionistas Bunny Plug Packaging


Fashionistas Packaging Bunny Plug

Packing: Side

The Good

When first glancing the Fashionistas Bunny Tail Butt Plug I can’t help but notice the slight resemblance to the Tantus lil Flirt (pictured lower right), however there are some considerable differences setting them drastically apart; the bunny tail is heavier and thicker, has absolutely no flexibility, squish or give (it’s glass, duh), has a round base, and for anyone that wants to be a bunny (who doesn’t!?), sprouting from the base are a plume of feathers, that when fluffed, beget the appearance of a bunny tail. And yes, it does surprisingly look like a bunny tail once in place. *insert smart assy comment about bunny tails and butt sex here*.

Putting it to use is simple, as the combination of rounded tip, seamless design, tapered body, and sleek glass makes insertion damn near effortless, sliding into place without any discomfort or force. Then, once inserted, the bulging middle creates a comfortably full feeling, while also acting as something for the muscles to grasp, holding it in place satisfactorily. On that note, if you’ve found that thinner plugs slide or pop out of place during use, you may want to consider graduating up a size or grabbing something made of glass… for as much as I love my Tantus Lil Flirt, it just doesn’t cut it anymore, constantly leaving my ass frustrated by its inability to remain in place, not to mention wanting by the lack in girth. The bunny tail fills those voids nicely, while also adding a noticeable amount of weight that’s reminiscent of another plug I love. And just like that, my ass is happy once again.

Regarding total size, from tip of the feathers to the base of the plug, you’re looking at between 7″ inches and 8″ inches. The difference being dependent on the length of the feathers, and whether or not they get wet/ruined by lube over time. The 3″ inches that are insertable are pretty standard, though the 4″ inch circumference and 2″ diameter may be a little overwhelming for some. Don’t let that last little bit fool you, by no means is this a large plug. I’d call it a comfortable medium, though that statement is admittedly subjective.  For those that feel it’ll come up short, there’s also a large bunny tail butt plug to contend with.

One of the things I have always loved about glass toys is how well they work for those that want to explore with temperature play; simply place the body of the plug (not the feathers) in warm or cool water, give them 10 – 15 seconds to retain the temperature and enjoy. While this may not be ideal for some during anal use, there will be those that find the added sensations rather enjoyable.

I know there are going to be quite a few of you that are looking at it and thinking ‘glass in my ass? No way!’, just let me state for the record that glass has quite a few benefits; it’s non-porous so you never have to worry about it absorbing bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it’s naturally latex and phthalate free, is hypoallergenic, works with any kind of lubricant, and slips into place as if it’s meant to be there. Everything considered, I’m always surprised glass toys still haven’t gone more mainstream; they’re far better than any porous jelly product you’d cram in your ass without thinking twice about how gross and unsafe they are (jelly, I mean).

You’re also probably going to assume that because the plugs are made of glass they might be a tad dangerous; so long as you don’t drop them or slam them against a wall I (but really, why would you be doing that?!) they will hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear. Trust me, I should know – I’ve accidentally dropped all of mine a couple times now and not one has a chip or crack in it.

size comparison

tail base

bunny tail vs flirt

fluffy tail

The Bad

For as much as I love the idea of having a temporary bunny tail held in place by my ass, there are a few major flaws I can’t overlook…

Sadly, the design of opaque black tapered plug is fairly basic, with almost no defining features differentiating it from other glass plugs on the market. Yes, the inclusion of a silvery etched fairy frolicking in the flowers/filigree is a seemingly cute touch, but the reason for it escapes me. A killer bunny or poisoned carrot may have been better, at minimum it would have been consistent with the dark theme. Then again, I haven’t seen the complete film yet (the 7 minute masked Belladonna bj scene was enough for one day), so it’s safe to say maybe I’m missing something. Though I doubt it. Fortunately the etching isn’t something that detracts from the smoothness of the glass, you can feel it when running fingers along the length of the plug, but during insertion it’s virtually non-existent.

Any contact with lube, especially silicone, will leave the feathers looking, in a word, ruined (as pictured below). Sadly there is no easy fix for this, it’s a veritable catch 22; since the ass doesn’t self lubricate you can’t use anal toys without lube, however during insertion, it’s almost impossible not to touch the feathers since they’re so close to the base. See where I’m going with this? It’s disappointing to say the least.

Speaking of lube, one of the only issues I have with glass toys is how slippery they get once lube is introduced. Sure, it’s great when it comes to insertion, but it makes removal a pain in the ass. No pun intended. Not only will you likely find yourself grasping at the base like your life depended on it, but you’ll also likely find your fingers haphazardly slip sliding around in a vain attempt to maintain control. And herein lies the problem, no matter how hard you try, you’ll be tempted to grab at those fluffy quills and yank with all your might. Giving into my temptations I did just that, finding myself left with a fistful of fluff. Fortunately the actual quills and majority of feathers remained intact, but that isn’t to say that will always be the case… and was basically how I ended up ruining my fluffy tail with silicone lube. Now it looks more like roadkill. FML.

In case you didn’t know feathers can, and often do, retain scent. Oh, did I forget to mention they can’t really be washed either?  Draw your own conclusions from that. Yeah, good times.

Finally, and this won’t be the case for everyone, if you’re used to thinner products or haven’t yet explored with anal play, the combination of rigid glass and size may be a bit uncomfortable.  If this is the case get yourself something smaller and a bit flexible like the Vixen Creations Buddy Butt Plug, Tantus Lil Flirt, or Small Ripple, follow my advice when it comes to Beginners Butt Play, and take your sweet ass time. That time the pun was intended.

Care & Cleaning

Cleaning the plug is pretty simple, especially since it’s glass; just give it a gentle wash with soap and water, or use toy cleaner. Just keep in mind that exposing the feathers to water, or any form of liquid for that matter, will probably ruin them. If you must, and I mean absolutely must, you can give them a swipe with gentle baby wipes or moist towelettes, blot them with a soft towel, and leave them to completely air dry. Once dry, place the entire plug in a box or container that allows it to retain its shape, otherwise, you’ll likely end up with a flat bunny tail that’s a shadow of its former self.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day the Fashionistas Bunny Tail Butt Plug is a cute concept that somehow managed to fall a little flat.  The plug itself is beautifully designed, and though the fairy etching seems a little out of place, the overall look and feel is one I can certainly appreciate. It sits on the brink of tacky without ever fully venturing over the line.

The piece de resistance, being the bunny tail, will be great for those that love petplay, just remember to keep every fluffy inch away from fluids and you should be fine. Otherwise, it’ll probably look like you stuck roadkill in yer butt. And we all know how not sexy that is.  Did I just cross the line? Meh, you should expect that from me by now.

For more info, or to check out all of the products within the Fashionistas line, head over to FunWares and tell them Kara_Sutra sent you.

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Beginners Guide: Butt Friendly Sex Toys

Butt ToysJust like every other sex toy on the market, butt toys come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials, each designed to offer a specific kind of sensation. Some target the p-spot (prostate), others provide a feeling of fullness, some allow you to become comfortable with the idea of having something in your butt, while others penetrate deeply for a fuller feeling, some vibrate for a heightened sense of arousal, while others simply let you safely explore anal play.

Regardless of what you’re into, there is something to suit your needs, it’s just a matter of finding one that works with you and your body.

Tips & Suggestions

Since there is a lot of miscommunication and horrible myths when it comes to butt play, I thought I’d fill you in on a few tips & tricks just to make sure you’re fully in the know before getting busy:

  • Desensitizing products are a no-no; although some may feel using numbing agents is a good idea, I suggest you don’t; not only do they limit the amount of control you have, they could be dangerous as you probably won’t feel any pain and therefor not know when you’re going too far too fast. Instead, you may want to consider an anal spray that relaxes the area rather than numbing it.
  • Always use a product with a flared base; this is important as it will stop the product from being pulled inside, potentially saving you a trip to the doctors office. If you’re using beads, make sure to count them after. Yes, they have popped off and been lost in people before.
  • sliquidChoose a good quality lube; no matter what type you choose I highly suggest the use of a thick lubricant that’s very slippery and maintains its consistency. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself constantly have to stop to reapply. I find silicone lubricants work best (unless you’re using a silicone product, then I’d suggest something else like a good water based lube).
  • No rough stuff; be sure that anything you insert is smooth and free of any jagged edges, points, or ridges, as the internal lining of the rectum/anus could be torn or scratched, potentially leading to infection.
  • Never go from back to front; although you can go from vagina to anus, I highly suggest you refrain from going anus to vagina. That’s just asking for trouble. If you’re going to be sharing with a partner, I’d advise either using a condom (and changing it between partners) or thoroughly cleaning it between uses.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness; on that note, because the anus can harbor bacteria it is always advised that you fully clean each and every product after use (that goes for everything, not just butt toys).
  • Pick a body safe material; finally, when shopping for a butt toy make sure to choose one crated out of a non-porous material like glass, steel, high quality silicone, sealed wood or aluminum as they won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria like a cheap jelly or rubber toy would.

*Wanna play but not sure how to do it safely or where to begin? Check out my Beginners Guide To Butt Play as it should answer any of the questions you have.

Butt Toy Breakdown

Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for:

Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted in the butt and held in place by the sphincter muscles. Because the muscles naturally react by clenching and relaxing around the stem and head of the plug, it often gives the impression of being “plugged up”. Basically put, you insert them in your ass and they stay there, providing a pleasurable sensation of fullness and/or pressure.

Because many plugs are smaller in size they tend to be great for those that are easily intimated or afraid of inserting anything in their butt.

*the Tantus Ryder pictured left is a good example of a body safe butt plug. Some other great plugs include the Vixen Creations Buddy, any of the Crystal Delights Plugs (comes with a genuine Swarovski Crystal in the base), any of the Njoy Pure Plugs, the newer Tantus Juice, Twist or Neo, or the ones Blush, Aneros, or Good Vibes make.

Anal Probes

While the name may sound somewhat scary (thanks to the association with ‘alien anal probing’), probes tend to be surprisingly pleasurable. Unlike plugs, which tend to be rather small by comparison, probes usually describe any type of longer sized intimate accessory that offers deeper anal penetration. Very often you’ll find they come in a tapered shape with some form of texture whether it’s ribbing, rippling or otherwise.

*the Fun Factory Wanda pictured right is a good example of a body safe anal probe. Some other great probes include the Tantus Ripple, or the Boundless 6 Inch Ridged Probe.

Fun Factory Anal Beads

Fun Factory Felix

Anal Beads

Because stimulation of the anus and surrounding areas can offer a surprising amount of pleasure, many people have shed their inhibitions and begun to explore anal play with products like anal beads.

As the name would suggest, anal beads consist of multiple balls or spheres of similar or varying sizes, which are inserted anally and removed at varying speeds during orgasm (the pleasurable feeling of having them pass through the narrow sphincter can help to enhance the experience).

Unfortunately not all beads are created equally, especially when it comes to body safe materials. Things you’ll want to consider when choosing; always look for silicone or non-porous material for both the beads and the ‘cord’ to which they’re attached (nylon, lycra and other fabric materials are all porous and therefore cannot be fully sterilized), beads that are fixed in place – meaning they don’t move up or down the ‘cord’, a sturdy handle for removal, and absolutely no steams or sharp edges.

*the Fun Factory Flexi Felix is a good example of body safe anal beads. Some other great probes include the Cheeky Beads, Vibrating Progressive BeadsTantus Beads.

Aneros Helix Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Helix

Prostate Stimulator/Massagers

The prostate, more commonly known as the “p-Spot”, is located few inches inside the anal canal (those that are ‘female bodied’ don’t have one) and forms a part of the male reproductive system, with the main function being to produce the fluid that protects and enriches sperm.

Because the nerves that control erections surround the prostate, many have found that applying pressure to the p-spot or stimulating it via massage is highly pleasurable. As such, there are many specifically designed to massage the area and intensify stimulation.

*the Aneros Helix pictured right is a good example of a prostate massager.

For some it’s the sensation of ‘fullness’ that brings pleasure, for others it’s stimulation of specific areas like the ‘p-spot’ that do it, regardless of your specific likes or dislikes, so long as you’re being safe and using a product specifically designed for anal play I say embrace it and enjoy it!

Curious about the butt toys I’ve reviewed? Head over to my butt toy review page for all the ass stuffin’ goodness!

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