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#FunFindFriday: 101 Vagina Book Project


I’m about to say some things about vaginas/vulvas that you’re not going to like. Consider this your fair warning, and my preemptive apology.

Vulvas are ugly. Vaginas too. They’re hideous, foul, repulsive, and embarrassing. All that extra skin just flapping around, serving no real function. The whole kit and caboodle is just disgusting, both to look at and deal with. Don’t even get me started on vaginal wetness, making everything slick, slimy, and sloppy. Especially when menstruation is involved, it’s like someone went to town with a hatchet. And that wiry mound of hair, it’s obscene. Any person that thinks a pile of wrinkled protruding skin is anything but icky clearly has something wrong with them. Vaginas/vulvas are gross. End of story. Yuck.  I wish I didn’t have one, my life would be so much easier without it.

Contrary to your assumptions those aren’t my thoughts or the way I feel. Instead, what you just read is a mish mash of the messages I’ve received over the last 7 years from readers who’ve hated their genitals for one reason or another.

It’s sad, disheartening, and depressing.

Having said that, I’m sure many of you have felt something similar at some point. Maybe you’ve contemplated labiaplasty because you thought your labia (inner/outer) were too big. Opted to have sex in the dark so partner(s) couldn’t see your genitals. Shaved it bare in an attempt to be more appealing. Smothered it in disinfectants to mask your bodies natural odour. Applied tightening lotions or potions in hopes of making your vulva appear more ‘youthful’. Slathered on lightening creams because you thought the pigmentation was too dark. Or maybe you’ve spent a lifetime feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because your vulva wasn’t a taught, neat, toned little package like the ones often seen in porn.

No matter the reason for hating your vulva, or embarrassment you’ve experienced because of it, I can promise you’re not alone.

It’s for this reason that I love 101 Vagina by Philip Werner. Throughout the hardcovers thick and glossy pages we’re given a brief but honest glimpse into what it’s like to be the owner of a vagina/vulva. Some of the writing is uplifting, poetic even, while other excerpts take on a tone of courage, anxiety, sadness, respect, appreciation, and humility. It is raw, deep, emotional, insightful, and intentional, offering the opportunity to redefine and honor our bodies in a way we may not have been able to before. It’s a reminder to love ourselves, to see past the indifference and shame, to fully embrace what we’ve been gifted with, for far too often we forget.


A few choice quotes;

Until I met my husband, I was ashamed of my vagina, I thought it was weird. But he made it his mission to change how I felt about her, and now I’m proud.

That doctor decided I needed my labia and clitoral hood stitched back together. The procedure felt like something akin to being on an alien abduction table for human experimentation. To this day I re-experience the trauma of this event every time someone looks as my vagina. (speaking about a childhood accident)

You have welcomed both feminine fingers and tongues and masculine pulsing hard members of desire, filling me with joy and breathlessness. I now look at my vagina with awe, gratitude, and reverence – she is truly amazing.

While many of the comments I get are fairly crude, they are actually stated with the utmost fascination – and no small measure of respect – for the awesome that is my vagina.

101vaginashavenUnlike the photoshopped images often found in pornography and film, depicting shaven vulvas, primed and perfectly sculpted to be plush, plump and camera ready, each of the 101 black and white photographs accompanying the writings are real; there are bruises on thighs, unevenly shaved pubic hair, crooked tan lines, aged and rippled skin, moles and scars, cellulite and stretch marks, freckles, stubble, piercings, and tattoos.

Moreover, there are labia of every shape and size; some protrude yearning to be seen, others hide tucked away safe from the prying eyes of judgment. And yet, each of them is beautiful, perfectly suited for the person to which they belong.

101vaginabooktextFor some this book will be a commentary on female sexuality. To others, a work of art. Maybe it’s an homage to the almighty vagina/vulva, or a personally transformative experience. A minority might even view it as carefully crafted pornography, but for all intense and purposes, *smut* it is not.

Regardless of your perspective, I hope 101 Vagina gives you a chance to take a good hard look at the way society views genitals, as a body part and a means of gaining pleasure, and how those views shape and potentially damage along the way. And in that, I hope you are challenged to see past the lies about ‘beauty’ we’ve been brainwashed to believe are true and learn to love your body just as it is. Perspective is everything, and the content within these pages has heaps of it.

We should be taught from a young age that our vagina is noting to be ashamed of, that we’re all different and beautiful and deserve all the love and appreciation

Whether you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, are a lover of vadges everywhere, have kids nearing an age of curiosity about their body/the bodies of others, or simply want a coffee table book that’s sure to spark conversation, I implore you to buy a copy of 101 Vagina. I promise you’ll be a better person for it

To get one of your own head over the 101 vagina website, hit up, or if you’re in Toronto from June 14th – 22nd you can check out the last leg of the 101 Vagina Art Exhibit & Book tour at Creative Blueprint Gallery. Copies will be available for purchase, and if you happen to see Philip, make sure to thank him for his work. <3

“Dedicated to our bodies and our sexuality,

our deepest desires and most delicate vulnerability.”

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 6.56.39 PM

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#FunFindFriday – How Sex Toys Are Made, In Case You Were Wondering

I destroyed a lot of stuff when I was a kid. It wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t help it. I was just too curious and determined for my own good. From clock radios to busted flashlights, a retro Polaroid camera to a handful of non-retracting measuring tapes, if it wiggled or jiggled in a way that hinted something might be out of place, I took it as a perfect excuse to take that fucker apart just so I could see what was inside.

See, nothing but a pile of headless Barbies. Boring. How Sex Toys Are MadeLooking back I can safely say my continual breaking of shit wasn’t due to boredom. Or that I liked to needlessly destroy things. Or that I was looking for trouble. I just had this insatiable yearning to understand what made things go and figured the best was to learn was to open them up and prod around.

Okay, maybe I did have a destructive side. And doing bad things made my 5 year old self feel like a rebel… but I was well intentioned and didn’t really mean any harm. Except for my Barbies. Those a-holes had it coming. In truth, they’re not that exciting when all you’re left with is a pile of plastic parts that won’t pop back together because your little custard covered hands just don’t have the strength.

As an adult, my need to know how stuff works hasn’t changed that much. Especially when it comes to sex toys. So, as an attempt to appease my curiosities, rather than offering up another toy as sacrifice, I’ve decided to create a series of posts featuring pictures, videos, and the like, on how sex toys are made.

How Sex Toys Are Made

Fun Factory

I posted a couple of these to my tumblr account, however I thought I should share them here as well. The pictures are taken from the Vice article: Germanys Fun Factory Pumps Out The Dildos , which goes into detail of what his experience was visiting the Fun Factory factory (say that 5 times fast). Anywhoo, the article is interesting and the pictures do speak a thousand words. I doubt I’ll ever look at one of my Fun Factory toys the same.

Also, just because I love you guys so much, I’ve included a handful of pictures from of the Fun Factory stores in Berlin (silver/pink) and Bremin (gold). That shit’s just cray-cray. Or, if really want to have some fun, go to the Fun Factory website, scroll down to to the BerlinProof360 Google Maps image, and tour the store via the 3D app.


Photo Credit:  Steve Ryan. Factory photos taken from the Vice Article “Surrogate Cocks“, written by Conor Creighton.

More: If NASA Made a Sex Toy, it Would be the Stronic by Fun Factory, Stronic Eins at the Museum of Sex.

Real Doll Factory

I included these in a previous #wtfwednesday post: doll parts, however I feel they bare repeating. Just look at all that silicone. The detail. The craftsmanship. The weird goo smeared over the body casts. These videos prove the amount of work going into those babies is ridiculous but well worth the high price tag. Sure, most people would likely cringe at the thought of having sex with one of them, however… if I had a dick, $5,000 to burn, a place to store Misty-The-Underpantsless-Love-Doll (that would be her nickname, for short), and a dog that didn’t think she was a chew toy, I’d dive deep in one of those beauties and never let go.


 More: Face Scan: The Making of Amber Doll, Day One: The Making of Amber Doll, Day Two: The Making of Amber Doll, Day Three: The Making of Amber Doll, Day Four: The Making of Amber Doll, Guys and Dolls: BBC Documentary on Real Dolls P1.

Tour of the Vixen Creations Dildo Factory

This video like the rest is fairly outdated (circa 2007), however the fact that it even exists is a miracle. In all my years working in this industry I’ve rarely, if ever, found a video of a dildo factory tour. Let alone one for VIXEN CREATIONS. Gasp! This is a big deal you guys. Thank you Good Vibes, thank you! If you ask me there should be way more videos of dildos and vibrators being made, why there isn’t totally leaves me baffled. Maybe I’ll just need to take matters into my own hands and start that TV show I’ve been planning after all. #IfYouWantSomethingDoneDoItYourself

 More: Violet and the Dildo Factory (thanks to Metis from Tantus for telling me this even existed!)

Trojan Condoms

I’m a big supporter of safer sex practices, so I just couldn’t pass up including this video from Trojan Condoms. I might be wrong, but the actor in the video kinda looks and sounds like he could be the love child of Tosh 2.0, Adam Levine, Timothy Olyphant, and Josh Duhamel. Distracting much? Anyways…

It’s fairly informative, giving a rundown on how condoms are made, but I gotta admit, my favorite moment happens at the 1:25 mark when he facetiously says “these definitely aren’t your Grandfathers condoms“, or the 3:19 mark when he seems really excited about saying the word “basketball”. Though the attempted but failed oh-no-she-better-don’t finger wag at the 2:20 mark is also pretty rad. All jokes aside, he’s got some of the best enunciation I’ve ever heard, and the video is one I’d watch over and over just to see the condoms getting “worked over by strong hands in what’s called the ‘roll and knead’ process“. If you listen closely at the 3:32 mark, you can almost hear him thinking ‘are you kidding me with this shit?’. Either way, this is probably the best ‘how its made’ video I’ve come across as it relates to condoms. Give it a gander, I’m sure you’ll be entertained if nothing else.

More: Business Insider: Inside Trojans Factory, Safe Sense: How Are Condoms Made?, How Stuff Works: How Condoms Work, See how Lifestyles Condoms Are Made and Tested.

Pipedream & Doc Johnson Dildos

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the company, what with their gross jelly toys and all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also appreciate a video showing how sex toys are made.

For those not in the know; jelly sex toys often contain harmful chemicals like phthalates that leech into your system via mucus membranes and through contact with skin. On top of that, they’re often porous meaning they’ll absorb bodily fluids, lube, and bacteria – and they can’t be fully sterilized – so you could be continually reinfecting yourself each time you use them. Basically, steer clear of anything that’s jelly and only choose body safe options like those found in this post – Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: A Beginners Guide.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t save the best for last. This tour of the Fleshlight factory is surreal. From the factory itself, to a futuristic room with a shit ton of  monitors running reports, it’s the behind the scenes content I dreamed of. I think I’ve just taken my Fleshlight fixation to a whole other level. I’m beside myself.

There’s also this video featuring the Fleshlight. It’s well worth the watch. Though I won’t lie, seeing all that luxury kinda makes me wish I had thought of the idea first. C’est la vie.

More: Pressing the Flesh: The world’s leading adult toy manufacturer for men wants to take the stigma out of sex, Vice: The Man Behind the World’s Most Famous Fake Vagina. Fleshlight Sales: The best deals all in one place.


At the end of the day the toys we buy come from somewhere… as in, someone made them, designed them, decided on ingredients, crafted them, poured them, stripped them from a mold, packaged them, and perfected them.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how sex toys are made as much as I did researching, and that seeing this post will give all you budding creatives the confidence and perspective to believe that if they can do it, so can you. If not, in the very least it should give you a sense of appreciation for the things you whack off with. I know I won’t be looking at my sex toys the same.

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#FunFindFriday – Period Panties


Period Panties by HarebrainedForgive me for being late to the party, but this post just NEEDED to be included in #FunFindFriday before the Kickstarter campaign ends a mere 2 days from now.

Never heard of Period Panties? Not to worry, neither had I. Then I found this twitter thread started by Property Of Potter and I all but lost my shit.


Okay, okay, this isn’t something that’ll interest everyone. A bunch of you might even get a little pissy, what with him using the word “CUNT”, calling a bleeding vadge an “EVIL BEAVER“, poking fun at the menstrual cycle, and talking about periods as if “period sex” isn’t an option when Aunt Flow comes to town…  it’s admittedly a little lowbrow, pandering to an audience that isn’t the most informed or aware when it comes to menstruation.

evil beaver : rainbo first blood

evil beaver : rainbo first blood

And yes, it seems part of the apparent marketing was to tap into the “periods are gross” jargon we’ve been fed for decades… but here’s where I think it’s different from all the other bullshit:

Talking to my partner about my period (in explicitly graphic detail) has never made me cringe. I probably share way more than I should, and I have no problem with it. Neither does he, for the most part anyways. He only gets a little wide eyed and white in the face when I use the word “globs”. I’m not a fan of the word either, so I really don’t blame him… however this isn’t the case for everyone.

I know a lot of people with vadges who are totally put off discussing their bits (generally), let alone what time of the month it is. And when they finally open up, some do get grossed out, others feel it’s tmi, some instantly turn red with embarrassment, others think it’s totally inappropriate no matter the time or place.  Looking at all the adverts telling us we’re ‘unsanitary’, ‘not so fresh’, and ‘unhygienic’, it’s clear to see we’ve been brainwashed to believe that periods = bad, and talking about it = worse.

Everything considered, maybe it takes is a middle finger giving kitty or a gun toting unicorn to open the doors of communication. And in the end, isn’t that what we want… people talking about their bodies in a way that makes them feel empowered?

It might just be me, but I think it’s one little step in the right direction.

bleeder of the pack : bloody hell

bleeder of the pack : bloody hell

And let’s be real, the graphics are amazeballs. Blood or no blood.

Though I will admit, I think some of them would be better without the ‘name’ written on the front. There is no time, even when on my period, that I want anyone calling my vadge a “sour puss”. That shit’s just not cool.

As it stands, Anthony Hall (the graphic genius behind the panties) has raised over $350,000 to bring them to market. Pretty impressive considering he was only looking for $10,000.

What does that tell me?


If you want a pair of your own, or simply want to help someone do something they love (even if it is making period underwear), head over to his Period Panties: Kickstarter page.

For other fun stuff check out my growing collection of #FunFindFriday posts. I also have a #WTFWednesday section, though that just might freak you out.

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period panties collection

period panties collection

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#FunFindFriday – Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

revel bodyJust over a year ago I read about Revel Body for the first time. The article published on GeekWire covered a brief insight to what prompted its creation, the many benefits it had to offer, and the recent financial developments that allowed it to go into production. I for one was stoked by the mere thought of it, prompting me to contact the company and ask for more details. Unfortunately at the time there wasn’t too much I could share beyond what was already mentioned, leaving me anxiously waiting in the dark. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I received an email letting me know they had just launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help gather funds and bring the finished product to market.

A finished product, I AM BESIDE MYSELF!!!

So, what is Revel Body and why am I’m including it as part of #FunFindFriday?

Simply put, it’s a product that’s truly unique, with the potential to be a real game changer in both the sex toy industry and the mainstream markets… Revel Body is the worlds first sonic vibrator.

Yes, you heard right, a sonic powered vibrator for the masses. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

If you’re wondering why the technology sounds familiar, it’s likely due to the fact that it was inspired by Sonicare, the sonic toothbrush. See where I’m going with this?

Since I know fuck-all about sonic technology I think it’s best to let the makers explain:

“Nearly two years of research and product testing led to the development of TrueSonic technology – the first adjustable resonating motor. Featuring only a single moving part, TrueSonic technology solves many of the issues seen from rotary motors – the same motors that have been found in almost all vibrators for nearly 100 years – including less noise, more power, a wider range of vibration and a longer lifespan.

Unlike traditional rotary motors, which typically vibrate at a range of 60-100Hz, TrueSonic resonating motors provide a significantly wider range of vibration – adjustable between 24-200Hz – and substantially more power than any other battery-powered vibrator. With only a single moving part, TrueSonic motors are also extremely quiet and efficient, lasting at least four times longer than traditional rotary motors.”

Still kinda confused? No worries, the video to the bottom left shows traditional rotary motors, with the video to the bottom right showing the new TrueSonic Technology.

As for the many other benefits  and features offered by the design:

  • TrueSonic technology: First product on the market with TrueSonic resonating motor technology, offering more power, more reliability, a wider range of vibration and less noise than any other vibrator
  • Adjustable vibration: Easily accessible adjustable vibration with intuitive controls, meaning better control and increased user satisfaction
  • Unique design: Ergonomically and intentionally designed for comfort to be easy to use
  • Body safe materials: High-grade body-safe silicone, free of phthalates, nickel-plated parts and other harmful chemicals
  • Waterproof: Allows the ability to enjoy the Revel Body anywhere
  • Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a high-quality, long-lasting USB rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery
  • Charging station: Beautiful, custom-built USB docking base for charging and displaying your Revel Body, without raising any eyebrows
  • Travel Friendly: International voltage compatible (100-240 volts).
  • Always looks elegant, even under close inspection.

Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I honestly cannot wait to see this thing in action. If it’s anything like my Hitachi Magic Wand or a Sybian, my lady parts are in for one hell of a ride.

If you’d like to get more info, or donate and help them bring it to market, head over to the Revel Body Indiegogo Campaign and check things out. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed, if not also slightly gobsmacked by the fact that no one else has done this yet.

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#FunFindFriday: Alien Dildos

Elite-alien-dildo-e1361517538913By now I’m sure everyone is rather well versed in my off-putting love of stuffing “weird” things in my vag (a Diving Nun and T-Rex cock being the first to come to mind)… so you can only imagine how quickly my jaw dropped when I came across these Alien Dildos online.

Yes, many of you will cringe at the sight of them, reeling with horror at the mere thought of cramming something this far fetched in your bits, but for me, the word ‘impressed’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Spike-alien-dildoThey’re fun. They’re funky. They’re out of the box, totally bizarre, fabulously ridiculous, and stunning to boot. And with the exception of the dragon cocks made by Bad Dragon, there really isn’t anything like them on the market. At least not in such a large quantity, all from the same manufacturer.

Now considering they’ve been around since 2004, and are something I’d never heard about until 9 years after the fact, I can’t help but feel my online-sleuthing-skills are lacking. Geez, you’d think I’d been busy reviewing sex toys  or something.

aliendildoFrom a collection of dildos consisting of Avatars, Aliens, and a terrifying hybrid Predator/Alien thingy, all with intricately designed shafts in a variety of sizes (6.5″ inches being the shortest, 14.6″ inches being the longest), to a creepy Alien Tail butt plug that’s beyond outrageous (because sexy bunny tails are sooo passé), these dildos are the objects hardcore sci-fi’ers and cosplayers have dreamed of for years.  Nay! Forever!

aliendildos2Adding to their desirability, each was created to be functionally appealing; crafted from body safe silicone, with the ability to suction to any surface (hands free diddling for the win!), these bad boys come with the option of 21 colors, can potentially be used during strap-on play, and are made by hand in the UK, with some obvious attention paid to detail.

Like I said, they’ll likely be a tad too bizarre for most, but if you’re lusting for something out of this world, you’ve found it.

For more info head over to the AlienDildos website…. or if you’re wanting some cutesy fluffy cuddle time buddies, here’s a bunch of stuffed animals with vaginas.

See what I did there? I win.

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