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Jollie Dildo

arts ‘n crafts meets pleasure object

After recently obtaining the newest addition to my collection, a fuzzy polka dot filled Jollie, I came realize that when it came to the vast majority of sex toys, I’ve thrown around the words “amazing g-spot stimulation” probably more often than I should.

Yes, there are some that have brought on mind boggling orgasms, the Bent Graduate, Je Joue G-Ki, Lelo Ella, Fun Factory DeLight, and Diving Nun being a handful of them, but for the most part there are few others, in my opinion, that are able to target the area with such precision, time and time again, so effortlessly, that they’re worthy of the claim. In retrospect I can’t help but to wonder, what the hell was I thinking?!

Big thanks to the lovely folks over at Chavez Dezignz for helping me to finally get my hands on one of these badass beauties!  You guys are amazing, my vagina and g-spot thank you!


There’s no bells or whistles here. No cardboard boxes or cheap plastic clamshell packages. No scantily clad women or men, and no tacky descriptions. Definitely no product info or half assed marketing scheme. When it comes to the packaging, what you see is basically what you get, as each of their creations comes placed inside a clear plastic baggie, with nothing but a pretty little bow to accompany it.

While some may see this as cheap, I find it a very nice change of pace. No packaging means no unnecessary garbage, no need for concern should someone else get their hands on it, and no b.s. It’s eco-friendly, cost effective, cute and far more personal. Maybe it’s just me but it gives the impression that someone, rather than a big corporation, put some time, thought and care into what they were sending my way. Not a machine, not a conveyor belt, not a factory, but instead an actual person, and in a market where little touches are few and far between, that counts for something.

Deluxe Jollie by Chavez Dezignz

ergonomic handle

The Good

Let it be known that this is not a ‘thrusting’ object, quite the opposite actually; the Jollie is at it’s best when inserted and left in place while being ground upon, with the fullness, pressure on the g-spot, and depth of sensations offered acting as the essence of the experience. Sure, you could thrust it, but doing so would likely leave you wanting, waiting and disappointed. Don’t do that to the Jollie, it doesn’t deserve it.

As for the many other benefits and features…

  • With a curved body that graduates in diameter and circumference, the Jollie delivers a feeling of fullness that’s hard to match. More than that, the raised and slightly thicker middle portion offers exceptionally comfortable and redonkulously pleasurable g-spot stimulation, while the gentle bumps on the handle offer an added sensation where clitoral stimulation is concerned. This of course shouldn’t be surprising being that it’s made anatomically from the inside of a female subject. How they did that I have no clue, but damn, it certainly worked out well!
  • The silicone is supple, thick, smooth and firm, with a very slight bit of squish and give, allowing for insertion to be a highly gratifying experience. As an added bonus, the sensation of vaginal contractions around the shaft (during orgasm) were overwhelmingly intense. Again, I’m pretty sure the shape aided well with this as it fit like a hand to a glove.
Deluxe Jollie with Puff Balls

puff balls!

  • Being that most females require clitoral stimulation to get off, the Jollie’s shape makes the inclusion of other methods fairly easy to incorporate; the small loop in the handle is great for holding a larger sized bullet or thin vibe, while the rounded end cups most hand held wands surprisingly well (I tested mine with a Hitachi Magic Wand and Fairy Wand). On that note, unlike other dildos sporting either a flared or flat base, the end of the Jollie is curved allowing the fingers to fall in place almost instantly when the handle is employed.
  • Each product made by the company is crafted out of 100% silicone that’s virtually non-porous, hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic and phthalate/latex free. Body safe toys for the win!
  • For those that like the idea of customization, and don’t mind paying a little more for it, be it sparkles, stars, puff balls, stickers, barbie shoes (yes I did just say BARBIE SHOES!!!), or otherwise, the folks at Chavez Dezignz are more than willing to discuss the option of making one that is totally unique. Though I will admit, it was the puff balls that got me, can we say instant love?! I think we can.
  • Finally, something I probably should have started with, each product they create is handcrafted. For some of you this probably wont garner much attention, but for me, someone who likes supporting those that do something they love, while also trying to forage their way though a market filled with less than honorable manufacturers, the fact that each one is hand poured and potentially crafted to your specifications counts for something.  I can’t help but feel better giving them my dollar than a manufacturer that’s just going to use it to continue making shitty jelly products or prey on consumers who don’t know better.

Regarding the actual measurements you’re looking at a total length of 9″ inches, with an insertable length of around 6″ inches, the first smaller portion has a circumference of 5″ inches, that graduates up to 6 1/4″ inches at the fullest and slides back down to 5″ inches just before the handle starts.

Jollie Deluxe

front view

gently ribbed handle

back view

simple packaging

Care & Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your Jollie good as new I’d suggest only using water based lubes as a silicone version would likely ruin it. As for cleaning you can simply give it a good wash with soap and water, being that it’s crafted out of high quality silicone it wont need the same attention a lower class product would require. If you’re like me and can’t stand lint, I’d suggest you wrap it in a lint free piece of fabric or keep it inside the plastic baggie it comes it while not in use.

size comparison

The Bad

Regarding my dislikes, or issues with the product I think some may have, there were a few, though I don’t think they’ll be a concern for everyone;

It attracts lint. So do most silicone products… and even though I know that it’s still a pet peeve of mine.

Being that it’s rather thick it may be too large for some. Having said that, if you like girth over length, it should be a very welcome addition. I personally loved it!

Due to the texture of the silicone, shape, and size, it may be somewhat difficult to insert without being totally lubricated.  Having said that, for as aroused as I was I found there needed to be additional lube or it created an uncomfortable drag on the skin that made me tense, creating a situation where I didn’t think I’d be able to take it. Once lube was added and it was fully inserted, AMAZING!

If you like thrusting this may not be the product for you since using it that way doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. If on the other hand you enjoy inserting products and basically leaving them to do their thing, while you busy yourself with clitoral stimulation (or whatever else gets you off), don’t hesitate. The experience was far beyond what I expected, in every good way possible.

For those that like to have uninterrupted clitoral stimulation, be it with a vibe, fingers or orally, while something else is inserted, the handle may get in the way. If you’re clever you can find a way to incorporate it into the experience (adding a vibe to the loop in the handle, using the handle to hold a thicker vibe in place against the body, or pressing a vibe directly against the Jollie to diffuse very strong vibrations are all great ideas). Of course if you’d like to avoid that all together you could opt to get a Jollet, which is essentially a Jollie minus the handle, but equally as badass.

girthy s.o.b

Finally, they’re not cheap. Well not the fun puff ball, heart filled Valentine, customized, or pretty sparkle versions anyways. If you want a Deluxe they’ll run you around $200.00. Fortunately there is the original Jollie available in 6 different colors for $100.00. In all honestly the additional elements of the Deluxe don’t affect the experience in any way when it comes to sensations, so if you don’t mind having a solid color over fun puff balls you’re in luck (or you could get an original solid Jollie and Jollet for just under the price of a Deluxe. It’s a win/win situation).

Final Verdict

Oh Deluxe Jollie, how I love thee! From the smooth and firm silicone to the adorable, fun little puff balls held within, this perfectly designed dildo is far beyond the scope of what’s currently available. Both design and appearance are beyond different, but in this case, different is most definitely good! Not only does it target the g-spot with precision, add a sensation of fullness that’s hard to match, but the basic features helped me to reach some of the strongest and most enjoyable orgasms I’ve ever had. Seriously, it’s beyond revolutionary, and that my friends, is priceless.

If you’re looking for a new pleasure object, one that’s innovative, original, body safe, quality, highly pleasurable and definitely worth every penny, you’ll want to consider adding a Jollie to your collection. Trust me, your vagina/g-spot will thank you for it later.

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