Colt Anal Douche Review

coltEvery time I talk about butt sex, ass toys, or anything to do with anuses, I get bombarded with questions about anal douching/enemas. While some ask the basic question “is it really necessary?”, I’m most commonly asked what the process is, if it hurts, if it’s messy and what product(s) work best.

It was this continual prompting that lead me to try the Colt Anal Douche so that I could finally do a review for all of you.

To be honest, I’ve always been curious about douches/enemas and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try one out. As for the debate regarding whether or not it’s necessary, I suggest you read this article by the wonderful people at Scarleteen – then decide for yourself.


Colt Anal DoucheLike the majority of the products in the Colt line (by California Exotics) the packaging isn’t the most discreet. The left side is filled with a picture of a chiseled man in a Speedo, clenching his giant bubble butt while flexing his back muscles for all the world to see. If that isn’t enough to make you giggle, or recoil in embarrassment, the words “ANAL DOUCHE” are listed across every side of the box,  giving anyone within eye shot a pretty good idea of what the product is.

If you live with roommates, family, friends or a partner and don’t want them knowing you’re using this type of product I suggest you toss out the box as soon as it arrives.

The Goods

Colt Anal Douche Nozzle 1 As for the actual product it comes in 3 pieces; a flexible rubber bottom that looks like the bulb from a Turkey baster, a long thin nozzle that is very thin, and another long rippled nozzle add-on for “personal pleasure”. In total there are actually 4 pieces, since the rounded top of the rippled add-on is removable to make cleaning easier.

Why they made  the rounded tip removable, rather than just putting a hole in the end, I have no idea. Sure it means you can clean it, but if there was no seam where *stuff* could get lodged, you wouldn’t need to clean it to begin with. Other than that, it just seems silly and dangerous considering that if it wasn’t screwed in properly it might “get lost” inside you or if used in a rough matter, could scrape during insertion or removal.

The rubber bulb measures just over 4 inches in length and can hold up to 1 cup of water. It’s relatively easy to squeeze (when full or empty), feels smooth and is pretty thick, making tearing it something you wouldn’t need to worry about.

This product does contain latex so if you are highly allergic you may want to look for other options.

colt 2The thin, body safe ABS nozzle measures 3 inches in total length, (2 inches insertable) and is only 5 cm in width making insertion quick and painless. The  ribbed nozzle measures around 6 inches in total length (including the flared base), although it’s only 4 inches insertable. It has a width of about 10 cm making it slightly larger and less comfortable for a beginner. (based on my experience anyways)

Putting the basic parts together is extremely easy: place the base of the thin nozzle into the rubber bulb and push/twist it together until it fits snugly, voila you’re done. Seriously, it’s that easy. If you wanted to add the ripple part it fits over the thin nozzle and once in place, seems to stay together rather well.

Even if it did come off while anally inserted the rippled part has a slightly flared base which could prevent it from getting stuck inside you.

Cleanliness is next to …

Rather than go into detail about my usage of the Colt Anal Douche, I’m going to answer the questions I’m commonly asked using my experience with the product in mind;

What is the process?

Using the product is pretty simple and much easier than expected; just fill the bulb with warm water by using one of two methods;

I suggest using warm/room temperature water rather than hot or cold as you’ll be less likely to shock your system.

1.) Pour the fluid directly in the opening of the bulb until full. Gently (over a sink) insert the base of the nozzle being careful not to squeeze the bulb. While it is a little more difficult, doing it this way limits the amount of air trapped inside the bulb.

2.) Submerge the tip of the nozzle in a clean cup/bowl/pot of water while squeezing the bulb. Allow the bulb to completely fill with fluid by relaxing the pressure on the bulb (think of using a Turkey baster). This is the easier way, however I found that it also lead to more air being trapped inside the bulb which could later be pushed inside the user, leading to gas and cramping.

After making sure that there is no air in the bulb, the nozzle is well lubed and you’ve taken the time to relax, insert the nozzle in the area to be cleaned (your anus)  and gently squeeze the bulb until either you feel “full” or all the water has been drained. When you feel comfortable remove the nozzle from your body. Some people will feel the need to expel the water right away, others might be able to hold it for tad longer. Since I’m all about comfort, do what feels best for you. Keep repeating this process until the water runs clear.

Does it hurt?

With the Colt Anal Douche as my first experience, my answer is no. Of course the fact that the nozzle was thin helped, as did the large amount of lube used and level of relaxation I created. That said, it wasn’t the most ‘comfortable’ experience, didn’t necessarily feel good and definitely took a little getting used to.

The thin nozzle was far more comfortable and easier to insert than the ribbed one.

Is it messy?

In total I’ve used the product 5 separate times, 4 with the thin nozzle and 1 with the ribbed nozzle; every time the thin nozzle was used there was no mess, the one time the ribbed nozzle was used water ended up ‘leaking’ everywhere. That was enough for me to decide I didn’t like it. I haven’t tried the ribbed nozzle again and I don’t really intend to, not only was it messy, but contrary to what the box said, it wasn’t very ‘pleasurable’ either.

I used the product out of curiosity, wanting to have enough experience to ‘review’ it properly/honestly and due to a health issue (constipation), not for butt sex. If you do choose to use a douche/enema before intercourse make sure to wait a few hours so that the discomfort and/or irritation you may experience will be minimal.

Care & Cleaning

Cleaning the product is relatively easy, just wash all the parts with an anti-bacterial soap and make sure to rinse them well. When everything is dry store it in a cool place until next time.

Colt Anal Douche NozzleThe Bad

The majority of my complaints are with the packaging and not so much the product. I don’t think an image of a muscular man clad in underwear was necessary, nor do I think having the words “ANAL DOUCHE” written in capitals and plastered all over the box was needed.

As for the product, maybe it’s because I’m not used to having stuff in my butt but the ribbed nozzle was uncomfortable and not something I think a beginner could insert very easily. The latex may be an issue for those with allergies and  the removable tip seemed rather stupid – like I said, they should have just put a hole in the end.

Other than that, it didn’t come with any detailed instructions for use or safety precautions so I had to go hunting online.

Final Verdict

While I do think there are things that could be changed, I can also see how the Colt Anal Douche might be a pretty decent product for a beginner; it’s easy to use, lightweight, comfortable to hold, body safe, affordable, easy to put together, has a flared base so parts can’t get ‘lost’ and most importantly – it does the job.

That said, if you’re looking for something a little more high end, that gives you more control and is better quality you might want to check out the Cloud 9 Premium Shower Kit – Deluxe Enema & Douche. I’ve heard really great things about it from friends. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune this a pretty good option.

To get more info, purchase the product, or see other options when it comes to anal douche kits, make sure to check out PinkCherry where shopping is discreet, easy and highly affordable.

If you’d like more info on the safety, necessity or all around info on anal douching/enemas I suggest you check this link.


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