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Review: SinFive Eve

Considering that I’m often asked for products that are easy to use, discreet and most importantly – affordable, I thought I’d keep with my previous two reviews and see if the Sin Five Eve (kindly sent to me by the generous folks at Eden Fantasys) lived up my expectations.


The first thing I loved about Eve was the way it was packaged; there’s nothing on the box that’s rude, crude or embarrassing. There is no nudity, scantily clad models in suggestive positions, nor any wording that might hint at what it is. The outer packag

e is clear with the pretty leaf and bullet sitting nicely against a lovely purple designed backdrop inside. Sure it looks a little boring, but considering the packaging will most likely be tossed out (or easily recycled) once the product has been removed, who cares.

*On the bottom it says “intimate massager” but it’s in very small writing and since it looks nothing like a sexual wellness product, it would most likely leave someone guessing as to how it could be used “intimately”. View a picture of the packaging here.

The Goods:

For someone who’s rather used to seeing products that come in a typical phallic shape/design, it’s rather refreshing to find one that’s so unique as Eve.  With that in mind, I don’t think there is any other way to describe it than to say it’s a thin fig leaf – because that’s exactly what it looks like – a pretty, purple, palm sized fig leaf.

*I can honestly say it’s one of the most discreetly designed products I’ve ever seen.

While it’s a rather “firm” product that’s neither soft nor squishy, it is extremely flexible with both the upper half and two sides flexing to comfortably fit your body. On that note, it’s not at all rough,  instead being velvety soft to the touch.

*when held upright, the top of the product flexes forwards and backwards, the two sides likewise flex forwards and backwards much like a butterfly’s wings would.

If there is one thing I am adamant about when it comes to products I’ll recommend it’s that they must be body safe; fortunately Eve is made of body safe Elastomer making it phthalate free, latex free, hypo-allergenic, hygienic and anti-bacterial. Unfortunately it’s slightly porous so you’ll want to make sure to clean it thoroughly.

In regard to the stats: Eve measures  4 3/4″ in total length, 3 1/2″ in width, is paper thin and only weighs 3.4oz.  It’s not too big, nor too small, being the perfect size to fit ones hand without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

Operating Eve:

For those of you curious as to where the vibrating bullet goes: located on the underside of the leaf is a cover/space the width of a pinky finger, simply slide the micro bullet under the cover (with the on/off switch facing the edge of the leaf) and you’re done.

Operating the bullet is extremely simple as there is only one On/Off switch to worry about. Switch it one way and it begins to vibrate at a moderate speed, switch it the other and it turns off. I have to be honest and say how much I love the fact that it’s so easy to use – especially considering how powerful the tiny micro bullet is for its size.

*it comes with batteries already inserted so you can use it the moment you get it 😉

Like a lot of the other products I’ve recently reviewed I was very pleased to see that it was almost whisper quiet. Sure it makes noise, but it’s hardly anything to worry about: no on in the next room would hear it and to be honest, I highly doubt the person lying next to you would hear it either (especially if it’s muffled under the blankets).

Suggested Use:

If you’re looking for a product that can be inserted, I suggest you keep looking as the SinFive Eve is only meant for external use (think the nipples, clitoris, vulva, balls, penis, anus, feet, erogenous zones etc.). To be honest, even if you wanted to – because of its design, I have no idea how you could insert it.

That said, the bullet could possibly be inserted, though due to its tiny size I wouldn’t really suggest it as removal could be a tad awkward. If you’re dead set on inserting it, only do it vaginally (not anally) and I’d suggest putting it inside a condom first to make removal much easier.

As for ways it could be used comfortably;

1.) If you’re someone that likes a mild to moderate vibration, one that’s neither too strong nor too subtle, Eve is great for clitoral stimulation. The raised ridges on the bullet holder feel rather nice and the product it self is comfortable to hold onto.

2.) Because of its shape and design, flexibility and ability to “fold” it’s fantastic for stimulating the vulva.

3.) For those of you that need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm it could easily be used during intercourse to either pleasure yourself, or you could have your partner pleasure you.

4.) When it comes to foreplay the product is fantastic for helping to generate a sense of arousal, especially when used on erogenous zones like the neck, inner thigh, nipples, back of the knee or wherever else makes your heart flutter.

5.) Its great for stimulating males: you can easily perform a hand job with one hand while pressing on his perineum with the Eve (or vice versa). If he likes having his testes played with, the product makes it very easy to “cup” them while the vibrations tease either the front or underside. I asked my partner what he thought of it and he said it was “nice, not too strong, but enough that (he) could feel it. It was soft and didn’t hurt but something that took a minute to get used to“. When I asked him if he liked it he said “it’s better than some other products we’ve tried, and it was a nice change from a regular old hj/bj combo“.

6.) If you’re prone to headaches, acute muscle cramps, or suffer the pain of carpal tunnel (like I do) Eve is wonderful for gently massaging the affected area, while also providing a relaxing vibration to help.

Cleaning and Care:

Every so often I come across a product that makes me think “now that’s something more products could use” such is the case with when it comes to the care and cleaning of Eve, especially considering it’s germ-resistant, anti-microbial and self cleaning. Aside from a simple wash with soap and warm water, you really don’t have to do much.

Unfortunately the micro bullet isn’t waterproof so I suggest you wipe it down with a damp (not wet) cloth and let it air dry.

Batteries Included:

The SinFive Eve runs off the power of 2 watch batteries and depending on the bullet you get, changing them could be either very easy, or slightly challenging. I was rather fortunate to get one that was easy to change: simply slide off the end cover, use something with a thin or pointed edge (like a metal nail file) to pop the batteries out, put the new ones in, slide the cover back on and you’re done.

*I say it may be challenging based on the various reviews I’ve read, with some people having a hard time getting the cover off. For me it slid of very easily, though I’ve seen people struggle with theirs.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like there were only a few and like most of my negative comments, I don’t really think they’re all that bad:

1.) It’s not the most powerful product, yet the vibrations are still nice and fall somewhere between the mild to moderate zone.

2.) It can’t be inserted, however considering the fact that over 70% of women require clitoral stimulation to get off, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

3.) I don’t know how much use the bullet holder can handle before one of the corners possibly tears. Mine is still intact, but I’m always nervous it’ll rip in the heat of the moment.

4.) The batteries may be difficult to find, especially if you don’t want to shop online. Watch or technology stores would be your best bet.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a product that’s discreet, easy to use, moderately powerful, fits comfortably in your hand, is easy to care for and clean, doesn’t make much noise, is body safe and free of dangerous chemicals, offers fantastic clitoral stimulation along with a way to tease and taunt the erogenous zones, isn’t complicated and full of whizzy features or buttons, comes in “respectful” packaging and isn’t something that could cause embarrassment – all at an affordable price – I don’t know what else to say but look no further: the SinFive Eve has everything you need!

To get your hands on other fantastic vibrators, dildos, lubricants or any of the other products in the SinFive line, make sure to check out Eden Fantasys where shopping is easy, affordable and discreet.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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Goodbye YouTube

If you’re reading this you most likely already know about the recent developments regarding my leaving YouTube.
For those of you that don’t, I thought I’d inform you of what has recently transpired so you’ll understand where I’m coming from and hopefully get why I’ve made the decision to move on.

When I first began making videos 3 1/2 years ago there were no problems. I could upload anything relating to Sex Ed that I wanted and no one removed it. Sure, there were certain things I had to keep in mind; no swearing, background music, nudity, hateful content, violence, bullying or copyrighted material, but all of those “rules” were understandable and one’s I was more then willing to adhere to.

Unfortunately things have changed over the last year and YouTube just isn’t the open minded, judgment free, uncensored site it used to be.

Beginning early November 2009, quite a few of my videos were removed from the site due to claims the material was “content inappropriate”. What that means, I have no idea. Considering that the videos removed were strictly educational, showed no nudity, had no swearing, didn’t infringe on anyone’s rights and were done in a professional and responsible manner, it honestly made no sense to me, and still doesn’t.

It was this first set of removals that started my fight against YouTube, a situation that lead to over 200 written emails sent their way by subscribers and viewers alike, along with a signed petition that’s currently over 1,930 people strong.

After the influx of mail YouTube received, the removal of my videos stopped and things returned to “normal”. I was once again able to post content without fear or worry of rejection and you, the viewer, were able to learn from a source you had come to rely on and trust.

Sadly, YouTube has gone back to its old ways and removed 8 new videos, along with 22 older videos over the course of the last two months, some within a matter of hours.

Why, I honestly have no idea.

To date, I have not received ONE email or message to inform me about the removal of my videos, why they were removed or a way to appeal the removal. All I get is a message on the page where the previous video could be viewed that reads: “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” (as shown below)

YouTube removal messageOn that note, I also haven’t received a reply to any of the polite and respectful, if inquisitive, 25 messages I’ve sent YouTubes way over the last year regarding my Sex Ed 102 channel. If I said their customer service was below par, it would be an understatement.

If you’re wondering why I’d be so upset, it’s rather straightforward:

Over the past 3 1/2 years I’ve been a loyal and dedicated content provider within the YouTube community. I’ve spend countless hours researching information, talking to doctors and nurses, studying statistics and attending courses on subjects viewers have asked about. I’ve worked to the best of my ability to present videos that are not only educational, but one’s viewers could laugh with and relate to. I’ve spent time answering some of the 50+ questions a day I receive from my YouTube inbox alone, hoping that somewhere along the way I’d eased someone’s fears, educated them, and/or encouraged them to make a conscious decision to be safer, smarter and more aware with the choices they make. As I’ve said in many videos, sex is not a game and unfortunately does come with consequences – consequences you deserve to know and learn about.

With that in mind, no matter what anyone says comprehensive Sex Ed is a vital part of a persons well being and overall health; learning about STD’s, the different methods of protection, the male and female anatomy, how to communicate with your partner, different sexual wellness products and everything else that comes with being sexually active is of utmost importance – being educated just could save your life.

I know to most people the videos I create come across as easy, like there is nothing to them and I shoot them in a matter of minutes. However, and contrary to that assumption, each video made requires hours of research, scripting (to make sure I don’t leave anything out), filming, editing, uploading, answering of questions, monitoring of comments and linking to numerous social media outlets to make sure everyone that wants to, gets to see it.

To put things into perspective: each 10 minute video that I upload takes12+ hours to create. Guess it’s like they say, “there’s no rest for the wicked”.

That said, every time a video is removed it’s like a cold hard slap in the face from the same people that once allowed me to upload videos without a second glance. The same people who 2 years ago had a moderator respond to a question I asked, letting me know I COULD create videos so long as I respected the “rules” I mentioned above . The same people who advertise the site as a place where ANYONE can upload videos. The same people who say they “encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view”. The same people who make handfuls of cash off content providers like me.

I might not be a Partner with the company (because they won’t accept me, I’ve applied over 12 times) but I DO bring thousands of viewers to the site every time I upload a video. Maybe it’s just me, but that SHOULD count for something.

*On the topic of Partnership and being rejected – according to YouTube “advertisers don’t want to advertise against content that isn’t family friendly”. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately none of the effort I’ve put in matters to the folks at the company. To them what I do is “inappropriate”. Your safety and well being don’t matter. Helping you make conscious and responsible decisions doesn’t matter and allowing you to learn from my videos isn’t something they want you doing. The removal of my videos is proof of that.

What’s more, they’ve decided that you, as a grown adult, shouldn’t be able to choose what you wish to view or who you wish to learn from. They’ve taken away your ability to view videos on a platform you’ve come to trust and in my humble opinion, they’ve done a damn good job of deceiving you and making you think it’s a site for everyone, when clearly it’s not.

For those of you that are going to make the argument that children use the site and therefore my videos SHOULD be removed, I have two responses:

1.) No child should EVER be on a computer unsupervised. Between the pedophiles lurking on the web, pornography that can be easy found and viewed, cyber bullying and number of viruses crawling around, leaving children on the web unattended is just a bad idea. Period.

2.) YouTube has the ability to make videos viewable by those 18+ ONLY, they’ve done it with numerous videos in the past and they continue doing it to others even now. It’s one easy way for them to limit what children find and still allow adults to learn about adult topics in a safe and responsible environment. Problem solved.

As for my leaving, it’s rather simple: I no longer feel any need to continue bringing thousands of viewers to their site if they can’t answer one simple email, give me one legitimate reason as to why my videos are removed, or offer a way to appeal their decision.

With that said, I’m moving on.

From now on I will be uploading content to my Blip.Tv account ONLY. There will be no new links, posts or videos on YouTube anymore. What’s the point? they’ll just get removed in a matter of hours anyways.

If you’d like to continue watching and learning, I suggest you either add me on twitter or facebook (and tolerate my babbling on each site) as the videos I create will ALWAYS be linked on both of my accounts.

Twitter link:

Facebook link:

If you’d like to help me fight the censorship, removal of videos and work to have the ones that were removed reinstated, please either leave a comment below or message me on facebook, I’ll gladly provide you with the information you need to help. Please also realize that this isn’t me quitting making videos, this is me not giving YouTube any NEW content until the issues are resolved. If we can make a change happen I will more than gladly go back. :)

To those of you that have continued to help, stood behind me during the battle and fought beside me in this ordeal – if it wasn’t for people like you I would have probably quit long ago. You are a continual sense of inspiration for me and a force that pushes me beyond the limits that even I think I can handle. I sincerely thank you for that! ♥

I hope you can understand the choices I made and not hold them against me. I also hope you will continue to stand behind me and support what I’m trying to do where censorship of Sex Ed is concerned – not just for me, but for those viewers who need it most. For some, their life might just depend on it.

See you on the battlefield ;)

Much Love


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Winners of Wickedly Sensual Contest/Giveaway

Before I announce the winners I just want to say how very thankful I am to the wonderful folks at Wickedly Sensual Fantasy for agreeing to do the giveaway/contest, as well, those of you that participated! 😀

You most definitely made my first contest/giveaway a success…and due to the response I’ll be holding another one very, very soon. Only this time I’ll be giving away 4 – 5.25 oz bottles of System Jo flavored lubricants, 1 – 2.5 bottle of System Jo Premium Silicone lube and 1 – 4.5 oz bottle of System Jo H20!!

If you want another opportunity to get your hands on some kick ass products, at no cost to you, stay tuned…and don’t forget to participate!

For those of you curious as to the results; there were 144 entries in total and I used a random name generator to determine the winners, I figured it was the fairest and easiest way to pick the winners.

Now without further ado, the winners for the contest are:

Lucid Obsession



*winners have been contacted however, full names have been omitted to protect their privacy

Each of the winners gets the opportunity to pick a flavor of their choice from either of the Wickedly Sensual line of products.

Congrats ladies and thanks for helping to make this a success!

p.s. for those that didn’t win, don’t fret, I’ll be holding lots of giveaways/contests in the future and fully encourage you to participate 🙂


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Review: The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet

Let me start this review by saying that one of my very first “play toys” was a remote controlled egg. It was easy to use, extremely powerful, not very expensive and did a kick ass job when it came to getting me off. Unfortunately there was one very big draw back – it was cheap, really cheap. So cheap that it broke down within the first month that I bought it, sending me to my local “toy shop” to buy a replacement, cursing the entire way.

*I don’t even think they make them anymore. I went on a hunt to find it and no luck.

Sadly the replacement I bought (an exact replica) also broke down within the first month… teaching me one vital lesson when it came to sex toys; you get what you pay for. Fortunately the girl in the store was nice enough to show my some alternatives and help me find a perfect new one.

I’ve come a long way since then, having grown into a woman that’s very well versed in the good, the bad and the ugly of the sex toy world. It’s with this hard earned enlightenment that I’m very pleased to be reviewing the item for today; The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet, sent to me by the kind folks at Eden Fantasys.

Not only is this like my original love, being easy to use, extremely powerful, not very expensive and doing a fantastic job of getting me off, but it’s also much quieter, has a lot more speeds and vibration modes, comes with a removable little g-spot vibe (so you can use other attachments if you want) and is much prettier than my first. While it is a tad more expensive, it’s priced at a rate I’d think is very affordable for most people, and most definitely worth the extra coin.

(For those wondering, it’s only $27.99)


Compared to a lot of other sexual wellness products the packaging is discreet, albeit a tad boring. On the one hand there are no images of scantily clad men or women, no bold words like VIBRATOR written in bright print scrawled across it, no distasteful or unprofessional marketing standards used to depict the product, and definitely nothing else that might make you fearful someone might find it. On the other hand, it’s boring, painfully boring. However, considering your just going to toss the packaging anyways, who cares?

The Good

Fortunately the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is not quite as bland as the packaging might suggest; the remote is a fantastic royal purple with neon green non slip grips and buttons. The cord is likewise neon green with a royal purple g-spot stimulator attached at the end. It’s bright, bold, colorful, and definitely high tech in appearance.

*personally I love the colors they used as they are quite different from the standard, white, blue, pink and black you find most products come in.

Aside from the delightful color choice there are two sets of lights on the product, one being vertical (lighting up green) and the other a half moon stretching across the top plastic display (lighting up bright red). When you turn the product on or switch from one vibration mode or speed to another the lights dance and blink in rhythm with the pulse and speed. Pretty cool!

*some have said the lights were a tad distracting for them.  Personally I didn’t really pay it much attention so it didn’t make any difference.

In regard to the stats, the g-spot bullet measures 3 1/2″ in total length, but it’s only 2 1/4″ insertable. It’s 3 1/2″ in circumference and 1 1/8″  in diameter. To say it’s relatively small for a g-spot toy is slight understatement. That in mind, for those of you that don’t like large toys, instead wanting something possibly better suited for a beginner, you’ll most likely love this product. (though I’m pretty sure those more experienced with toys will still love it, I know I do!)

As for the hand held remote, it measures 5″ in length and is 2″ across at it’s widest part. Fortunately it fits very comfortably in the hand and it’s not very heavy either.

*Due to the size of the stimulator (both length and girth), inserting it is easy and painless. Even if you’re someone who hasn’t really used insertable products before it shouldn’t’ be an issue as the pointed tip can go a long way for guiding the product as you insert it.

There are 7 modes of vibration (pulsing, throbbing, steady, escalating etc) with 5 different speeds for each, giving you a total of 35 options to choose from. For those of you that like variety, or just tend to get bored easily, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have hours of fun before you get tired of it and feel the need to move on to your next new plaything.

Contrary to what one might assume, operating the product is extremely simple. On the front there are 5 buttons: plus (+) and minus (-) for the different speeds, down (<) and up (>) for modes and an On/Off button.

To turn it on press the On/Off button and it quickly begins to vibrate at a steady purr, press the (+) button to go up in speed or (>) to switch the vibration mode. If you want to keep going up in speed or change the mode simply press either of those buttons until you find a setting you like. If you find you’ve gone past you favorite or that it’s going too fast simply press the (-) to go down in speed or (<) to go to the previous mode. Turning it off is likewise simple just press the off button and it quickly turns off.

*I realize my description probably seems very complicated however, it’s extremely simple and not at all confusing once the product is in your hand.

While the majority of people will use it for g-spot stimulation it’s also great for clitoral play as the pointed end will offer the direct and focused attention some women need. If that’s too much for you (or if it doesn’t do enough) you could turn it around and use the flatter side to offer a more widespread area of stimulation. Either way it’s pretty bad ass!

In regard to the power of the product I was actually very surprised, especially considering it only requires 2 AA batteries. While it’s not the strongest product I’ve come across, it’s definitely up there when it comes to vibrating eggs and bullet of it’s type.

The speeds start off slow and steady, almost like a slight throbbing or purring, quickly speeding up with each press of the button to a hand numbing (in about a minute) vibe. With that in mind, whether you require a strong and intense vibe or a gentle one, the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet has a speed for you.

I’ll be honest, when I first turned it on I expected some cheap rattling or high pitched squeal, yet all I was met with was a gentle and quiet purr of sorts. Even when I had it set at the highest speed it was still very quiet. That said, if you’ve been looking for a quiet toy, this would most definitely be a fantastic option!

Aside from the strength of the product, discreet packaging and quiet vibrations, one of the things I loved about the product was the fact that it came with a detachable g-spot stimulator. While this might not seem like a big deal, to me it is. Very often with products of it’s kind, ones that are internally wired, there is a very good chance that during the use of the product the internal wiring will detach causing a break in the connection and rendering your product a useless piece of crap that just won’t vibe anymore. With products that have a detachable jack, you rarely have to worry as it’s more likely that it will come apart from the product externally (just a matter of plugging it back in to get it to work) than break internally.

*because it’s detachable you can also buy other attachments like small micro bullets or eggs to offer other methods of stimulation.

Care & Cleaning

Because it’s made of body safe ABS with Rubber-Cote™ (PU Cote)  you can use any kind of lube you like be it a silicone lube or water based one.

*Since silicone isn’t as easy to clean, I’d personally suggest a good water based lube.

As for cleaning, you can simply wash the external stimulator with mild soap and water and rinse it well, or you can clean it with your favorite spray toy cleaner or toy wipes. I’d personally suggest using a damp cloth or a toy wipe on the remote since it’s not waterproof.

If there is one thing I hate about products that require batteries it’s getting the battery compartment open, especially since most of them seem to have been designed like an sealed bomb. Fortunately changing the batteries for the Xtreme Pack is extremely simple; slide off the back case cover, insert 2 AA batteries, slide the cover back on and you’re done.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were a few;

*because the length of the vibe is rather short maintaining external control isn’t the easiest thing to do which makes applying pressure on the g-spot a little difficult.

*because you don’t have much external control it can turn inside you, shifting the g-spot stimulation from where you need it most.

*it’s not water proof

*it requires batteries

*the external g-spot stimulator might be a little too pointed for some women.

While the above mentioned issues are things I think you should take into consideration when making a purchase, I also want you to keep in mind that you can purchase other attachments for very reasonable prices (between $6.95 – 47.95) which would cancel out some of the potential problems.

Final Verdict

Considering that it’s easy to use, very powerful, light weight, relatively small in size, is body safe, pretty quiet, very colorful (i.e. not boring or basic), comes with 35 vibration modes and has a detachable jack I’d definitely say the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is a must have for anyone that loves remote controlled products!

If you’d like more info or  want to take a look at some of the amazing sexual wellness products on the market any of the be sure to head over to Eden Fantasys where shopping is fast, easy and discreet!

*Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and without them I can’t afford to make these videos.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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